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Chapter 2795: So What if I Kill You

Unwilling to believe his experience, Xu Jian charged at the entrance once again.

However, he didnt plan to charge at it like before.

Holy light and devil light pierced into the skies, and he pushed his grand dao art to the extreme before charging over.

It was too bad he wasnt stronger than the Immemorial Dao Venerables formations.

Another wave of immemorial grand dao energy emerged, and it was like an unstoppable whirlwind as it sent Xu Jian flying into the distance.

When he slammed into one of the distant mountain ranges, he drilled a deep hole through it as the entire structure swayed from the impact.

The ladies and the other experts who came along with him wanted to try their luck by charging into the treasury once again, but they quickly changed their minds when they noticed Xu Jians sorry figure.

“Your Highness!” Zhu Yu and the others hastily rushed over to support Xu Jian who was flung far away.

When they arrived before him, they noticed the terrifying cracks in his armor as blood poured out from his mouth.

“Your Highness, are you alright!” Zhu Yu yelled before retrieving a peak-grade holy spiritual pill and feeding it to Xu Jian.

After swallowing the pill, the color slowly returned to Xu Jians face as he shook his arms in denial.

“Im fine.”


Only a three-year-old would believe his words…

The Immemorial Dao Venerable was an exalted mid-level Dao Venerable! The formations set up by him were something a peak late-Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor would never be able to stand up against.

Not to mention the fact that the formation they were facing was the one protecting the eye of the Immemorial Grand Formation.

It was where the most terrifying and strongest formations were gathered!

However, he had to thank his lucky stars that Huang Xiaolong had barely learned how to use the defensive formations.

Moreover, his cultivation level was at the peak of the late-Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm! If Huang Xiaolong had entered the Primal Ancestor Realm, or he had learned the true methods of operating the formations, Xu Jian would be ground to fine dust by the time Huang Xiaolong was done with him.

“Why wont it let me in!”

“WHY!!!! Why is this happening!” Xu Jian roared in anger and indignation.

The Scarlet Dragon Grand Dao Spiritual Vein was right before his eyes.

He was right about to obtain the entire treasury, or so he thought… At the last moment, the damned formation had activated and sent him flying out of the treasury!

When he thought about how he was stopped when the rewards were right in front of him, rage boiled in his heart and blood started to spurt out from his mouth.

“Your Highness!”

Zhu Yu and the others yelled when they noticed that his injuries had gotten worse.

“Someone activated the Immemorial Grand Formation.” Aunt Qings voice rang through the skies.

“What!” Everyone stared at her in shock.

When they had arrived, Aunt Qing had seen that the entrance was already open.

The grand dao energy inside was already leaking out.

That could only mean that someone had entered the treasury before them.

When the terrifying wave had sent everyone flying out of the treasury, Aunt Qing was the only one who managed to analyze the workings of the formation due to her powerful cultivation at the half-step Dao Venerable Realm.

“Immemorial Grand Formation!” The Saint Devil Prince growled.

“Impossible! No one can control the formation in such a short time!”

The Immemorial Immortal Cave was discovered by him!

Not even twenty days had passed since the opening of the cave.

He even had a head start of nearly ten days before others had started to arrive!

How could anyone refine the Immemorial Grand Formation in the span of several days!

“Is Huang Xiaolong behind it” Yi Xiaotang wondered out loud.

“Huang Xiaolong!” The Saint Devil Prince and the others frowned.

“Thats not possible… Right” A flash of suspicion crossed Aunt Qings eyes, and she denied it.

It had only been a day since Huang Xiaolong had discovered them.

How could he refine the formation in a day! Even with the assistance of the Immemorial Qilins, no one believed that he could do it.

Yi Xiaotang shook her head slowly as she realized that her thinking was absurd.

Raising his head to the skies, Xu Jian roared with indignation.

“Get out here! Get out here right now! I dont care who you are! Motherf*cker! If you dont appear before me right this second, Ill exterminate your entire clan! Ill destroy your physical body and torture you for eternity!”

“I discovered the Immemorial Immortal Cave!”

“Everything here belongs to me!”

“How dare you!!”

If it was just an ordinary treasury, he wouldnt care so much about it.

However, this was the Immemorial Treasury! It was left behind by a mid-level Dao Venerable!

The treasures inside were priceless!

Moreover, there were countless peak-grade holy herbs all around the Immemorial Immortal Cave! Everything would belong to the other party!

When he thought about how everything that should have belonged to him had fallen into the hands of someone else, he couldnt hold back the rage in his heart.

Killing intent burst from his eyes.

Along with his crazed yells, the entrance flashed and a chariot slowly rolled out towards all of them.

A handsome young man sat on the chariot, staring at the lowly beings screaming and yelling before the entrance of the Immemorial Treasury.

Cold light flashed through the Saint Devil Princes eyes when he saw the appearance of the newcomer.

“Are you Huang Xiaolong of the Cangqiong Sacred Land! Are you the one who refined the formation!”

Huang Xiaolong stared at Xu Jian with an indifferent gaze and nodded.

“I am Huang Xiaolong indeed.”

A feeling of anger rose in the hearts of the members of the Saint Devil Sacred Land when they saw how Huang Xiaolong was acting all high and mighty before them.

One of them growled, “Brat, do you know who the Saint Devil Prince is! Why arent you on your knees when greeting him!”

The Saint Devil Prince was part of the Saint Devil Sacred Land! And they were the strongest power in the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave!

Known as the number one genius of the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave, he had managed to take Grand Hall Master Yan San of the Blue Heaven Creed as his master.

His status in the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave could be said to be unshakable! How dare a lowly peasant like Huang Xiaolong speak down to him!

He is tired of living!

However, before they could say anything else, the Immemorial Ice Qilin opened its mouth to send out a blinding blue beam to turn the expert who was yelling at Huang Xiaolong into an ice statue.

When a gust of wind blew across the statue, he turned into specks of snow that dispersed through the air.

The faces of the Saint Devil Prince, Yi Xiaotang, and the others changed instantly.

Firstly, they were shocked by the strength possessed by the Immemorial Qilin.

However, they were even more surprised at the fact that Huang Xiaolong dared to make a move on someone from the Saint Devil Sacred Land!

“You… How dare you kill a hall master of my Saint Devil Sacred Land!” Xu Jians expression fell as he glared at Huang Xiaolong.

“So what if I killed him” Huang Xiaolong sneered as he glanced at the Saint Devil Prince.

His voice filled the space around them as everyone widened their eyes in shock.

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