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Chapter 2797: Saint Devil Princes True Talent!

Another terrifying thought flashed through Yi Xiaotangs mind.

If the Immemorial Ice Qilin had the ability to control absolute frost, wouldnt that mean that the Immemorial Fire Qilin had the ability to…

Absolute blaze!

There was no doubt the Immemorial Fire Qilin could control absolute blaze!

A trace of envy soon appeared in her heart.

However, a feeling of jealousy and trepidation soon followed.

How can Huang Xiaolong, a mere True Saint who came from some random sacred land, possess the loyalty of two beasts born from the origin of the world!

Moreover, they werent ordinary beasts who were merely born during the origin of the world.

They were beasts that had received the care of the God of Creation himself!

“Lord Qing, please save our young master!” Zhu Yu approached the strongest person on their side and pleaded.

Falling to his knees, he begged Aunt Qing to save Xu Jian.

“Theres no need for me to do anything.

Hell be fine,” Aunt Qing hesitated for a moment and replied.

With her ability, she could see that the Saint Devil Prince was in no danger whatsoever.

Ordinary Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestors might die from the attack, but the Saint Devil Prince was no ordinary Primal Ancestor!

He even had the Saint Devil Bloodline to boost his strength!

His bloodline was one of the strongest bloodlines in the Divine Tuo Holy World!

Not to mention the fact that the Saint Devil Princes physique was tempered with the best treasures the world had to offer.

There was no way he would die to a single attack from the Immemorial Ice Qilin! Also, he had one of the highest grade dao souls out there!

No matter what, the Immemorial Qilins hadnt broken into the Dao Venerable Realm.

Indeed, after she spoke, cracks formed on the ice around the Saint Devil Prince as the ice encasing him shattered into a million pieces!

Once again, the Saint Devil Prince stood tall before them all.

The only difference was that his armor was nowhere to be seen.

His skin was charred beyond the point of recognition, and smoke swirled around him.

That was the damage brought about by the absolute blaze controlled by the Immemorial Fire Qilin!

If any ordinary Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestors were to take on that attack, their bodies would be turned into charcoal! Therefore, one could see how strong the Saint Devil Princes physical body was…

There was a reason Yan San had taken him in as a direct disciple, and it wasnt luck…

As light poured out from Xu Jians body, his skin slowly returned to its original color.

All his injuries healed in an instant.

The ability to heal instantly was one of the strongest points his Saint Devil Bloodline had to offer.

Despite the ability to recover, the Saint Devil Princes face was deathly pale.

On the surface, it might seem as though he was completely unaffected from the qilins attack.

However, he was suffering on the inside.

“Your Highness!” Zhu Yu and the others quickly gathered around him.

Changing into another set of armor, Xu Jian growled in a raspy voice, “Absolute frost and absolute blaze!”

This was the first time he had experienced their combined attacks, and he realized how terrifying they really were.

“Your Highness, should we… should we leave” Zhu Yu asked cautiously.


“You son of b*tch! How dare you encourage me to run away! Repeat what you said if you have the guts to do so!” Xu Jian roared in anger.

Escaping was something the Saint Devil Prince would never accept.

It was especially so when his opponent was a mere Ninth Heaven True Saint! If he retreated, he would experience endless humiliation! Not to mention the fact that Yi Xiaotang was still watching the battle from the sidelines…

Lowering his head, Zhu Yu didnt dare to utter a word.

Xu Jian glared at Huang Xiaolong and sneered, “Huang Xiaolong, youre just an ant without the help of the Immemorial Qilins.


In my eyes, youre not comparable to even an ant! Youre nothing more than a speck of dust compared to me! Do you dare to fight me like a man!”

Everyone looked at Xu Jian with a complicated expression on their face.

It was especially so for Yi Xiaotang as a look of contempt made its way onto her face.

As a half-step Dao Venerable, the Saint Devil Prince was telling a Ninth Heaven True Saint to fight him without external help!

How was that fitting of a half-step Dao Venerable!

A trace of embarrassment found its way into Xu Jians heart when he realized the way Yi Xiaotang was looking at him.

When everyone thought that Huang Xiaolong would reject Xu Jians request, the man rose from his seat and appeared before him.

“Make your move.” Huang Xiaolong sighed as he looked at Xu Jian.

Not a single person dared to believe what they just heard.

A Ninth Heaven True Saint was accepting the challenge of a half-step Dao Venerable! Not just that, but he was arrogant enough to let the Saint Devil Prince make the first move!

Yi Xiaotang and Aunt Qing stared at each other in bewilderment.

The Saint Devil Prince was equally as shocked.

He had spoken in a fit of rage, and he didnt expect Huang Xiaolong to agree.

After all, no one in their right mind would agree to such a one-sided challenge!

“Are you sure!” Staring at Huang Xiaolong with a suspicious gaze, he turned to look at the Immemorial Qilins.

“Are you sure youll be fighting alone! Will you not accept the assistance of your Immemorial Fire and Ice Qilin!”

“Thats right.” Huang Xiaolong snorted.

“Whats the matter Are you scared You dont even dare to fight a True Saint.

What a loser.” He swept his gaze across Zhu Yu and the others after he spoke.

“If youre too much of a wuss to fight me, you can let them do it in your stead.”

The anger in Xu Jians heart returned with full force when he heard what Huang Xiaolong said.

“What did you say to me!” The holy and devil light around him increased in intensity yet again.

Reaching out to shove Zhu Yu and the others, he screamed at them, “Get lost! All of you can f*ck off to the side!”

Once again, he started walking towards Huang Xiaolong.

He might have been injured previously, but the aura he emitted didnt seem to decrease in the slightest.

He felt as though he could still use more than ninety percent of his strength, and that was more than enough to send Huang Xiaolong to the depths of hell.

After all, the other party was only a puny Ninth Heaven True Saint!

A sinister smile appeared on his face.

“Since you wish to die, Ill fulfill your wish! But before I finish you off, Ill let you take a look at how talented I actually am!”

As soon as the words left his lips, a pillar of light pierced into the heavens.

The Saint Devil Bloodline in his body was activated, and he turned into a mysterious existence that toed the line of a saint and a devil.

His dao souls emerged from the top of his head as he glared at Huang Xiaolong.

When it appeared, his dao soul was like a massive sun that ignited his surroundings.

“Limitless Sun Dao Soul!” Aunt Qing sucked in a cold breath.

The Limitless Sun Dao Soul was ranked ninth out of all the dao souls, and Aunt Qing could see that the Saint Devil Princes dao soul was nearing the grand completion form.

There were different levels when referring to each dao soul, and the power it could release was directly related to it.

A grand completion Limitless Sun Dao Soul was a terrifying existence that could supplement Xu Jians abilities to a shocking level!

Soon after, high-order Saint Fates emerged from his body.

A total of six high-order Saint Fates appeared, and Yi Xiaotang couldnt hide her shock when she noticed how talented Xu Jian actually was.

Most young masters of their respective creeds would only be able to obtain seven high-order Saint Fates when advancing in the past.

Even the strongest genius in the Divine Tuo Holy World only managed to obtain eight!

With six high-order Saint Fates, Xu Jians talent could be said to be one of the best in the Divine Tuo Holy World.

One could even argue that he was a contender for the position of the greatest genius in the Divine Tuo Holy World!

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