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Chapter 2801: We Have A Share in This!

The Immemorial Sword tore through the skies and arrived behind Yi Xiaotang in an instant.

Twisting her body unnaturally, she saw the sword light in her face, and her expression changed.

The technique she had used to escape was one of the best life-saving techniques in the Blue Heaven Creed.

Her speed exceeded even First Esteem Dao Venerables, but Huang Xiaolongs sword light managed to catch up to her in a matter of seconds!

Fear for Huang Xiaolong finally took root in her heart.

That was right.

She was afraid of a Ninth Heaven True Saint!

Of course, surprise and fear were two things she exprienced as the golden silk in her hands shot out to form a world made of gold.

When the Immemorial Sword Light landed on the golden world, it was stalled for a slight moment before emerging from the other side.

“Blue Heaven Dao Palm!”

Aunt Qing made a beautiful assist as she utilized most of her strength to form a giant palm in the air.

A palm the size of a mountain formed from grand dao energy slammed against the sword light.

After taking on the combined attacks of Yi Xiaotang and Aunt Qing, the Immemorial Sword Light dissipated.

Even so, Yi Xiaotangs forehead was dripping with cold sweat, and her face was deathly pale.

Seeing the three of them leave, Huang Xiaolong decided against going after them.

Instead, he turned around and continued to battle against the members standing against him.

The Saint Devil Prince might have escaped, but the experts of the Saint Devil Sacred Land werent so lucky.

With a chilly gaze flashing through his eyes, Huang Xiaolong turned to face the Primal Ancestors who surrounded him.

When they saw the look in his eyes, their hearts turned cold and it was especially so for Yang Jia and the other five who had plotted against him in the first place.

The situation had far exceeded their expectations.

They hadnt expected Huang Xiaolong to obtain the Immemorial Sword, and they were surprised that the little brat they were looking down on had grasped the method to utilize the Immemorial Grand Formation! Neither had they expected for the formation to boost Huang Xiaolongs strength by such a large amount!

In the blink of an eye, Huang Xiaolong slew nearly five hundred Primal Ancestors! There was also the patriarch of Nirvana Sacred Land among them!

They didnt even need to mention the fact that the Immemorial Qilins were still standing at the sidelines!

Not a single person present dared to raise their weapons as they stared at Huang Xiaolong in trepidation.

After seeing how Yi Xiaotang and Aunt Qing were nearly killed by Huang Xiaolongs attack while they were escaping with the help of a cosmos artifact and a Dao Venerable secret grand dao escaping art, they realized that it was no use running away.

As Huang Xiaolong stared at those present, the Immemorial Fire and Ice Qilin made their way beside him.

With streams of fire and ice emerging from their nostrils, they glared at those who dared to raise their swords at Huang Xiaolong.

All of a sudden, one of the patriarchs in the crowd stepped forward and spoke to Huang Xiaolong, “Brother Huang, were not planning to steal the Immemorial Sword from you.

However, the treasury of the Immemorial Dao Venerable isnt something you can keep for yourself.

Even if you manage to obtain the most important treasures in the treasury, you have to leave something for us.”

“Dont all of you think the same way”

The Primal Ancestor, who spoke, was patriarch Zhou Hong of Purple Sword Sacred Land.

It was the second-ranked sacred land in the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave.

As the patriarch of Purple Sword Sacred Land, Zhou Hong was the second-ranked expert in the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave, and he was already a half-step Dao Venerable!

The Saint Devil Prince might have brought in several dozen experts into the Immemorial Immortal Cave, but if they had to compare their overall strength, the Saint Devil Prince was still lacking when compared to Zhou Hong.

Despite not recognizing Zhou Hong, Huang Xiaolong knew what the robes he donned represented.

With a snort, Huang Xiaolong decided to play along for now.

“What do you recommend”

Suppressing the rage in his heart, Zhou Hong continued, “We dont wish for much.

Youll keep the Immemorial Sword and one-tenth of the treasures in the treasury.

All of us will split the other treasures inside!”

“One-tenth” Huang Xiaolong nearly burst out laughing.

Zhou Hongs expression fell once again, and he sneered, “Do you think were asking for too much Youll be getting a lot more than any of us!”

According to him, Huang Xiaolong was a mere True Saint.

Obtaining the Immemorial Sword and one-tenth of the treasures was more than enough for someone at his level.

“Thats right! Huang Xiaolong, you wont be able to take away more than a tenth of the treasures! Were already taking a huge step back!” Another half-step Dao Venerable spoke.

The person who spoke wasnt a patriarch of a sacred land in the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave, and he came from one of the surrounding regions.

“Yeah! Huang Xiaolong, the Immemorial Sword is a cosmos artifact created by the Immemorial Dao Venerable himself! What more can you ask for!”

Someone else spoke up all of a sudden.

“Even if you take away the sword and one-tenth of the treasures, the Immemorial Qilins will have to stay.

Youre not qualified to own them!”

There were four half-step Dao Venerables present, and the last person finally brought up the other topic that everyone else was waiting for.

When Huang Xiaolong heard theirthoughts, he wasnt angry at all.

Instead, he stroked the heads of the qilins as he chuckled softly, “You want both the qilins and nine-tenths of the treasury”

“Do you think thats possible Hehe, you seem to have forgotten the fact that Ive already refined the Immemorial Grand Formation.

The Immemorial Sword belongs to me anyway, and why in the world would I need your permission to keep it The Immemorial Qilins have accepted me as their master, and even if I give you the chance to subdue them, do you think youll be able to succeed”

Huang Xiaolongs words caused the expressions of everyone present to change.

“Ive already locked down the entire Immemorial Immortal Cave since the three of them escaped.

Right now, all of you are trapped in here.

You can no longer control your life and death.

I call the shots! If I sentence you to death, you shall die! Youll only be able to live if I allow you to!” Huang Xiaolongs chilly voice rang through the skies.

Huang Xiaolong wasnt trying to scare them.

It was true that half-step Dao Venerables wouldnt be able to escape from the Immemorial Immortal Cave even if they exhausted every ounce of their strength.

The only way they could escape was if they possessed a cosmos artifact of their own!

Hearing what Huang Xiaolong said, everyones expression fell.

“Brat, are you threatening us!” Zhou Hong roared with laughter as rage overwhelmed him.

As the patriarch of the Purple Sword Sacred Land and the second strongest expert in the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave, this was the first time a True Saint had dared to threaten him with his life!

“What arrogance.

Do you really think you can control the fates of everyone present! Its just the Immemorial Grand Formation! I, Fu Daosheng, shall go where I please! Let me show you how I shatter the Immemorial Grand Formation!”

Fu Daosheng was the patriarch of Dao Talisman Sacred Land.

He was an expert stronger than Zhou Hong at the half-step Dao Venerable Realm, and he came from one of the surrounding regions!

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