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Chapter 2807: Rebirth!

They stared at each other in shock.

“Whats going on!” Zhou Hong exclaimed.

Using his secret skill, Fu Daosheng tried to uncover the happenings inside the treasury.

However, he was stopped before his vision could enter the treasury.

No matter how hard they tried, they couldnt peer into the treasury to check on Huang Xiaolong.

“We should just wait outside… The Young Lord will be fine!” The ice qilin spoke all of a sudden and reassured everyone, “We should wait for his successful rebirth.”

Of course, it was merely being optimistic.

No one knew if Huang Xiaolong would succeed.

After Cangqiong Old Man repeated the ice qilins words, everyone finally departed to wait for Huang Xiaolong to emerge.

As Huang Xiaolongs teacher, everyone would listen to him when the kid was unavailable.

As they waited for Huang Xiaolong to emerge, forty years passed before they knew it.

Throughout the years, the situation in the treasury remained unknown to those outside.

Many of them tried different methods to peer into the treasury, but they were stopped before they could even reach a distance of four hundred feet.

They discovered that the horrifying pressure coming from inside grew stronger with each passing year.

After forty long years, they couldnt even enter a thousand feet radius around the treasury!

Streams of light poured out from the treasury, and they didnt stop even after forty long years.

Rainbow-colored light would turn into golden light, followed by one with an icy blue hue before turning into fiery red beams.

Purple gold, jet black, and dark green lights could also be seen from time to time.

Every single color represented a different kind of power.

Of course, those present were clear what energy some of the lights represented.

During the tribulation, they had personally witnessed the resurrection purple-golden lightning, the black lotus flame, and the dark green Light of Nirvana.

The blue and red lights represented the power of the absolute frost and flame, and the Immemorial Qilins were shocked to feel their power coming from the light.

The one thing that the present experts couldnt wrap their heads around was what the rainbow-colored and golden rays of light were.

All of them were worried that something would go wrong during the rebirth process, and they were waiting anxiously for Huang Xiaolong to emerge.

However, what they didnt know was that Huang Xiaolongs figure that used to be sitting in the eye of the Immemorial Grand Formation was no longer present! There was only a ball of light that emitted different rays from time to time!

As the years slowly passed, the beams of light it emitted grew brighter and brighter.

The shadow of a dragon seemed to be born inside the ball of light, and it was the figure of a golden dragon with a body of pure gold!

As the head of the dragon clamped down on its tail, it formed a complete circle as it spun around inside the ball of light.

Despite its frail appearance, the golden dragon was growing at a frightening speed, and it seemed to be absorbing some sort of energy inside the light.

Every time the dragon took a breath, the grand dao laws in the Divine Tuo Holy World would pulse.

Minute changes happened to the grand dao laws that ordinary Dao Venerables couldnt detect.

However, those at the peak of the Ninth Creation Dao Venerable Realm could feel that something was changing.

In the Dragon Fish Creed, which stood tall an unknown distance away from the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave, a well-built middle-aged man with three pupils in his eyes turned to stare in the direction of the Immemorial Immortal Cave.

Three different lights flashed in each of his pupils.

The number of people who had two pupils in the Divine Tuo Holy World was scarce, but no one had ever heard of anyone with three!

“Dao Venerable, do you think theres a reason behind the changing grand dao laws in the Divine Tuo Holy World” a seductive lady asked him as she stood beside him.

The woman was extremely pretty, and her beauty was a little suffocating.

Despite that, the middle-aged man frowned while staring into the void.

“The Divine Tuo Holy World seems to be giving birth to something…”

Of course, even at his level, he couldnt be sure of what was happening.

“Something formed by the world!” The woman gasped in surprise.

“Even if an innate creature were to be born from the world, it wouldnt be able to change the grand dao laws… right”

The middle-aged mans frown grew deeper.

That was the reason he was troubled.

“How is Young Master Huang Shuais training going” The middle-aged man asked out of the blue.

The woman nodded slowly, and her expression softened.

“His cultivation speed is rapid.

He should be able to enter the Dao Venerable Realm in a hundred years if this keeps up!”

The middle-aged man finally revealed a smile on his face.

“Young Master Huang Shuai possesses the Huang Long Bloodline.

His cultivation speed could rival the God of Creation of the past! However, entering the Dao Venerable Realm in a hundred years is faster than what I expected of him!”

The middle-aged man was Bi Cheng, the Dragon Fish Dao Venerable.

As for the alluring woman beside him, she was the grand palace master of the Dragon Fish Creed, and her name was Li Xue.

“Lord Creation has disappeared for a long time… I wonder where he went!” Li Xue sighed.

Bi Cheng shook his head and sighed.

“We cant predict where he will go… The only thing we can do is to nurture Young Master Huang Shuai to the best of our abilities.

We should also look for the armor set Lord Creation left behind! With the armor, the young master will be able to use the full power of his bloodline to resist the Otherworldly Demons!”

Li Xue nodded her head in response.

“Tomorrow, Ill have to leave for quite some time.

During my absence, you will have to guide the young master,” Bi Cheng said.


Is there news about the Huang Long Armor”

There were four items in the armor set, and the armor itself was obviously one of them.

In the past, the God of Creation had indeed left the Huang Long Armor in the Divine Tuo Holy World.

As for the Dragon Fish Creed, they had been looking for the armor since time immemorial.

Without hiding anything from Li Xue, Bi Cheng explained, “There seem to be some clues.

I found a piece of map that might contain the whereabouts of the piece.”

Maps with the coordinates of the armor had appeared several hundred times in the Divine Tuo Holy World, but none of them were real.

Despite that, Bi Cheng had felt the need to verify the news for himself regardless.

In the blink of an eye, ten years passed.

The light around the treasury started to gather as the golden dragon in the ball of light grew even larger.

One fine day, when Cangqiong Old Man and the others were staring at the treasury, someone yelled, “Take a look at that!”

The light that emerged from the treasury receded like a tide and disappeared completely.

Staring at each other, the Immemorial Qilins revealed an expression of joy as they flew towards the treasury.

They realized that the barrier that prevented them from approaching had disappeared.

When they were planning to charge through the doors to check on Huang Xiaolong, the entrance was flung open and a figure covered in gold emerged.

“Young master!”


Long Jianfei, Mo Zhi, Cangqiong Old Man, Fei Yanzi, and everyone else rushed up to congratulate him.

The reborn Huang Xiaolong had finally stepped into the Primal Ancestor Realm!

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