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Chapter 2828: This is Nothing


The moment Yi Beihang released his aura, everyone yelled in shock.

Their expressions changed drastically as they took several steps back. 

As a late-First Esteem Dao Venerable, even the tiny bit of his aura was something that could crush a half-step Dao Venerable.

Not to mention the fact that he was going all out now. 

The might of a Dao Venerable was so powerful that everyone had to retreat.

Not even Yu Sheng and Fang Jing could stand their ground.

Even though Yu Sheng was already a peak half-step Dao Venerable with seven high-level saint fates, he felt his legs going soft. 

One could imagine how terrifying an expert in the Dao Venerable Realm was. 

Other than Wang Jin, He Yugui, and Yan San, everyone retreated while summoning their grand dao artifacts to protect themselves. 

Of course, there was someone else who didn’t budge.

That was right, Huang Xiaolong wasn’t affected! 

Facing the aura from Yi Beihang that seemed to wipe out everything, Huang Xiaolong stayed rooted on the spot.

Not even his robes showed any signs of movement!  

When Yi Beihang’s aura arrived in front of Huang Xiaolong, it disappeared! It was as if it entered a bottomless abyss as it was completely devoured!

Huang Xiaolong was completely unfazed by Yi Beihang’s aura.

Yi Beihang, Wang Jin, He Yugui, and the others were shocked. 

After waking up from his shock, Yi Beihang sneered, “Not bad indeed.

If you can’t even resist my aura, there’s no fun in killing you!”

Soon, he pushed himself to the limit in an attempt to pressure Huang Xiaolong.

It had been many years since he had personally acted, and he had been comprehending the grand dao with everything he had.

Since it was finally time for him to make his move, he would go all out! 

As his aura continued to rise, everyone backed away once again.

In Yi Beihang’s body, a mysterious power was emitted.

It was something that didn’t belong within heaven and earth, and it didn’t belong to the Divine Tuo Holy World! No! It didn’t even belong to the Huang Long World! 

“Cosmos… Cosmos energy!” Yu Sheng and Fang Jing yelled in fright.

The mysterious power that came from Yi Beihang was cosmos energy!

That was a power he had accumulated himself! 

It was exactly what separated experts in the Dao Venerable Realm and the others! 

Cosmos energy was stronger than grand dao energy, and Huang Xiaolong was finally pushed back by the sudden revelation of cosmos energy. 

Discovering how he gained the upper hand, Yi Beihang released even more cosmos energy from inside his body. 

Huang Xiaolong was pushed even further away as he retreated thousands of miles.

“Aunt Qing, should we beg my father again” Seeing this, Yi Xiaotang urged Aunt Qing, “He usually listens to what you say…”

Aunt Qing shook her head, even though she could sway Yi Beihang, Huang Xiaolong had gone too far.

He had challenged their authority time and time again, and he had even rejected their offer! Even if she were to plead on his behalf, they would kill him all the same! 

“He can only blame himself for missing his opportunity.” Aunt Qing lamented, “Even if Huang Xiaolong begs for mercy now, they wouldn’t allow him to live!”

By the time they were done speaking, Huang Xiaolong had already been pushed countless miles away. 

Not too far behind him was an abyss that spewed terrifying sword qi! 

Yi Xiaotang’s expression changed as she knew how terrifying the sword qi coming from the abyss was.

If Huang Xiaolong was pushed into the abyss, the sword qi from within would shred his physical body to pieces!

She knew that only Dao Venerables would be able to resist the sword qi coming from the grand array contained in the abyss! 

Those who hadn’t reached the Dao Venerable Realm would be killed without a doubt! 

In fact, it was possible that Huang Xiaolong’s dao soul would be crushed the moment he was assaulted by the sword qi! 

A trace of coldness flashed in Yi Beihang’s eyes when he saw that Huang Xiaolong was approaching the entrance of the abyss.

He released all the cosmos energy he had and roared, “Huang Xiaolong, die!” 

Huang Xiaolong was finally pushed to the edge of the abyss.

“Huang Xiaolong, to tell you the truth, the abyss contains a grand array set up by my Blue Heaven Creed.

You won’t be able to escape death the moment you fall in! Are you regretting your actions now! It’s too late even if you wish to beg for mercy! I have already given you a chance!”


Huang Xiaolong was sent into the abyss.

The sword qi swallowed him instantly.

The expression on Yi Xiaotang and Aunt Qing’s face changed. 

Yu Sheng shook his head silently when he saw what happened.

“What a pity…” 

He had heard of the grand array contained in the abyss in the Blue Heaven Creed, and he knew that those under the Dao Venerable Realm would be killed. 

Fang Jing sneered coldly, “No matter how talented he is, he’s an id*ot.

A Third Resurrection Primal Ancestor dares to challenge the prestige of a Dao Venerable, and he wouldn’t be able to make up for his mistakes even in death! He even wanted to challenge all four of them at once! Haha, he can’t even withstand Yi Beihang’s aura! What a joke.”

Even though Huang Xiaolong's appaling talent shocked her, she disdained people who didn’t know their place.

Yan San sneered inwardly when he saw Huang Xiaolong enter the abyss.

The experts of the Blue Heaven Creed cheered happily. 

When the sword qi that was swarming Huang Xiaolong started to retreat, everyone widened their eyes in shock. 


When the sword qi was gone, Huang Xiaolong’s figure appeared in front of all of them again. 

They could see that he didn’t suffer even a single scratch from the sword qi! 

Not even his robes were damaged! 

“How is this possible!” Yi Beihang, Yan San, Wang Jin, and the others stared at him in shock.

There was a look of confusion on their faces. 

Huang Xiaolong remained unscathed after standing against the sword qi! Was his body actually comparable to a Dao Venerable’s! 

Huang Xiaolong looked at Yi Beihang coldly, “This is nothing....” Huang Xiaolong’s dao souls started to tremble, and a power more terrifying than what Yi Beihang had released earlier surged fourth.

The skies dimmed as the earth trembled.


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