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Chapter 2840: Misty Rain Heavenly Cave

“The Clandestine Pavilion is said to be privy to every secret in the world! As long as enough dao coins are paid, one can obtain anything! Someone even managed to purchase a strand of genesis qi!” Long Jianfei lamented.

“What! Genesis qi! Huang Xiaolong exclaimed.

After coming to the Divine Tuo Holy World, Huang Xiaolong had been trying to find the source of genesis qi.

After all, it was even more precious than purple grandmist aura, and he had enlisted the help of the Cangqiong Alliance to search for it.

Even so, there had been no news on it.

Not to mention that the genesis qi was even more precious than absolute beginning qi, it was equivalent to the origin energy formed by Huang Long World!

Someone actually managed to obtain a strand of genesis qi from the Clandestine Pavilion!

Long Jianfei nodded his head slowly, “Yes, thats right! My master spoke of it once, and he said that an ancient expert in the Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm managed to purchase the strand of qi.

My master didnt reveal the identity of the person who obtained it, but from what we know, the man spent his entire fortune and tons of dao coins.

From the guesses floating about, the expert spent more than a billion dao coins!”

“A billion dao coins!” Huang Xiaolong exclaimed in shock.

That was indeed a shocking amount.

He thought that he had been a rich little kid after obtaining the treasury of the Blue Heaven Creed.

Now, he realized that he was nothing!

“I had several experts of the Divination Creed speak of it back then.

Even if several creeds combined their assets, they wouldnt be able to gather a billion dao coins!” Duan Feng lamented.

That was no exaggeration.

Even if the Blue Heaven Creed was sold, their worth wouldnt be close to a billion dao coins.

“The genesis qi might be rare, but its insane for a Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable to spend so much in order to obtain it!” Long Jianfei exclaimed.

With one billion Tuoshen dao coins, he could buy a lot of grand dao pills.

The sheer amount of grand dao pills he could buy would be much better than a strand of genesis qi.

Duan Feng nodded in agreement.

Soon after, Huang Xiaolong asked both of them about the Clandestine Pavilion.

He wished to know everything there was to know about it.

Huang Xiaolong felt a little uneasy when he thought about the Clandestine Pavilion.

He finally felt a little pressure from the giant existence that was the Clandestine Pavilion .

When they were engrossed in their conversation, the Immemorial Qilin Chariot tore through the skies.

They left the region after several days.

Even after leaving, Huang Xiaolong didnt stop for a rest.

Instead, he continued on his way towards the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave.

With hundreds of regions standing in their way, there was no time to rest!

Even if the Immemorial Fire and Ice Qilins had reached the half-step Dao Venerable Realm, it would take many years before they could arrive at the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave!

If a normal Primal Ancestor rode in a normal flying ship, it would take hundreds of years to get there!

Not to mention the fact that everything was based on the assumption that they wouldnt run into any spatial storms.

If they were caught up in one, they might take more than a decade before arriving!

Other than the spatial storms, there were countless bandit ships floating about in space.

They werent weaklings if they could roam about in space, and running into them would be a hassle.

Huang Xiaolong kept himself occupied on the journey by entering the inner space of the Immemorial Qilin Array in the chariot and he quickly refined the dao origin he had obtained from the Blue Heaven Creed.

It would take a few years for them to arrive at the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave, and it was more than enough time for him to complete the refinement process.

Not too long after they left, they ran into their first group of bandits.

Even though these bandits were rather strong, the Immemorial Fire and Ice Qilins, Duan Feng, and Long Jianfei had no issues in dealing with them.

Huang Xiaolong remained comfortably in the array as he continued to cultivate in peace.

In a blink of an eye, six years passed.

Six years was enough for Huang Xiaolong to completely refine the dao origin he had received.

At the same time, he successfully broke through to the peak late-Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm.

He assessed the time and came out from the array before asking for updates on their current position.

“Your Highness, we are now at the Misty Rain Heavenly Cave.

After passing through Misty Rain Heavenly Cave, we will arrive in the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave.” The two of them responded respectfully.

“Misty Rain Heavenly Cave…” Huang Xiaolong said audibly.

The Misty Rain Heavenly Cave was one of the greatest powers in the Divine Tuo Holy World.

Their strength was comparable to the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave, and there were over ten creeds located in it.

The strongest of them all was the Misty Rain Creed, and their patriarch was a Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable.

Its size was equivalent to that of the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave.

Furthermore, Yu Yue belonged to the Misty Rain Creed.

The six geniuses of the Divine Tuo Holy World were geniuses among geniuses.

They had ten high-order Saint Fates, and they were the only ones in the younger generation who were that talented.

Their titles were the One Dragon, Two Tigers, and Three Moons.

The dragon referred to Huang Shuai, the Son of Creation, with the Huang Long Bloodline.

The two tigers were the young patriarchs of the Divination Creed and Xuanyuan Creed.

As for the Three Moons, they were Yin Yue, Feng Yue, and Yu Yue.

Yu Yue was a direct disciple of the Misty Rain Patriarch.

The Three Moons were the three most beautiful women acknowledged by the Divine Tuo Holy World.

The extent of their beauty was known throughout the holy world, and it was said that their very appearance would cause a war among their suitors.

“Your Highness, since well be passing through the Misty Rain Pavilion, should we pay a visit to the Misty Rain Platform Its said that Lady Yu Yue would often give lectures in the Misty Rain Platform,” Long Jianfei asked with a smile.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the two of them and sighed, “Maybe next time.”

How could he not know what they were thinking

However, Huang Xiaolong did not have the time to relax.

He would have to go to the Dragon Fish Creed to locate the Huang Long Armor before doing anything else.

Long Jianfei and Duan Feng were rather surprised when Huang Xiaolong rejected their idea.

However, since he had already made his decision, they didnt dare to say anything else.

“Did the two of you gain a lot during our journey” Huang Xiaolong inquired with a smile.

Long Jianfei and Duan Feng snapped out of their thoughts and nodded awkwardly.

They had met many bandits on the way, and with their strength, they were the ones doing the robbing.

They plundered many bandit groups along the way, and they were a little richer than before.

Huang Xiaolong took out a Blue Heaven Dao Pill and tossed it into his mouth before asking them about their adventures.

Long Jianfei and Duan Feng were amazed at how Huang Xiaolong was chewing the Blue Heavens Dao Pill like a snack.

Even Dao Venerables wouldnt dare to eat it like popcorn!

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