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Chapter 2848: Outer Disciple Recruitment

“Brat, which sacred lands young lord are you” Yu Chengming taunted Huang Xiaolong, and then looked at Long Jianfei again.

“Long Jianfei, it seems like your life isnt going well that youve fallen to the point of recognizing a peak late-Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestor asHighness!”

Although Long Jianfei was a Dragon Fish Creeds inner disciple in the past, his identity hasnt been ratified at the moment, and who could say for certain if Long Jianfei would ever recover his inner disciple identity in this lifetime.

Not to mention, the Yu Familys current status was very different from the past.

Therefore, Yu Chengming didnt take Long Jianfei seriously.

Of course, the most important reason for his behavior was that before he had set off, Yu Shaoming gave him another order.

Long Jianfei did not speak, while Huang Xiaolong looked at Yu Chengming for quite a while before he spoke, “Killing you would dirty my hands, but if you plead for mercy now, I can spare your dog of a life.”

Yu Chengming and the rest of Yu Familys nine experts were flabbergasted.

“Killing me dirties your hand” Yu Chengming erupted into laughter a second later, “Brat, are you saying that you want to kill me Are you even capable of killing me”

Several questions popped out from his mouth, and contempt was written all over his face.

Just as he was done mocking, Huang Xiaolong simply waved his hand across the air and Yu Chengming was hit by a strong gust of wind, slamming him down to the ground below.

The impact made a great pit in the ground.

The Yu Familys nine other experts were stupefied as they stared at the ground in disbelief, and then turned to Huang Xiaolong in astonishment.

Huang Xiaolong did not make further moves after that, leaving the rest to the Immemorial Ice and Fire Qilin pair.

Less than a minute later…

Experts from the Yu Family, Yu Chengming included, had all turned into ice statues or gray dust from incineration.

As for their dao souls, Huang Xiaolong directly imprisoned them inside the Cangqiong Dao Palace, leaving them to be refined later after accumulating for a period of time.

After that, Huang Xiaolong, Long Jianfei, and Duan Feng continued towards the Blue Rainbow Sacred Land.

Not long after Yu Chengmings group was annihilated, Yu Shaoming got news of the incident.

“All of their bodies were destroyed!” Yu Shaoming exclaimed in shock, “Not even one person escaped”

“No,” The Yu Family elder hesitated but still replied truthfully.

“Did you find out who did it” Yu Shaoming demanded in a fluster.

“No,” the elder lowered his head.

“Where is Long Jianfei now” Yu Shaoming asked.

“Judging from the direction they took after leaving the Dragon Emperor Continent, their destination should be the Blue Rainbow Sacred Land,” the elder deduced.

Blue Rainbow Sacred Land

A sharp light glimmered in Yu Shaomings eyes as he could already guess why Long Jianfei was going to the Blue Rainbow Sacred Land.

The Dragon Fish Creeds closest branch was located in the Blue Rainbow Sacred Land.

It looks like Long Jianfei is in a hurry to recover his Dragon Fish Creed inner disciple identity.

He sent the elder away with an impatient wave of his hand and also ordered the elder to continue keeping an eye on Long Jianfeis movements.

He then entered the forbidden land once again and reported the incident concerning Yu Chengmings group to Yu Qi.

“Yu Chengming and the others physical bodies were destroyed, and not even one of them escaped It seems like there is a half-step Dao Venerable on their side” Yu Qi frowned.

“Is it Long Jianfei Did he enter the half-step Dao Venerable Realm”

Based on Long Jianfeis past talent, had he stayed in the Divine Tuo Holy World, it wouldnt have been strange for his cultivation to have reached the perfection half-step Dao Venerable.

“Father, if Long Jianfei manages to recover his identity, it would be a problem.

Do you think we should send people to take action at Blue Rainbow Sacred Land” Yu Shaoming asked solemnly.

“Or, we could hire the Archaic Pavilions Dao Venerable to take action just like how we had dealt with Long Zhengtian and those people.”

Long Zhengtian was none other than Long Jianfeis father.

Yu Qi shook his head, “At the end of the day, Long Jianfei is a Dragon Fish Creeds inner disciple, and the Mystical Pavilion probably wont accept this task.

Even if they accepted this task, it would cost a huge sum of Tuoshen coins.”

Although Long Zhentian was Long Jianfeis father, he wasnt a disciple of Dragon Fish Creed, which was why the Mystical Pavilion was willing to accept the task.

However, it had taken a big chunk of the Yu Familys wealth to hire an Archaic Pavilions Dao Venerable to deal with Long Zhentian and the others.

“In truth, it doesnt matter even if we let Long Jianfei recover his identities as Dragon Fish Creeds inner disciple and senior deacon,” Yu Qi stated with an unfathomable gaze.

“Father, you mean” Yu Shaoming was baffled.

“After Long Jianfei submits his request, the Blue Rainbows branch will report the matter back to the Dragon Fish Creeds Foreign Affairs Hall.

Well ask Zhouer to have the Foreign Affairs Halls elder to hold back Long Jianfeis request.”

Yu Qi sneered, “As long as its going to be on hold, heihei…”

As long as they managed to hold Long Jianfeis request at the Foreign Affairs Hall, and the matter was not reported up the authority chain, Long Jianfei wouldnt be able to recover his identity as the Dragon Fish Creeds inner disciple.

Hearing that, a strong light burst out from Yu Shaomings eyes as he laughed, “It is still father whos wiser.”

As long as Long Jianfeis identity was not officially ratified, they would have many chances to exterminate him.

Roughly two weeks later, Huang Xiaolongs group of three had arrived at Blue Rainbow Sacred Land.

Due to the Dragon Fish Creeds branch in this Blue Rainbow Sacred Land, the Blue Rainbow Sacred Land was more livelier than the neighboring sacred lands.

Flying ships crowded the sky, and divine beasts moved through the streets like morning tide.

However, Long Jianfei seemed a little out of sorts since they arrived at the Blue Rainbow Sacred Land.

After he had gone missing, the Yu Family had broken off the engagement between him and Yu Xin.

Thereafter, Yu Xin had married another sacred lands big familys young master, and that young master was the noble Tai Family of Blue Rainbow Sacred Land.

The noble Tai Family had a longer heritage than the Yu Family, and they were stronger.

The Tai Family was the second strongest force in the Blue Rainbow Sacred Land.

Naturally, the number one powerhouse in the Blue Rainbow Sacred Land was the Dragon Fish Creed branch.

The Tai Family was the strongest force after the Dragon Fish Creed branch.

According to Long Chenfeng, Yu Xin was now the Tai Familys mistress, and the young master, Tai Zhongyang, she had married was now the current patriarch of the Tai Family.

Upon arriving at the Blue Rainbow Sacred Land, the three of them headed straight to the Dragon Fish Creeds branch.

“Did you hear! The Dragon Fish Creeds Blue Rainbow Sacred Lands branch has just posted a notice of outer disciple recruitment!”

“What The Dragon Fish Creeds branch is recruiting a batch of outer disciples!!”

“The Tai Family and Pan Family, along with many Blue Rainbow Sacred Lands patriarchs have heard the news and are already on the way here with disciples of their own families! The neighboring sacred lands families are also rushing here!”

“Ive heard that even the Tai Familys young lord Tai Cheng who was training outside has rushed back and registered!”

“Tai Cheng, one of the Tai Familys great five geniuses! If I am not mistaken, Tai Cheng is the Tai Family patriarchs youngest son, right It is said that his talent is very high, and he possesses the True Vajra Bloodline!”

While Huang Xiaolongs group got closer to the Dragon Fish Creeds branch, they heard various conversations from the disciples passing by them.

Huang Xiaolong, Long Jianfei, and Duan Feng had not expected this when they had come out.

The Dragon Fish Creeds Blue Rainbow branch is recruiting outer disciples

Even though the status of Dragon Fish Creeds outer disciple was far from an inner disciple, when one joined one of the branches successfully, it was no different than reaching the heavens in a single step.

Following the tide of people, the three of them entered the Blue Rainbow City.

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