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Chapter 2859: One Stone, Two Embryos

Without delay, the owner stepped forward once again and began opening the glaring jade stone Huang Xiaolong had selected.

As the owners hands moved around, stone debris flew in the air.

However, he was obviously shaking his head as he went about opening the jade stone.

Five minutes later, there was nothing but flying debris.

The jade stone Huang Xiaolong had selected only produced bits of clouded jade, and there was not a wisp of spiritual energy.

This kind of jade stones absolutely couldnt produce any embryos.

The smile on Wang Xins face deepened further as he watched on.

Quite a few sacred lands experts shook their heads.

“Ten billion Tuoshen holy coins, ah! Given to another just like that! I really dont know how some peoples brains work!”

“Even giant commerce houses young masters would feel their hearts bleed for giving away ten billion Tuoshen holy coins for nothing! Not to mention, that person would have to call himself an idiot ten thousand times.

When todays event spreads out, where is he going to put his face!”

Some experts whispered with their companions.

Many of them began envying Wang Xins luck as this was literally a pie of ten billion Tuoshen holy coins falling from the sky.

If it were them, they would probably grin involuntarily for several years, non-stop.

Long Jianfei and Duan Fengs faces were twisted like bitter gourds.

Regret wrung their guts at this moment as they lamented luring Huang Xiaolong here to play stone guessing!

If they hadnt brought the matter up to Huang Xiaolong, it wouldnt have triggered Huang Xiaolongs interest, and he wouldnt have ended up making a bet with Wang Xin, finally falling into this kind of situation.

Even though they were aware that Huang Xiaolong had the Huang Long Bloodline, bloodline was merely one of many factors that slightly increased ones accuracy in stone guessing, and the current situation told them that Huang Xiaolongs Huang Long Bloodlines accuracy was lousy!

At least, the jade stone in front of them was a mistake!

From the current situation, it was impossible for the jade stone chosen by Huang Xiaolong to contain any embryo.

Another five minutes passed by.

Still, there was only jade debris from Huang Xiaolongs jade stone.

Wang Xins laughter sounded from time to time, and the words from the Dragon Fish Creeds outer disciples behind him became rowdier.

They couldnt be bothered to spare attention to Huang Xiaolongs jade stone.

In Wang Xins eyes, the outcome had already been decided.

Another fifteen minutes went by, it was still jade debris and bits.

By now, more than half of Huang Xiaolongs jade stone had been shaved off.

Wang Xin swaggered towards Huang Xiaolong and just as he was about to demand Huang Xiaolong to fulfill his part of the bet, someone in the crowd suddenly exclaimed, “Whats that!!”

Wang Xins feet froze for a split second, and he felt strange.

He turned and looked at Huang Xiaolongs jade stone like many people were doing.

Huang Xiaolongs jade stone that had been producing nothing but jade debris had spiritual energy flowing out of it.

On top of that, this spiritual energys purity seemed to be higher.

It was much purer than the spiritual energy from his jade stone!


Wang Xin was dumbfounded, staring in one direction with an incredulous expression.

Why is it like this

Everyone in the crowd had similar expressions on their faces.

Even the owners hands faltered and froze in the air as he stared at the jade stone before him in shock.

A jade stone that everyone was certain could not produce any embryo was actually releasing such pure spiritual energy in the end!

“Continue!” When Huang Xiaolong saw that the owner had suddenly stopped moving, he urged him.

The owner was jolted back to his senses and continued opening the jade stone.

As the owner continued, more spiritual energy flowed out, rippling in the air, as if there was an ocean of spiritual energy inside the small jade stone! One could even hear the sounds of waves!

This only happened when spiritual energy reached a certain level.

“This, this, whats going on Why is it like this!” The confident smile on Wang Xins face had completely vanished, and his face was distorted.

At this point, even a noob could tell that there was an embryo inside Huang Xiaolongs jade stone.

On top of that, the grade of the embryo inside Huang Xiaolongs jade stone could be even higher than Wang Xins!

“Senior Brother Wang Xin, his jade stone is not completely open yet.

Its merely some paltry amount of spiritual energy.

Its not necessarily an embryo!” a Dragon Fish Creeds outer disciple said to Wang Xin.

“Thats right, Senior Brother Wang Xin, its not for sure his jade will have an embryo!” another Dragon Fish Creeds outer disciple chimed in.

Right after the outer disciple comforted Wang Xin, someone shouted, “Embryo!”


Wang Xins heart sank as his gaze fell onto the jade stone.

Indeed, rippling rich spiritual energy was flowing out from Huang Xiaolongs jade stone, forming the ethereal outline of an embryo!

But soon, everyone was baffled as this embryo from Huang Xiaolongs jade stone didnt seem to be of very high grade.

Although it hadnt been verified, it was probably a mid-rank xiantian grade embryo.

The owner and the shops experts stepped forward to assess the embryos grade, and reached an unanimous result, the embryo from Huang Xiaolongs jade stone was a mid-rank xiantian grade.

Long Jianfei and Duan Feng were overjoyed when they had felt that the spiritual energy coming from Huang Xiaolongs jade stone was purer than Wang Xins, but their hearts drowned in disappointment at the assessment result, and their faces showed it.

The gloom on Wang Xins face was swept away in an instant by the smile on his face, and he walked towards Huang Xiaolong.

“Excuse me, although your jade stone also has an embryo, the grade is a tad lower than mine.

Therefore, you lose!”

“This time, you have no more excuses, right” Wang Xin reached out his hand and demanded, “Ten billion Tuoshen holy coins!” He also reminded, “Dont forget to say you are an idiot ten thousand times on the spot!”

“Of course, your legs cannot be forgotten!” Wang Xin sneered.

Huang Xiaolongs cold gaze swept over Wang Xin and then returned to the owner, “My jade stone is not done yet.


Everyone was flabbergasted.

No one really understood what Huang Xiaolong was playing at.

Even the owners reaction was a beat slow.

He took a look at Huang Xiaolongs remaining jade stone.

Is this kid saying theres another embryo within this ten percent of jade stone

How, how is that possible

The probability of getting two embryos when opening one jade stone was almost zero.

He had been in business for so many years, and he had been opening stones for tens of thousands of years, but he had come across that situation only once!

There were numerous shops on this jade stone trading street, and countless disciples came here every day to open stones, but in all these years, there had only been four times when a jade stone had contained two embryos!

Wang Xin also reacted and understood Huang Xiaolongs intention, so he signaled the owner smilingly, “You continue then because if you dont shave the jade stone down to the last inch, this person wont give up!”

Wang Xin looked at Huang Xiaolong with malice as he didnt believe that the little remaining jade stone had another embryo.

Others who caught on also shook their heads, thinking that Huang Xiaolong was daydreaming in broad daylight.

Thus, under Wang Xins eyes filled with bloodlust and others disappointed gazes, the owner went to work on the rest of Huang Xiaolongs jade stone.

However, when the owners hand pared off a part of the jade stone just once, vigorous spiritual energy rushed madly out from the jade stone like an angry, uncontrollable flood.

Everyone was dazed for a second, and their expressions changed to one of shock and disbelief.

Wang Xins eyeballs protruded with disbelief, and he was utterly stupefied.

“This, this, no, how could this be Impossible… How is this possible!” Wang Xin denied incoherently under his breath.

A cold sneer curved up Huang Xiaolongs mouth as he ordered the owner, “Continue!”

A shiver ran down the owners body.

He took a deep breath and continued with his work.

One, two, three, and at the fourth move, spiritual energy came roaring out, accompanied by a pleasant sound that rang between heaven and earth.

The entire field could hear it.

At this moment, everyone in the enormous trading field stopped whatever they were doing.

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