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Chapter 2865: If You Can Take One Strike From Me

When Zhou Hong finished, he signaled Junior Brother Chen with a look, and Junior Brother Chen responded.

He walked towards Duan Zheng with his long sword drawn out.

Clearly, he was going to cut off Duan Zhengs hands.

At the same time, Zhou Hong looked at Huang Xiaolong, Duan Feng, and Long Jianfei.

“I gave you the chance to leave, but you chose to stay.

Now get on your knees, and kneel here for a day, and well spare you.

Remember that even if there is one minute or one second less, all of you will have to kneel here for a year!”

“On top of that, you cant move even an inch even if someone spits on your face.

Remember that well.”

Zhou Hong still spoke with the same granted and inviolable tone.

He was so condescending and domineering that it felt as if no one was qualified to question him.

At the same time, Junior Brother Chen raised his sword and slashed down, intending to cut off Duan Zhengs hands.

However, just as his sword went down, Duan Feng blocked it with one finger.

The force from Duan Fengs finger shook the sword off.

Everyone was stupefied.

Zhou Hongs gaze turned icy as it fixed on Duan Feng.

“It seems like you prefer to kneel for a year instead of a day!”

Huang Xiaolong looked at him like he was looking at a monkey performing tricks, and a soft snicker escaped his mouth, “Do you ever feel that youre like a monkey, speaking and acting all on your own to entertain the crowd.”

The surrounding experts nearly choked on their tongues in shock.


Never in their wildest imaginations, Huang Xiaolong would have dared to liken Zhou Hong to a monkey performing to entertain the crowd! This included Zhou Hong himself and the rest of the Ten Swords Creeds disciples.

Zhou Hong suddenly started laughing.

He laughed because a few insignificant ants had provoked fury just like a mighty lions inside him.

He was a younger generation of peerless sword cultivator genius of the Ten Swords Creed, the person chosen by the Ink Sword.

He had already cultivated sword spirit, and he was a disciple greatly treasured by the Ten Swords Creeds upper echelons that they gave him whatever cultivation resources he wanted.

However, today, he was being called a monkey by an ant that had crawled out from some unknown sacred land!

“Monkey” Zhou Hongs eyes were extremely cold, “An ant like you, calls me a monkey”

Everyone felt the violent killing intent seeping out from Zhou Hongs body.

“Who is that kid Thumbs up to him for having the guts to provoke Zhou Hongs ire!”

“In the whole Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave, there arent many people who dare to provoke Zhou Hong, and even many Blue Lotus Creeds inner disciples do not date to offend Zhou Hong!”

“Yes ah, after all, Zhou Hong is the person chosen by the Ink Sword.

Hes also the Ten Swords Creed Patriarchs personal disciple.

Even the Ten Swords Creeds founder dotes on him!”

Words of experts in the crowd buzzed like a swarm of bees.

Huang Xiaolong faced Zhou Hong as if he was oblivious to his thick murderous aura and said, “Calling you a monkey is likeactually putting you on a pedestal.

In my eyes, you cant even compare to an ant.

At most, youre only half of it, not even half of an ant.”

At this moment, everyone was flabbergasted.

Cant even compare to an ant!

This, this disciple, who has crawled out from a god-knows-which sacred land, actually said that Zhou Hong is less than an ant No, less than half an ant!!

Zhou Hongs stiff face showed how dumbfounded he was.

It had never crossed his mind that there would be someone who had the guts to say he was less than half an ant right to his face!

Someone actually dares…

“Punk, who are you to insult and disrespect Senior Brother Zhou Hong!” Junior Brother Chen bellowed, and his sword slashed towards Huang Xiaolong.

“Kneel and accept your death!” Junior Brother Chens strength wasnt weak at peak late-Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm, and the world shook under his sword slash of fury.

However, Huang Xiaolong merely raised a hand, and he clipped and stopped the sword in midair between his fingers.

Everyone was shocked watching Huang Xiaolong simply move his fingers and successfully clip the Ten Swords Creed disciples angry attack.

Some high-level Primal Ancestors felt especially shocked.

At their level, they could see that Huang Xiaolongs cultivation was merely at early Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm, yet he stopped the sword of a Ten Swords Creeds peak late-Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor disciple without any effort at all!

Probably only a few Dragon Fish Creeds inner disciples could do this.

The disciple surnamed Chen was clad in the Ten Swords Creeds inner disciple robe, clearly indicating that he was an inner disciple of the Ten Swords Creed, and that he had both talent and excellent combat prowess.

Zhou Hong had not expected that as well.

Then again, he was merely a little surprised.

He looked at Huang Xiaolong and snorted coldly, “Looks like your talent is not bad.

No wonder youre so arrogant.

However, dont assume that by relying on your little bit of talent, youre number one and invincible because it will only take one slash for me to kill you!”

Junior Brother Chen wanted to pull his sword out of Huang Xiaolongs grip, but he soon realized that no matter how hard he struggled to pull it out, he couldnt, and his face flushed from fury and embarrassment.

“Punk, let go this instant!”

Huang Xiaolong exerted force, and with a finger flick, he sent Junior Brother Chen staggering back and tumbling to the street.

On top of that, his sword disappeared into the air.

“Wave your sword around again, and Ill waste you!” Huang Xiaolongs icy voice rang.

Waste you!

Huang Xiaolongs strong words hammered into everyones heart, startling many of the spectating experts.

“Good, very good!” Zhou Hong once again laughed out in anger.

“You dare to say that you will waste a Ten Swords Creeds disciple! Thats some courage!” He clasped his hands behind him as he approached Huang Xiaolong, “As long as you can withstand one sword strike from me, I will spare your life, but if you fail to do so, all four of you will die very miserably here!”

Sword qi condensed around Zhou Hong, and the overwhelming sword qi that appeared was almost solid, taking various forms and sizes as it circled around him.

Each sword qi was powerful enough to split the sun, shatter the moon, and pulverize the starry space.

“Of course, I will suppress my strength down to early Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm when attacking you.

I dont want someone claiming that Im bullying the weak,” Zhou Hong said coldly.

By the end of his sentence, Zhou Hong pushed his sword qi to the fullest, and it bloomed around him like a peacock fanning its tail feathers on full display, looking gorgeous and brilliant.

The sharp sword qi sent the crowd backing away in a fluster as they were afraid of getting implicated in some way.

“What a terrifying sword qi! A few years back, there was a rumor saying that Zhou Hong had once killed a half-step Dao Venerable.

It looks like its true!” a peak late-Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor exclaimed.

A few years ago, Zhou Hong had fought a half-step Dao Venerable expert.

When news of it had spread, it had caused quite a stir through the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave, mainly because Zhou Hong was still a mid-Eighth Resurrection Primal Ancestor at that time, and having killed a half-step Dao Venerable expert at that strength naturally shocked many.

“It is said that Zhou Hong never fails if he decides to take action.

His sword qi will only disappear after drawing blood.

Even if he suppresses his cultivation down to early Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm, killing that young man wont be an issue.

Forget about the actual attack, that young man will probably fail to even withstand Zhou Hongs sword qi!”

Some high-level Primal Ancestor experts analyzed.

“Among same realm cultivators, there arent many that can withstand Zhou Hongs sword qi!”

“Its a pity that we wont have the chance to see Zhou Hongs sword spirit.

Ive heard that even Dao Venerables have to retreat when the sword spirit appears!”

Various conversations entered Huang Xiaolongs ears.

“Are you ready” Zhou Hong asked Huang Xiaolong provocatively.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “Youd better not suppress your strength.

Come at me at your full strength because this little sword qi cant even scratch an itch for me.”

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