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Chapter 2873: Long Dead Inside

While the numerous sacred lands and creeds disciples were excited and happy because Yu Yue obtained a three-seeded blue lotus, somewhere deep inside the Blue Lotus Pond, Huang Xiaolong looked disappointedly at the blue lotus in his left hand.

The stalk of blue lotus in his hand had four lotus seeds!

There were four shiny, golden lotus seeds brimming with energy!

This is a four-seeded blue lotus!

More accurately speaking, this was the eighth blue lotus he had found since entering the Blue Lotus Pond ten days ago!

“Pity, none of them has seven seeds and above,” Huang Xiaolong shook his head in disappointment.

If the disciples waiting outside knew Huang Xiaolongs thought, they would probably hammer their chests in depression.

Yu Yue finding a stalk of three-seeded blue lotus had sent the numerous forces disciples, waiting outside, in a frenzy of excitement.

Whereas Huang Xiaolong was dejected while holding a four-seeded blue lotus in his hand, with a trace of mild disdain!

Huang Xiaolong put away the four-seeded blue lotus and ventured deeper inside.

In these ten days, apart from getting eight stalks of blue lotus, Huang Xiaolong also found one thousand and one hundred plus blue lotus nectar.

If someone else were to obtain so many blue lotuses, and more than a thousand drops of blue lotus nectar, their hearts would probably stop from overexcitement.

Yet, Huang Xiaolong was clearly dissatisfied.

Because the grades of these eight stalks of blue lotuses werent high, the best of the bunch was only a five-seeded blue lotus.

There were a total of one stalk of five-seeded blue lotus, two stalks of four-seeded blue lotus, and the rest were three-seeded, two-seeded, and one-seeded blue lotuses.

These blue lotus nectar and blue lotuses should be enough for me to advance to the late-Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm.

Huang Xiaolong pondered inwardly.

Whereas for other cultivators, they could raise their cultivation to late-Ninth Primal Ancestor Realm with this amount of resources, or maybe even to perfection half-step Dao Venerable.

But Huang Xiaolong was different.

He had three dao souls, twelve high-order Saint Fates, and three small worlds inside his body.

Therefore, the amount of grand dao energy and spiritual energy he needed for each advancement was simply ginormous.

However, if there was a stalk of blue lotus with seven seeds or more, then it would have been a different game altogether.

With a seven-seeded blue lotus, he would have a good chance of breaking through to Sixth Resurrection Primal Ancestor in one go!

The efficacy of a seven-seeded blue lotus was many times better and higher than a five-seeded blue lotus and below.

According to what he knew, the Mystical Pavilion and Red Fox Dao Venerable had gotten a stalk of seven-seeded blue lotus.

Another five days went by.

“Still a bit lacking.” Five days later, somewhere in the Blue Lotus Pond, Huang Xiaolong seemed depressed looking at the blue lotus in front of him.

The blue lotus in front of him was a six-seeded blue lotus!

A six-seeded blue lotus that had almost condensed the seventh lotus seed…

This was why Huang Xiaolong felt depressed.

Although a six-seeded blue lotus was better than a five-seeded blue lotus, the same could be said between six-seeded and seven-seeded blue lotuses.

Huang Xiaolong put away the six-seeded blue lotus and looked towards the horizon.

If he couldnt find a seven-seeded blue lotus in the next two weeks, he could only turn around and go back.

There were many restrictions in the Blue Lotus Pond area, and people who went inside felt the suppression of these restrictions at all times.

One could only withstand these suppressive powers by consuming grand dao energy and cosmos energy, but the downside was that the consumed grand dao energy and cosmos energy couldnt recover while still inside, regardless of the methods used.

No matter what kind of pills one consumed or techniques one used to recover their depleted energy, they would be unable to recover while still within the Blue Lotus Pond area.

And Huang Xiaolong was no exception to this rule, even with his Huang Long Bloodline.

His grand dao energy and cosmos energy could only support him for another half a month in this Blue Lotus Pond at most.

Half a month later, Huang Xiaolong would have to leave whether he was willing or not.

When half a month had passed since Huang Xiaolong had entered the Blue Lotus Pond, a piece of news shook numerous creeds.

“Young Lady Yu Yue has gotten a second stalk of blue lotus!”

“The second stalk is a four-seeded blue lotus!”

The Blue Lotus Pond area was boiling when the news reached outside.

“For billions of years, only the Mystical Pavilion Master and Red Fox Dao Venerable have ever obtained two blue lotuses at the same time, and now, Young Lady Yu Yue has joined that list!”

“Young Lady Yu Yue is an unparalleled talent… the one and only talent!”

Some sacred lands and creeds male disciples were beyond excited, and many of them were jumping and cheering mindlessly.

The next day after the news spread, Yu Yue exited the Blue Lotus Pond.

Immediately, geniuses from various creeds gathered around her.

“Congratulations, Young Lady Yu Yue, we sincerely admire Young Lady Yu Yues talent!” Yu Zhou smiled brightly at Yu Yue.

He had come out a few days earlier than Yu Yue.

It went without saying that he hadnt found any blue lotus, and his harvest was only two drops of blue lotus nectar.

His luck was quite good.

Blue Lotus Creeds Yang Jia and Tempest Lightning Creeds Xu Xiaofeng, and even the Ten Swords Creeds Blood Sword Chen Dingtian all competed to congratulate Yu Yue.

Yu Yue smiled sweetly.

“Its merely good luck, but thank you for everyones wishes.”

“Luck is important, but talent is just as crucial to be able to find a blue lotus.

Young Lady Yu Yue is able to get two stalks of blue lotus, one three-seeded and one four-seeded, respectively.

It is a testament to Young Lady Yu Yues peerless talent.

The likes of us will never be able to catch up!” Blood Sword Chen Dingtian flattered seamlessly.

Yu Zhou, Yang Jia, and Xu Xiaofeng enthusiastically agreed.

Yu Yues smile deepened as she was quite surprised herself that she was able to find two blue lotuses.

Originally, she hadnt held any hope of finding a second stalk of blue lotus, but she somehow had got a second blue lotus before coming out.

“Young Lady, that person also went inside,” for some reason, Tan Meiqin suddenly said such a sentence to Yu Yue.

“Oh,” Yu Yue knew Tan Meiqin was referring to the young man who had defeated Zhou Hong, but she was baffled for a moment as to why Tan Meiqin would suddenly mention that young man in this situation.

Then, she heard Tan Meiqin continue, “He entered two days after Young Lady, and he still hasnt come out.”

“What! Are you saying that hes been inside for fifteen days!” Yu Yue was genuinely shocked when she heard that.

There were many peak late-Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor experts who couldnt stay inside for fifteen days.

Huang Xiaolong was merely an early Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor.

He is an early Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor.

How can he stay for fifteen days long inside the Blue Lotus Pond!

“I think that brats long-dead inside,” Wang Xing who was standing behind Yu Zhou interjected with an obvious gloating expression on his face.

It was impossible for a Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor to stay for fifteen days inside the Blue Lotus Pond.

Therefore, there could only be one conclusion—Huang Xiaolong was long-dead inside.

In fact, over the years, many Primal Ancestor experts had lost their lives in the Blue Lotus Pond due to the many restrictions.

“That kids got a bargain losing his life inside,” Blood Sword Chen Dingtian snorted coldly.

He seemed absolutely certain that Huang Xiaolong was dead inside.

Right at this time, lights suddenly glimmered from the ponds surface as the Immemorial Ice and Fire Qilin came out together with Duan Feng, Long Jianfei, and Duan Zheng.

Everyone was stunned.

“Long Jianfei!” Wang Xin as well as Blue Lotus Creeds Yang Jia blurted out when they saw Long Jianfei.

“What Long Jianfei!” Yu Zhou and many disciples all turned and fixed their gazes on Long Jianfeis group.

Without a word, the Dragon Fish Creed and Ten Swords Creeds disciples spread out and encircled Long Jianfei and the others.


Half a month later.

The Blue Lotus Pond.

A figure stepped out across space, and who could this be but Huang Xiaolong

As Yu Yue, Yu Zhou, Chen Dingtian, and others had left, most of the disciples had left as well.

Outside the Blue Lotus Pond, there were only a few scattered figures.

“Yu Zhou, Chen Dingtian!” Huang Xiaolong spoke the names with a frosty glint in his eyes.

He had already learned about what had happened on the edge of Blue Lotus Pond half a month ago.

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