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Chapter 2878: Various Forces Conjectures

The Dragon Fish Creed headquarters main hall.

At this moment, many experts were gathered here.

Naturally, the Enforcement Hall Master Zhu Hui was amongst those gathered in the hall.

As a matter of fact, all Dragon Fish Creeds experts holding hall master positions and above were there.

In other words, ninety percent of Dragon Fish Creeds Dao Venerable experts were present!

So many of Dragon Fish Creeds Dao Venerables had gathered in one place for only a handful of times in the past.

Every time it was because of a great event that could have affected the Dragon Fish Creed.

Clad in a long bright crimson dress, exuding an alluring charm from head to toe, was the Dragon Fish Creeds Grand Hall Master, Li Xue.

She stood at the head of the main hall, and her beautiful eyes swept over the people in front of her with a little temperamental coldness.

No one dared to look directly at her.

“Any progress in investigating that young mans identity” Li Xues cherry lips moved, and her question cut across the heavy atmosphere in the hall.

“No, at the moment, we only know that he and Chen Xis disciple, Long Jianfei, has a master-subordinate relationship.

Long Jianfei is his subordinate, and there is another subordinate named Duan Feng, a Divination Creeds inner disciple.

Both address that young man as His Highness.” the Foreign Affairs Hall Master Wang Quyang quickly answered what he knew.

Li Xues icy gaze shifted to Zhu Hui, “Zhu Hui, since your personal disciples body got destroyed, dont you have anything to explain to everyone here”

After hearing Li Xues obviously displeased cold voice, Zhu Huis heart tightened nervously, and he lowered his head as he explained in a hurry, “This person is arrogant and presumptuous.

A few years ago, at the Blue Lotus Creeds trading market, that person humiliated my named disciple Wang Xin in public by disrobing him and forcing him to say hes an idiot a hundred times.

He disregarded the Dragon Fish Creed, challenged our Dragon Fish Creeds prestige, and provoked the might of Dragon Fish Creed, so I tasked my disciple Yu Zhou to kill this person.

No one expected this person to be so strong, and Yu Zhou was implicated instead!”

Zhu Hui showed a pained expression as he went on, “Yu Zhou is half a son to me.

Therefore, I beg Grand Hall Master to issue the order for this brazen criminals capture to be killed.

My disciple and Li Qi need to be avenged!”

Li Qi was the Dragon Fish Creeds half-step Dao Venerable, whom Huang Xiaolong killed in the end.

“I implore Grand Hall Master Li Xue to give the order, and offer a bounty for this criminals capture, to avenge my disciple!”

The Enforcement Vice Hall Master Gu Wen stepped out at this time and implored with a grievous face.

Li Qi was one of Gu Wens personal disciples.

“Revenge” Li Xue scoffed sarcastically, and went on looking at Zhu Huispained face, “Zhu Hui, according to my investigation, the incident at the Blue Lotus Creeds trading market stemmed from the bet your named disciple Wang Xin and that man made.

The losing side had to strip and shout “hes an idiot” a hundred times, and you, as your disciples master, actually issued an order to capture and kill that person and Chen Xis disciple Long Jianfei, including that Divination Creeds inner disciple Duan Feng!”

Zhu Hui wanted to deny this claim.

“Enough, you dont need to explain.

When the Lord Patriarch comes out, you can explain to the Lord Patriarch himself,” Li Xue stated coldly.

Zhu Huis face looked worse than before.

Ordering his disciple Yu Zhou to capture Huang Xiaolongs group of three was initially a small matter, but whod have thought that the matter would turned into a slap in his face, and the whole world would know about.

Not only did all the top-tier creeds in the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave knew about it, but the matter had even reached Li Xues ears!

Now, he couldnt press the matter down even if he wanted to.

The Enforcement Vice Hall Master Gu Wen took another step forward, wanting to struggle a little more, but he was stopped by Li Xues impatient wave of hand, “Go back first, well talk about your disciples matter later.”

Gu Wen did not dare to insist on the matter and retreated to the side.

“What is everyones opinion about the young man” Li Xue asked, looking at the other hall masters, vice hall masters, and Eminent Elders present.

Covert glances were exchanged in silence.

“Grand Hall Master, that young man, does he really possess absolute frost power and absolute blaze power Thats simply incredible!” The Foreign Affairs Hall Master Wang Quyang was the first to speak of the subject, “Could those disciples have seen wrongly”

“I too feel that this is not possible.

Not even our Patriarch can wield absolute frost and absolute blaze power, much less that young man, who is a mere Primal Ancestor Realm junior.

How could he have comprehended two kinds of absolute powers” The Foreign Affairs Vice Hall Master Chen Yu spoke up.

“I also think its impossible,” another vice hall master chimed in, shaking his head, and he said, “For so many years in the Divine Tuo Holy World, there has never been anyone who is able to wield two kinds of absolute power.”

The hall immediately became noisy.

But almost everyone adamantly believed that Huang Xiaolong could not possibly wield the power of absolute frost and absolute blaze as they decided that those Dragon Fish Creeds disciples were mistaken, more or less.

According to them, what Huang Xiaolong had shown had to be something closely resembling absolute frost power and absolute blaze power.

Li Xues willowy brows wrinkled.

Honestly, she too doesnt believe that young man could wield two kinds of absolute power, but, why then, the disciples present at that time claimed that it was absolute frost and absolute blaze power

“Then again, even if the power he has is not the absolute frost and absolute blaze, his combat prowess is frightening.

Even when His Highness Huang Shuais cultivation was at the Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm, he couldnt defeat Yu Zhou, Chen Dingtian, and eight half-step Dao Venerables!”

The Foreign Affairs Hall Master Wang Quyang spoke in a solemn voice, “According to the disciples present at that time, Chen Dingtian and Yu Zhou were powerless to resist in front of that young man.

He destroyed Chen Dingtian and Yu Zhous dao physiques merely with one punch and one strike!” Wang Quyang hesitated briefly before his next sentence, “Do you all think that he might have eleven high-order Saint Fates!”

Gasps and sounds of inhaling sounded the instant Wang Quyang voiced his question.

“E-eleven high-order Saint Fates!” Zhu Hui blurted without a thought, “That is impossible!

But his voice faltered a little at the end.

“My opinion is the same, how could that kid have eleven high-order Saint Fates.” Another Dao Venerable Realm Eminent Elder said, shaking his head, “His Highness Huang Shuai is the Son of Creation.

Therefore, he naturally stands at the pinnacle in this world.

There cannot be anyone that can surpass His Highness Huang Shuai.”

“Thats right! Even His Highness Huang Shuai only has ten high-order Saint Fates.

It is absolutely impossible for any existence to have eleven high-order Saint Fates in this world!”

“I think his high combat strength is mainly due to his dao soul and bloodline.”

Dragon Fish Creeds Dao Venerables discussed the possible reasons, one after another.


Silver Shadow Heavenly Cave.

Inside the Silver Shadow Creed, a slender figure clad in silver brocade robe looked at the communication talisman in her left hand.

On her indescribably beautiful face was obvious astonishment and disbelief.

“An early Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor destroyed the dao body of Dragon Fish Creeds Yu Zhou and Ten Swords Creeds Chen Dingtian” She muttered dazedly, “How is that possible!”

“Young Lady, this news is a hundred and ten percent true, and it has already spread through the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave and its neighboring places.

Now, all the creed forces are looking for that person.

It is said that he used the power of absolute frost and absolute blaze to destroy Yu Zhou and Chen Dingtians grand dao physique!” A pretty female disciple beside her said, “Also, many people are saying that this person might have eleven high-order Saint Fates!”

The pretty female disciple stole a furtive look at the young lady.

Her young lady had once sworn that she would be a dao companion to the person with eleven high-order Saint Fates.

Initially, everyone was certain that such a person did not exist, but now, someone that was suspected to have eleven high-order Saint Fates has appeared.

Wouldnt it mean that her young lady would have to…!

“Go prepare, were going to the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave!” The slender figure clad in a silver brocade robe suddenly turned around and ordered.

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