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Chapter 2883: Slightly Stronger than an Ant!


The stream of energy that emerged from Huang Xiaolongs finger slammed into the river of sword qi.

The heavens shook as the earth trembled, and everyone couldnt help but feel their jaws dropping in shock.

Like a pillar that pierced through the skies, the beam of energy that shot out from Huang Xiaolongs finger tore through the entire river of sword qi.

Like frantic beasts whose home was invaded, the sword qi smashed against the pillar of light in a futile attempt to shatter it.

No matter how they smashed into the pillar of energy, they failed to cause a single scratch.

Like a godly barrier that formed a world of its own, the single strand of energy stopped the blood river that stretched out beyond the horizon.

The sword qi that were deflected, flew in all directions and caused the surrounding mountain ranges to shatter and crumble.

The blood river seemed to reach the end of its lifespan, and it slowly started to dissipate.

“What was that! Yong Luoshengs sword qi is too damn terrifying! Even peak level First Esteem Dao Venerables might not be able to receive a single strike from him!”

“As the leader of the ten swords, Yong Luosheng is naturally stronger than the rest! The sword qi he sent out caused the winds to change direction!”

“Who would have thought that the brat could stop the attack It seems like his achievements in the past werent exaggerated…”

“Humph, the only reason he managed to do it was because Yong Luosheng didnt use the Dragon Sword when unleashing the strike! So what if he managed to stop the blood river When Yong Luosheng shows up, hes going to cry for his father!”

Experts who witnessed the scene started discussing among themselves.

By the time the blood river dissipated, the disciples of the Blue Lotus Creed, Tempest Lightning Creed, and the Dragon Fish Creed arrived.

They were flabbergasted when they saw what had happened.

Like the others, they were shocked that Yong Luosheng possessed an astounding level of strength.

Of course, they were equally as shocked that Huang Xiaolong could stop the strike!

“It seems like he wont be taken down the moment Yong Luosheng appears.

Heh, he might be able to hold out for several strikes!” Xu Xiao of the Tempest Lightning Creed snorted.

One of the disciples from the Dragon Fish Creed sneered, “Theres no way Yong Luosheng used his dao souls previously.

The only thing he used was his comprehension of the sword.

We cant judge the brat off such a simple strike.”

The disciple who spoke was one of the personal disciples of a vice hall master in the Dragon Fish Creed.

He was called Han Tong, and he was a half-step Dao Venerable.

He could be said to be one of the more famous disciples in the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave.

Yang Jia of the Blue Lotus Creed shook his head, “Hahaha Brother Han Tong is right.

Yong Luosheng didnt even use a tenth of his power in the previous strike!”

In the distance, two figures stopped in the middle of the air when they felt the energy fluctuations in front of them.

“Young Lady, are they… Are they fighting!” Li Nan exclaimed.

Yin Yue couldnt help but reveal an anxious expression as she hurried, “We have to head over immediately!”

Upon increasing their speed once again, they charged over to the Dragon Emperor Continent.

In another location, Yu Yues face changed when she felt the sword qi in the air.

“Young Lady, thats Yong Luoshengs sword qi!” Tan Meiqin gasped in shock.

Yu Yues pupils shrunk, and she sighed to herself, “It seems like theyve started…”

“I wonder what happened… That guy should be able to hold out against Yong Luoshengs probe, right” Tan Meiqin wondered.

“Lets hope he can hold his own until we arrive.” Yu Yue didnt dare to make any assumptions.

With their speed, they needed the time it took to brew a pot of tea before they could arrive in the Dragon Emperor Continent.

“Lets go!”

Pushing the fire phoenix under her to the limit, she rushed towards the scene of the battle.

As for Feng Yue, the final moon of the Divine Tuo Holy World, she rode on her chariot, and she charged towards Huang Xiaolong the moment she felt the exchange.

“Why the hell did he move so quickly It seems like Yong Luosheng is planning to deal with the brat before I arrive!” The Lightning Tiger Prince frowned.

“His junior brothers were killed by the brat.

Its no wonder hes planning to kill the kid as soon as possible.” one of the disciples of the Xuanyuan Creed reported respectfully.

“He should know that the moment Your Highness arrives, he will no longer be able to snatch the kill from you!”

Nodding his head, the Lightning Tiger Prince growled, “Push the Xuanyuan Grand Formation to the limit.

Were advancing at full speed!”

The disciple stammered in response, “Full… Full speed Opening the formation to the limit”

If they were to push the formation to the limit, the consumption of grand dao spirit stones would be insane.

“Your Highness, why dont we…”

“Open it!” A light flashed through the Lightning Tiger Princes eyes, and he roared at the others behind him.

“Yes, Your Highness!” The disciple could only do as he was told.

In an instant, the Xuanyuan Chariot turned into a streak of light as its speed increased by ten times.

Seeing as the blood river was shattered, Yong Luoshengs figure appeared in mid-air.

The disciples of the Ten Swords Creed stood behind him, and Yong Luosheng glared at Huang Xiaolong who was seated comfortably on his Qilin Chariot.

“Heh, youre not too bad.

You managed to take on a tenth of my sword intent.

If you crawl over here and beg for death, Ill grant you your wish.

Are you going to force me to drag you down from your chariot”

The sense of irritation in his heart grew stronger when he saw the nonchalant look on Huang Xiaolongs face.

The experts in the surroundings couldnt help but break out into a clamor when they heard what Yong Luosheng said.

“One-tenth! How can a tenth of his sword intent be so scary!”

“I told you… If Yong Luosheng makes his move, that brat will be deader than dead.”

“Lets keep watching! Hahaha, that brat will definitely crawl out from his chariot like the loser he is!”

Huang Xiaolong stared at Yong Luosheng from the chariot, and he sighed.

“A tenth of your sword intent Even if you force yourself to unleash the full might of your sword intent and more, youre nothing more than causing a slightly stronger breeze.

In my eyes, youre nothing more than a slightly stronger ant!”


Everyone widened their eyes in shock when they heard what Huang Xiaolong said.

“What the f*ck did he just say!”

“Brat, are you crazy How dare you say that my senior brother is stronger than an ant”

“Hurry up and beg for death!”

The disciples of the Ten Swords Creed pointed at Huang Xiaolong and started hurling abuses in response.

Yong Luosheng raised his hand slowly and stopped them.

He glared at Huang Xiaolong while revealing a sinister smile.

“If Im slightly stronger than an ant, what the hell are you Prepare to receive my all-out attack!”

Sword qi started pouring out from his body the moment the words left his lips.

As though a trillion swords were awakened in his body, a pillar of sword qi that threatened to tear the heavens apart shot into the skies.

Terrifying waves of sword qi filled the lands, and they howled in anger as though in response to Huang Xiaolongs challenge.


Without any hesitation, a massive sea of sword qi shot towards Huang Xiaolong.

Previously, he had managed to summon a river of sword qi.

Right now, an uncountable number of sword qi filled the skies and pierced towards Huang Xiaolong.

The faces of everyone in the surrounding changed.

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