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Chapter 2885: Xuanyuan Potian

When everyone saw the figure sitting on the phoenix, they couldnt help but feel their jaws dropping in amazement.

Even Yong Luosheng couldnt help but stare at her.

All of a sudden, another chariot appeared on the horizon.

As it thundered towards those present, everyone could see several dozen Dao Venerables standing beside it.

A beauty who didnt lose in terms of looks could be seen sitting on the chariot.

“Young… Young Lady Feng Yue!”

The crowd started to quake.

Two of the three moons of the Divine Tuo Holy World, Feng Yue, and Yu Yue, were both present!

“Young Lady Yin Yue! Young Lady Yin Yue has arrived!” Someone screamed, and everyone turned to look at two streaks of light shooting towards them.

One of them was silver in color, and even though it was extremely far, they could tell that a beauty was contained within the pretty lights.

As the streak of light got closer and closer, her peerless appearance was shown to the world.

The third moon of the Divine Tuo Holy World!

Yu Yue, Feng Yue, and Yin Yue were all present!

As the crowd started to get riled up, Yong Luosheng, Yang Jia, and the others were especially unable to keep their excitement under control.

The three moons were the greatest beauties in the Divine Tuo Holy World, and they had the titleYue in their name to signify the moon.

They had never been seen together, and it was the first time all three of them were present!

Just as the three of them made their appearance, a thunderous roar brought everyone back to reality as a chariot tore through the space to make its way over to them.

As soon as the appearance of the chariot became clear, a look of reverence appeared on the faces of everyone present.

“Xuanyuan Chariot!”

“His Highness, the Lightning Tiger Prince, has arrived!”

The Xuanyuan Creed was a superpower on the level of the Dragon Fish Creed and the Divination Creed.

They represented the greatest powers in the Divine Tuo Holy World, and as the greatest talent in the Xuanyuan Creed, the Lightning Tiger Prince was one of the peak geniuses the world had to offer.

The faces of the ladies changed slightly when they noticed his arrival.

There was one dragon, two tigers, and three moons in the Divine Tuo Holy World.

They all had ten high-order Saint Fates, but their talent could be split into different levels.

A common agreement was that the talent of the Son of Creation, Huang Shuai, was the best among the rest!

That was something no one dared to challenge.

After all, the power of the Huang Long Bloodline was too great!

The two tigers of the Divine Tuo Holy World came after Huang Shuai.

The Blue Tiger of the Divination Ancestor Creed and the Lightning Tiger of the Xuanyuan Creed had talent only second to Huang Shuai.

Finally came the three moons of the Divine Tuo Holy World.

The Lightning Tiger Prince was ranked higher than all three of them, and that was the reason behind their slight change in expression.

It didnt take long for the Xuanyuan Chariot to appear in front of those present.

They saw the massive figure of the Lightning Tiger Prince, and his aura suffocated those present.

A sense of dread rose in everyones hearts.

As experts started to make their way over to show their respects, even people like Yang Jia, Xu Xiaofeng, and Han Tong didnt dare to tarry.

Yang Jia might have been the personal disciple of the Blue Lotus Dao Venerable and held extraordinary status in the Divine Tuo Holy World, but it was still lacking when he compared himself to the Lightning Tiger Prince.

As for Xu Xiaofeng and the others, there was no need to speak of them.

He was just one of the disciples of an ancestor in the Tempest Lightning Creed, Han Tongs master was just a vice hall master of the outer branch of the Dragon Fish Creed and their status were a far cry from Yang Jia, much less the Lightning Tiger Prince.

Practically everyone who were watching the battle went forward to welcome the Xuanyuan Chariot.

Of course, there were those who didnt head over.

As they were merely disciples of some random clans or families, they knew that their statuses werent great enough for them to speak to the Lightning Tiger Prince and they could only watch on from the side with a face full of reverence.

The Lightning Tiger Prince became the center of attention the moment he appeared.

The battle between Huang Xiaolong and Yong Luosheng was thrown to the back of their minds.

Nodding his head slightly towards Yang Jia and the others, the Lightning Tiger Prince turned his attention to the three moons of the Divine Tuo Holy World, and he started to make his way over.

Xuanyuan Potian took large strides as the aura of a king was exuded from his body.

“Its a rare occasion for Lady Feng Yue, Lady Yu Yue, and Lady Yin Yue to gather together…” Xuanyuan Potian chuckled slightly and he greeted the three of them at once.

Of course, everyone noticed that the first person he spoke to was Feng Yue.

In the Divine Tuo Holy World, it was no secret that the Lightning Tiger Prince liked Lady Feng Yue.

Yu Yue and Yin Yue didnt dare to show any disrespect as they returned his greeting, “Greetings to Young Master Potian.”

As for Feng Yue, she merely nodded her head.

Xuanyuan Potian had a weird habit, and he only liked it when people called him the Lightning Tiger Prince.

The last time someone had called his name, he had beaten them half to death.

However, the smile remained on his face when Yu Yue and Yin Yue called him by name.

Of course, no one could actually get angry at any one of the three moons of the Divine Tuo Holy World.

Turning to look at Yong Luosheng, Yin Yue was the first to break the silence.

“Young Master Yong Luosheng, I know that you formed some grudges with the young man over there.

However, I hope you can show some restraint on your part and stop right here.

I am willing to compensate you for the matter with your junior brothers.”

The gazes of everyone finally returned to Huang Xiaolong and Yong Luosheng.

A frown formed on Yong Luoshengs face when he heard how she was pleading for mercy on his behalf.

“Young Lady Yin Yue, Im not trying to go against you here.

However, my Ten Swords Creed has ordered me to capture him.”

“Even if I let him off now, His Highness the Lightning Tiger Prince will never let this brat off!”

The three ladies were stunned for a second and Yin Yue turned to look at Xuanyuan Potian.

Xuanyuan Potian narrowed his eyes when he looked at Huang Xiaolong and sneered, “Brat, Im sure you managed to obtain a ton of blue lotus nectar when you entered the Blue Lotus Pond previously.

Hand them all over and submit to me! I shall ensure that you live through this!”

When Chen Dingtian and the others had tried to kill Long Jianfei and the others, Huang Xiaolong had saved them with five drops of blue lotus nectar.

After the disciples of the Dragon Fish Creed had gone back and told the others of the news, everyone had realized that Huang Xiaolong should have quite a lot of it left.

Everyone who came to watch the battle definitely had their minds on the blue lotus nectar.

After all, a single drop was worth a hundred thousand Tuoshen dao coins.

That was a fortune high-level cultivators couldnt get even after a lifetime of accumulation!

Yong Luosheng frowned when he heard what Xuanyuan Potian said.

Xuanyuan Potian was actually planning on taking the brat in as his subordinate!

Werent the rumors going about that he was there to kill the kid! Did the Xuanyuan Dao Venerable give a different order!

Yong Luoshengs guess wasnt too far off from the truth.

Xuanyuan Potian had received an order from his father requesting for him to bring Huang Xiaolong over to their side!

Feng Yue and Yu Yue were about to speak, but they were interrupted by Huang Xiaolong, “I have more than two thousand drops left.

However, neither you nor your father has the right to command me.”

“What! Two thousand drops!”

Everyone turned to stare at each other, unable to believe what they just heard.

Yong Luosheng and the others felt a trace of greed flash in their hearts, and the hidden First Esteem Dao Venerable had sinister thoughts flashing through his mind the moment he spoke.

Even the three moons of the Divine Tuo Holy World were shocked at his revelation.

The Blue Lotus Pond had appeared many times in the past, but no one had ever obtained such a huge amount of blue lotus Nectar! Even the Red Fox Dao Venerable and the Clandestine Pavilion Master had only managed to obtain a hundred drops!

How could the youngster before them obtain more than two thousand drops!

Xuanyuan Potians laughter rang through the skies all of a sudden, “Two thousand drops! Hahaha! Neither I nor my father have the authority to command you!”

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