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Chapter 292: Our Young Lord Wants to See You!

Six hundred million!

Hearing this figure made the hearts of many experts in the auction hall jump… The starting bid price was horrifying enough, they didn’t expect there would be someone who would increase the price by a hundred million at the first go!

“This sounds like Young Noble Zhao Chen’s voice!”

“Sin City’s Young Noble Zhao Chen” The auction hall boiled up with whispers.

Because Zhao Chen did not disguise his voice in any way, the people in the auction hall guessed the owner of the voice almost immediately.

Zhao Chen Huang Xiaolong frowned, he didn’t expect this Zhao Chen would be interested in this batch of grade one spirit stones.

The other experts that were interested in this batch of grade one spirit stones hesitated hearing Zhao Chen’s voice, the majority of people had misgivings about Zhao Chen’s identity.

“Private room number nine offered six hundred million, is there anyone else with a higher offer” Seconds later, Auctioneer Fang Dong surveyed the crowd and asked.

“Seven hundred million.” When everyone thought there wouldn’t be anyone increasing the bid, a sonorous voice sounded from private room number twelve, raising another commotion in the auction hall.

“Seven hundred million! I wonder who this person is, daring to challenge Young Noble Zhao Chen!”

Many suspected that this person might be Millennium City’s Senior He Yunxiong.

Knowing full well that it was Zhao Chen, there were only a handful of people who still dared to bid.

Undoubtedly, that person must be one of ten strongest experts in the Bedlam Lands, Senior He Yunxiong.

Inside private room nine, a tiny crease appeared on Zhao Chen’s brows, others perhaps couldn’t recognize He Yunxiong’s voice, but he could.

Years ago, He Yunxiong once visited the Sin Palace.

At the same time, the silver-haired old man standing on the left side behind Zhao Chen approached, saying, “Young Lord, since it is Senior He, do we…”

Zhao Chen snorted dismissively, “Senior He So what, are we afraid of him”

Hearing this, the silver-haired old man dared not persuade further and retreated to his position.

“Eight hundred million!” Zhao Chen waved his hand and ruthlessly increased another hundred million.

Eight hundred million! His voice echoed like the crashing waves, hitting the auction hall below.

“Nine hundred million.” The moment Zhao Chen’s voice sounded, He Yunxiong’s voice followed.

“One billion!”

“One billion one hundred!”

The rest of the auction hall was quiet, only Zhao Chen and He Yunxiong’s voices reverberated.

The experts below shuddered every time Zhao Chen and He Yunxiong called out.

One billion one hundred! What kind of concept was that One billion one hundred gold coins pooled together was probably higher than a hundred zhang tall mountain.

In fact, that many gold coins were enough to reclaim a river.

Listening to Zhao Chen and He Yunxiong’s price war, even Huang Xiaolong was shaking his head inside.

He could afford the price of one billion one hundred, but He Yunxiong being interested in this batch of grade one spirit stones was something Huang Xiaolong didn’t expect.

Thus, he could only give up, it was unnecessary to form a conflict with He Yunxiong for these spirit stones.

Moreover, he wasn’t in any rush to have these grade one spirit stones.

Huang Xiaolong looked around and once again his sight fell on Yao Fei’s silhouette.

From Huang Xiaolong’s seat, he has a clear view of Yao Fei profile, watching Yao Fei sitting there unmoving in a pensive manner.

After the Life Soul Grass, like Huang Xiaolong, Yao Fei didn’t bid for anything else.

In the end, the batch of grade one spirit stones was bought by He Yunxiong with two billion two hundred.

Inside private room nine, Zhao Chen’s eyes turned a chilling cold.

The next auction item was a large blade, a large blade that was broken by an unknown entity.

The remaining body of the broken large blade was filled with dense ancient language writings and diagrams.

“This large broken sword was determined to be an ancient relic after it was inspected by our expert.” Auctioneer Fang Dong explained.

“Although we cannot determine what materials this large blade is made from, it cuts through steel as if it were mud.

Furthermore, engraved on the body of the large blade is an ancient sword skill.

It may be incomplete, but our expert has confirmed it to be at least a Heaven rank battle skill.”

A Heaven rank or above sword skill! Regardless of it being an incomplete one, it was enough to stir the interest of many experts in the auction hall.

Huang Xiaolong directed his spiritual sense, wrapping around the broken large blade.

Finding nothing special about it, he lost interest immediately.

A Heaven rank sword skill was tempting, too bad it was incomplete, not to mention he wasn’t lacking in battle skills.

This large broken sword was bought by the guest in private room two.

“Next up is the Great Thousand Technique and Peerless Wind Breaking Finger.” Auctioneer Fang Dong’s voice resounded once again.

Great Thousand Technique!

Peerless Wind Breaking Finger!

The whole auction hall erupted with excitement.

Most of the people present at the auction this time had set their sights on these two items.

“Both Great Thousand Technique and Peerless Wind Breaking Finger are Heaven rank skills,” Auctioneer Fang Dong continued, “I’m sure everyone is aware of what a Heaven rank cultivation technique or battle skill is, thus I shall not waste any more time.”

“According to the owner’s requirements, both Great Thousand Technique and Peerless Wind Breaking Finger will be auctioned together, and their bidding price starts at twenty billion.”

Twenty billion! The noisy auction hall fell into a dead silence that they could hear their own heartbeats drumming in their ears.

Twenty billion! Some experts almost stopped breathing on the spot, they already knew the Great Thousand Technique and Peerless Wind Breaking Finger would fetch an exorbitant price, but twenty billion was too horrifying.

Who even had the capability to take out twenty billion in one go In the Bedlam Lands, only a scarce number of people had that background.

Yao Fei’s brows scrunched together tightly, more than twenty billion wasn’t much for his Yao Family, but the gold coins he currently had on him would barely suffice.

“Twenty billion and one hundred!” Zhao Chen’s voice rang out in the silent hall.

After Zhao Chen, He Yunxiong’s voice trailed behind, just like the scene earlier, when both were fighting for the batch of grade one spirit stones, Zhao Chen and He Yunxiong’s voices called out one after another.

Huang Xiaolong sat calmly, watching things unfold.

To him, it was inconsequential whether it was Zhao Chen or He Yunxiong who got the Great Thousand Technique and the Peerless Wind Breaking Finger.

In the end, both Heaven rank cultivation technique and battle skill were bought by Zhao Chen for thirty billion.

The next item was the Herculean King Jade, also the final item the auction, and this piece of ancient Herculean King Jade was bought by He Yunxiong for a steep price slightly over thirty billion.

With that, the auction ended.

This time, although Huang Xiaolong failed to get any grade one spirit stones, he didn’t leave empty handed, with three stalks of Life Soul Grass over one thousand years old.

Huang Xiaolong led Qin Yang, Lifei, Jie Dong, and Fan Encheng out from the auction hall.

When Yao Fei spotted him, his figure flickered, blocking right in front of Huang Xiaolong, “Huang Xiaolong, hehe, you never thought you would run into me here, right” As he said that, a dark energy fluctuated around Yao Fei.

“What, you want to fight here” Huang Xiaolong faced the other side, an unconcerned expression on his face.

Fights and killings were the norm in the Bedlam Lands, but even so, it was forbidden to fight within the ten main cities.

Not even a Saint realm expert would dare to break this rule, fighting inside the city.

Yao Fei glared icily at Huang Xiaolong, “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything inside this City of Myriad Gods.

Hopefully, you can hide here forever and never take half a step outside the city.” Yao Fei disappeared amongst the crowd with a sway after throwing the sentence to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong stared at Yao Fei’s silhouette, a cold sneer appeared on his face as he turned around to leave.

However, when Huang Xiaolong turned, two young men came towards him.

Huang Xiaolong recognized them at first glance, these two young men were part of Zhao Chen’s guards.

The two young men stopped in front of Huang Xiaolong, obstructing his path.

“Little rascal, our Young Lord wants to meet you, come with us for a little trip.” Halting Huang Xiaolong’s steps, one of them stated with a disparaging tone as he grinned widely.


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