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Chapter 2922: Entry of the Demons from the Outer World

The golden dragon that spanned across the entire sealed space shrunk to the size of several feet after one year of refinement!

As it continued to shrink, it soon became the size of a human.

After turning into a streak of light, it fused with Huang Xiaolongs body.

A tiny golden dragon appeared on Huang Xiaolongs skin, and it seemed to have been tattooed on him.

The only difference between the tiny golden dragon and a tattoo was that it seemed to be alive.

The head of the dragon could be seen on Huang Xiaolongs chest, and the tail formed on his back.

The golden dragon formed a nice semi-circle around his body.

When Huang Xiaolong slowly opened his eyes, he could hardly contain his excitement to realize that the armor had already fused with him.

He knew that there were three levels to the armor, and the golden dragon tattoo around him was the first level of defense.

As the first level of defense, the tattoo of the golden dragon was the weakest of the three.

Despite that, when Huang Xiaolong used it together with his physical defense, the number of people who could hurt him could probably be counted on one hand.

Huang Xiaolongs dao soul retreated to the space within the Huang Long Armor after he had refined the spirit, and he saw a small world contained within the space of the armor.

When his dao soul entered the small world, he noticed ten suns blazing in the skies.

There were ten of them!

All ten suns contained the power of grand dao, and heavenly dragons surrounded them as they unleashed roar after roar.

The ten suns seemed to contain the power of the entire Huang Long World in them as they hovered in the skies.

When Huang Xiaolong saw the ten suns and felt the terrifying power contained in them, he felt a sense of excitement bubbling in his heart.

Words couldnt describe his feelings when he saw the ten suns.

Each one of them was a drop of Huang Longs blood essence!

The drop of blood essence was several thousand times larger than the drop of blood essence he obtained after refining the dragon scale in the past!

If he refined all ten drops, he would definitely be able to enter the Dao Venerable Realm.

No… He might even be able to go a little further!

In the past, he had entered the Third Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm after refining the tiny drop of blood essence left behind within the dragon scale.

As he looked at the massive blood essence that formed a tiny sun in the mini world inside the Huang Long Armor, Huang Xiaolong was at a loss for words.

At the very most, Huang Xiaolong estimated that he would only need to refine twosuns to enter the Dao Venerable Realm!

Sucking in a cold breath, Huang Xiaolong decided to emerge from the tiny world to calm himself down.

When he emerged, he suppressed the joy and excitement in his heart before retrieving a single drop of blood essence.

The instant it appeared above him, blinding rays of light emerged and illuminated the entire sealed space.

Circulating his Grandmist Parasitic Medium instantly, Huang Xiaolong started to refine the enormous drop of blood essence.

When streams of cosmos energy started entering Huang Xiaolongs body, he felt as though his entire body was burning up.

His dao souls, high-order Saint Fates, dao heart, and his tiny worlds felt as though they were on fire.

Beams of golden light emerged from them as all of them seemed to burst into flames.

Instead of feeling intense pain, Huang Xiaolong felt a wave of comfort wash over him.

It was a feeling he had never felt in his life, and he felt as though he was floating on clouds.

He broke free of the restraints of the world, and he seemed to be drifting in the laws governing the Huang Long World.

Time flowed on, and Huang Xiaolongs cultivation realm started to rise once again.

While he absorbed the energy contained in Huang Longs blood essence, a massive explosion rang out in the space outside the Dragon Fish Creed.

The entire region started to shake.

A terrifying gale swept through the lands, and the disturbance affected Li Xue and the other members of the creed.

“Whats going on!”

Everyone turned to look at the source of the blast, and they were shocked to discover that there was a massive hole in the protective formation around the Dragon Fish Creed.

Black demonic qi poured in from the space outside the barrier, and the demonic qi was different from anything they had ever felt.

There were traces of crimson swimming among the black qi, and everyone seemed to be repulsed by the presence of the black qi.

The faces of everyone changed when they noticed the black qi.

“Demons! Demons from the Outer World!”

“The Demons from the Outer World are here! Disciples of the Dragon Fish Creed, gather right now to defend against the beasts!”

The roars of several experts filled the entire region, and the hall masters took on their positions immediately.

Several dozen Dao Venerables appeared to gather the experts around them.

The sacred lands populating the Dragon Fish Creed started to light up as streams of light soared into the skies.

“Attack! Kill the intruders and seal up the hole! We cannot allow the demons to affect His Highness!” Li Xues voice boomed across the air.

She reacted instantaneously as she quickly guessed the reason behind their invasion.

Huang Shuai had barely crossed the tribulation, and he was currently refining the leftover energy after the tribulation.

If the demons of the Outer World disrupted his cultivation, he would suffer from an extremely serious backlash!

The various hall masters didnt hesitate in the slightest as they threw themselves into battle.

With the combined might of so many Dao Venerables, miserable cries could be heard coming from the invaders.

The power to shatter worlds smashed into the demons, and billions upon billions of them were killed.

However, there were just too many demons.

In the blink of an eye, a whole new group appeared and swarmed through the hole.

The number of demons the Dao Venerables killed was nothing more than a tiny fraction of those present.

Another hole was blasted through the Dragon Fish Creed all of a sudden, and another group of demons started to rush through the break-in defenses.

The expressions of those from the Dragon Fish Creed fell instantly.

The peak-level Dao Venerables from the Outer World had made their move.

There was no other explanation for another hole to be blown through the defensive barrier otherwise.

There might even be more than one of them!


Several dozen black figures rushed into the Dragon Fish Creed before anyone could react, and the arua they released could suppress Hu Yifeng and the others.

“Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables!”

A total of fifteen of them came!

As soon as they entered, they ignored Li Xue and the others as they rushed towards the core of the Dragon Fish Creed.

It was clear that their target was Huang Shuai and Huang Shuai alone!

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