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Chapter 2929: Hes My Godbrother!

A group of ladies stood in the crowd, and one of them had facial features comparable to a goddess.

She looked cold, but she exuded an authoritative air.

It was clear her position in the Divine Tuo Holy World wasnt low.

In fact, she was the daughter of the Red Fox Dao Venerable, Hu Xiaoqian.

Her talent might not be comparable to Yin Yue, Feng Yue, and Yu Yue, but her reputation was comparable to either of them.

She cultivated for a longer time than the three of them, and she was already at the Fourth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm.

Despite that, she was stronger than Zhou Xingyu from the Lifeless Creed.

One of the female disciples beside Hu Xiaoqian whispered in her ear, “Young Lady, Huang Xiaolong is probably trying to draw more attention to himself.

Hes just a weakling who doesnt dare to accept Zhou Xingyus challenge.

No matter how talented he is, he wouldnt be able to pull off what he did in the Monarch Yu Sacred Land.

There has to be some expert helping him in the dark!”

“I think so too…” An old lady behind Hu Xiaoqian spoke up all of a sudden.

“Huang Xiaolongs aura is completely hidden, and his cultivation realm cannot be felt by any of us.

He is probably hiding whatever little strength he has, and the stories of his Saint Fates and dao souls should be fabricated.

Theres no way a Primal Ancestor can use cosmos energy!”

The old woman was a late-Fifth Esteem Dao Venerable, and she was a vice hall master in the Red Fox Creed.

She was called Du Limei.

Hu Xiaoqian shook her head silently and she signed, “I thought that he would be someone who wouldnt be afraid of anything.

Who would have thought that hes nothing but a timid rat…”

“How disappointing… Too disappointing!”

Hu Xiaoqian had to emphasize the word twice!

In the dozens of years that passed, she heard legends of Huang Xiaolong from the mouths of others.

The legends of him were blown up to epic proportions, and she was planning to see him during the Creation Ceremony.

Now that she saw him protected by the Mystical Pavilion, she was at a loss for words.

“Young Lady, you have overestimated him… Huang Xiaolong is far from comparable to His Highness, Huang Shuai.

Hes only fit to follow by His Highness side, like the slave he should be.”

The disciples from the Red Fox Creed burst into laughter.

“Lets go.

We should enter the Mystical Pavilion too.” Hu Xiaoqian spoke before leading everyone into the Mystical Pavilions branch.

When those standing around saw Hu Xiaoqian, they hastily retreated to the side.

Those who recognized her bowed respectfully, and those who didnt mirrored the actions of others when they recognized the robes on their bodies.

“Who is that lady The woman behind her seems to be vice hall master Du Limei from the Red Fox Creed!”

“How can you not recognize Young Lady Hu Xiaoqian! Ive heard that the Red Fox Dao Venerable was willing to marry her off to His Highness, Huang Shuai, as his concubine! No one knows if he accepted!”

“How is that possible! With her identity, she should be more than a mere concubine…”

“His Highness, Huang Shuai, is the Son of Creation! He will definitely conquer the Divine Tuo Holy World in the future, and the myriad of worlds in the Huang Long World would be controlled by him and him alone! Hu Xiaoqian will be fortunate if she manages to enter his harem… There are many ladies hoping that he would take a fancy to them, but they might not even get the chance!”

“Thats true…”

Everyone muttered under their breaths, and when Hu Xiaoqian heard the discussion, a frown formed on her face.

Her mother did speak to her about the matter, but she was extremely reluctant to agree.

She didnt expect for the matter to spread before she could take a stance on the matter.

“Young Lady, theres no need to listen to them.” One of the disciples whispered when she saw the look of disgust on Hu Xiaoqians face.

Nodding slowly, she led the members through the entrance of the Mystical Pavilion.

The reason she came to the Mystical Pavilion was to obtain a strand of beginning qi.

She heard the news that Branch Master Zeng Lei managed to get his hands on several dozen of them, and in order to continue cultivating, she needed several strands.

Not too long after she arrived, disciples wearing the robes of the Dragon Fish Creed arrived.

Everyone exclaimed in shock when they noticed the newcomers, and the commotion became bigger than when Huang Xiaolong and Hu Xiaoqian entered the pavilion.

“Thats Young Master Lin Zhuoyi, the young patriarch of the Dragon Fish Creed!”

“Hes with Liu Xinxin, the direct disciple of Grand Hall Master Li Xue!”

The two leading the way were indeed Lin Zhuoyu and Liu Xinxin of the Dragon Fish Creed, and they were the most talented disciples before Huang Shuai appeared.

They had nine high-order Saint Fates, and they had invincible bloodlines and dao souls.

Their grand dao physique ranked in the top twenty, and their reputation precedes them.

They were the pride of the Dragon Fish Creed!

“Haha! You dont know this, but the Mystical Pavilions branch is selling a top-tier dragon spear.

Its a high-level cosmos artifact, and the two of them are probably here to get it as a gift for His Highness, Huang Shuai, when he ascends.”

The two of them led the disciples of the Dragon Fish Creed into the branch as discussions flew about around them.

As the disciples in the Mystical Pavilion bowed respectfully, they welcomed Lin Zhuoyi and Liu Xinxin into the inner hall.

Of course, the other disciples had to wait outside.

“Young Patriarch Lin, Young Lady Liu, please wait for a moment.

Our branch pavilion master will be out soon!” The disciple in charge of reception told the both of them before retreating to inform Zeng Lei.

When the two of them looked around, they noticed three other people sitting in the inner hall.

There was a youngster whose aura was hidden, and there were two ladies.

Hu Xiaoqian and Du Limei looked at the two of them curiously.

It was clear they didnt intend to bump into each other in the Mystical Pavilion.

“Senior Brother Lin, Junior Sister Xinxin…” Hu Xiaoqian got to her feet quickly.

As the Dragon Fish Creed and the Red Fox Creed were closely related, their relationship wasnt too bad.

“Senior Sister Xiaoqian!” Liu Xinxin laughed.

Lin Zhuoyi exchanged pleasantries with her, and after a long time, he turned to the young man who looked exceptional on all basis and asked, “You are” Anyone who would enter the inner hall of the Mystical Pavilion had to be someone important.

However, Lin Zhuoyi couldnt think of who the man was.

“Hes Huang Xiaolong.” Hu Xiaoqian snapped all of a sudden.

“What!” Lin Zhuoyi and Liu Xinxin jumped all of a sudden.

Liu Xinxins expression sank and she glared at Huang Xiaolong, “Are you the person who exterminated Yu Zhous grand dao physique and trapped his dao soul!”

Yu Zhou was Zhu Huis direct disciple, and he was also her godbrother.

Huang Xiaolong didnt bother looking at them and he basically ignored their presence.

“Hes my godbrother!” Liu Xinxin growled at Huang Xiaolong as an expression of frost formed on her face.

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