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Chapter 2934: Li Xue Taking Action Personally

“What! Huang Xiaolong!”

The upper echelons of the Dragon Fish Creed changed drastically, including Li Xue.

Bi Cheng frowned, and his eyes seemed to pierce through the world.

His gaze traversed through space and time and anger burned in his heart.

When they felt the aura coming from Bi Cheng, everyone couldnt help but tremble.

Even a mid-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable like Li Xue felt her heart thumping with fear.

The existence of a peak-late Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable was enough to crush everything in his way!

“First came Yu Zhou, and then Hu Yifengs direct disciple, Han Tong.

Now, Huang Xiaolong has moved against Liu Xinxin! Hes doing this on purpose! How dare he challenge the authority of our Dragon Fish Creed!” Zhu Hui couldnt help but growl.

Huang Shuai, who was sitting at the side, sneered, “Huang Xiaolong severely injured Junior Brother Lin Zhuoyi and Junior Sister Liu Xinxin.

Hes provoking all the great creeds! No… Hes challenging the entire Divine Tuo Holy World!”

Everyone knew that the top creeds in the Divine Tuo Holy World had banded together.

Injuring Lin Zhuoyi was the final straw!

As Huang Shuai was the Son of Creation, challenging his authority was nothing short of provoking the Divine Tuo Holy World!

“Your Highness Huang Shuai is correct!” Hu Yifeng added, “Patriarch, Grand Hall Master, you tolerated Huang Xiaolong because of his talent time and time again! Not only did he not appreciate our gestures, he even injured our young patriarch! In the future, he will definitely move against us!”

“Thats right, Patriarch, Grand Hall Master, please give the order to take him down!” Several hall masters voiced out in succession.

One after another, everyone started to speak up.

“Zhuoyi, how did Huang Xiaolong injure you Tell us everything that happened! I want nothing but the truth.” Bi Cheng looked at the two of them and asked.

“Yes, master.” Lin Zhuoyi bowed respectfully before replying.

He didnt dare to hide anything, and he recounted everything that had happened.

He knew his masters temper.

If Bi Cheng found out that he lied, he would be severely punished.

When they heard that Huang Xiaolong had taken out fifteen billion to purchase the Shaking Dragon Spear, everyone was astonished.

But when they heard that Huang Xiaolong gad sent the two of them flying out of the Mystical Pavilions branch with a single flick of his fingers, they were flabbergasted.

The only thing that was more surprising was that Huang Xiaolong possessed a Sixth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm beast that had sent Du Limei flying with a single strike.

One had to know that taming a Sixth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm beast was extremely difficult.

One needed a special taming method that most Dao Venerables didnt know about! How in the world did he do it

Moreover, there was the matter of the fifteen billion!

In contrast to the money Huang Xiaolong had paid, Bi Cheng cared more about the thirty strands of beginning qi that he had given to Huang Xiaolong.

“Did Zeng Lei really not charge Huang Xiaolong for the beginning qi” Bi Cheng asked.

Lin Zhuoyi nodded his head, “Thats right, Hu Xiaoqian wanted to, but a single strand for a billion, but Zeng Lei refused to sell it to her.

He said that all of them were for Huang Xiaolong.

It seemed as though he gave them away for free…”

Everyone turned and looked at each other.

“If thats the case, Zeng Lei definitely needs him for something.” Li Xue judged, “It has to be something really important to Zeng Lei! Otherwise, he wouldnt give away so many strands of beginning qi!”

“What the hell is worth giving thirty strands of beginning qi!” Wang Quyang frowned deeply.

It was worth a terrifying amount of money!

How could Zeng Lei possibly give them away without asking for anything in return

Moreover, based on his identity as the pavilion branch master, why would he need Huang Xiaolongs help

Huang Shuai, who was standing at the side, commented, “It doesnt matter what he needs Huang Xiaolong for.

The fact that Huang Xiaolong provoked our Dragon Fish Creed doesnt change.

Patriarch Bi Cheng, pass down the order! Well capture him!”

“After capturing him, Ill pardon him if hes willing to pledge his allegiance to us.

Otherwise, well kill him to prevent anything from going wrong in the future!”

“Well use his head as an offering during my ascension ceremony!”

Huang Shuais eyes radiated with killing intent.

Everyone turned to Bi Cheng whose eyes flickered slightly.

“I shall follow Your Highness will!” He turned around and ordered, “Li Xue, make a trip to the Mystical Pavilions branch.

Demand for Zeng Lei to hand him over!”

“What if Zeng Lei refuses” Li Xue muttered.

Others might be afraid of the Dragon Fish Creed, but with Zeng Leis identity, that wasnt impossible.

After all, he had the backing of the Mystical Pavilion.

“If he refuses to hand him over, well kill our way into the Mystical Pavilions Branch.

Turn the entire place upside down to locate him!” Huang Shuai added at the side.

Li Xue turned towards Bi Cheng as he nodded his head to acknowledge it.

It didnt take long for Li Xue to lead the experts of the Dragon Fish Creed over to the Mystical Pavilions branch.

As they soared through the skies, their aura pressed down on the land.

Experts were alarmed, and those who recognized Li Xue were shocked.

“Thats the grand hall master of the Dragon Fish Creed! Lord Li Xue is personally leading the experts of the Dragon Fish Creed! What in the world managed to alarm her!”

“I heard that Lin Zhuoyi and Liu Xinxin were beaten up by Huang Xiaolong.

Their meridians and dao hearts were shattered.”

“What Is that really true! Hes crazy to provoke the Dragon Fish Creed.

Now that Lord Li Xue has personally arrived, hes doomed!”

“Hes courting death! With Lord Li Xue taking action personally, even the Mystical Pavilion wont be able to protect him!”

“Lets go, and join in the fun!”

When the news got out, experts who were waiting to participate in Huang Shuais ascension ceremony started flocking towards the Mystical Pavilion.

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