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Chapter 295: Beneath the Rift

Exiting the Xumi Temple, Huang Xiaolong summoned Qin Yang, Lifei, Jie Dong, and Fan Encheng, telling them that he would be absent for the next few days, and in that period, they should stay and wait for him in the residence.

After giving them certain tasks, Huang Xiaolong took out Godly Mt.

Xumi, controlling it to fly in the direction of Broken Tiger Rift, he stealthily left the City of Myriad Gods.

Leaving the city using the Godly Mt.

Xumi, Huang Xiaolong needn’t worry about being found by Zhao Chen.

Very soon, Huang Xiaolong arrived at Broken Tiger Rift, standing at the edge of the same sharp rift, looking down.

Staring down at the dark, endless bottom, Huang Xiaolong initiated his battle qi and internal force, cautiously adjusting his speed as his body fell.

Due to the previous experience, this time, his speed was much faster than before.

However, six hundred meters down, Huang Xiaolong was forced to transform into the Asura Physique and soul transformed with the black dragon martial spirit simultaneously, and by one thousand meters, he summoned his blue dragon martial spirit and fused with it as well.

Soul transforming with the twin dragon martial spirits, layers of black and blue dragon scales covered Huang Xiaolong like an armor, yet he still felt the frigid cold wind blowing up, invading his body through the dragon scales.

Regardless of the spherical barrier of vigor qi around him, the wind still affected him, its effect was minimum.

The frigid cold energy gradually spread through Huang Xiaolong’s body, freezing the blood in his veins, even the battle qi within his Qi Sea showed signs of solidifying.

There’s actually such terrible ice energy in this Martial Spirit World! Huang Xiaolong made every effort to control his speed of falling, feeling shocked in his heart.

The Asura Tactics required him to absorb the netherworld’s spiritual energy, and the netherworld’s spiritual energy was deemed the coldest and most yin energy in this heaven and earth, but now, this unknown cold wind actually surpassed the netherworld’s spiritual energy by at least ten times.

I cannot continue like this, otherwise I’d turn into an icicle before reaching the bottom! Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

Now, he was one thousand and three hundred meters down, yet there was still no sign of the bottom.

Perhaps he might not see it even after another two or three hundred meters further down.

Relying on Huang Xiaolong’s current level of strength, he had no hope of succeeding.

What do I do!

Leave… Come back when he breaks through to Xiantian Eighth Order

But, how long will it take for him to breakthrough to Xiantian Eighth Order It might be half a year, or even longer.

Ever since he broke through to Xiantian Seventh Order, Huang Xiaolong clearly felt his cultivation speed slowing down drastically.

Huang Xiaolong’s feet landed on a protruded boulder on the rift wall, his brows furrowed deeply in thought as he stared downward.

There were less than three years until the next Deities Templar disciple selection, he didn’t have much time to waste.

Furthermore, Yao Fei came searching for him in the Bedlam Lands and found him, this would very likely lead more people belonging to Deities Templar over here.

Therefore, no matter what, he had to find that ancient God Tribe master’s dwelling.

But, how could he resist this unknown cold wind! Then, a thought flashed in Huang Xiaolong’s mind―Godly Mt.


Godly Mt.

Xumi was the Buddhist World’s heavenly treasure, as terrifying as this cold wind was, it shouldn’t be able to penetrate into Godly Mt.

Xumi’s space… right Immediately, Huang Xiaolong brought out the Godly Mt.

Xumi and went inside the Xumi Temple hall in a flicker.

Stepping into the center of the Ten Buddha Formation, Huang Xiaolong initiated his battle qi and guided it to fly down slowly.

Several gusts of cold wind blew up, wrapping over the Godly Mt.

Xumi, and moments later, Huang Xiaolong confirmed that this cold wind could not penetrate into the Godly Mt.

Xumi’s space.

This finding greatly relieved him.

At last, he found something that could block this damn nameless cold wind.

Nevertheless, Huang Xiaolong was still shocked, although the cold wind failed to penetrate into the Godly Mt.

Xumi space, it formed a layer of crystallized dark azure-colored ice around the outer exterior! And this layer of dark azure ice actually affected the speed of Godly Mt.


Huang Xiaolong immediately pushed the Ten Buddha Formation, Buddhism energy poured down from the void above, spreading out inside the temple hall and outwards, slowly melting away the dark azure ice enveloping the Godly Mt.


When all is done, Huang Xiaolong continued to travel down further, ever more cautious as he tried to avoid the increasing number of nameless cold winds blowing up, covering the Godly Mt.

Xumi with another layer of ice.

Further and further down, reaching two thousand meters down, Huang Xiaolong finally caught a glimpse of the ground.

The sand and stones at the bottom of the rift were a brownish azure, barren as far as the eyes could see, not even a leaf of grass growing, it gave a desolate and gloomy atmosphere.

Huang Xiaolong surveyed the spacious surroundings.

On both sides, the rock walls were thickly layered with crystallized dark azure-colored ice, and above, a dark azure blue twister rotated in a never-ending cycle, with howling winds that left the hearts of those who heard it full of apprehension.

Not only that, this dark azure wind twister’s form was ever changing, sometimes it was a dragon, next it was a serpent, a tiger, and other times it was shaped like a phoenix.

This cold wind actually gave birth to intelligence! Huang Xiaolong was shocked.

And his first thought was impossible!

Between Heaven and Earth, it was not easy for living beings like trees and flowers to grow intelligence, something that cannot be achieved without tens of thousands of years, and that required fulfilling strict conditions.

As for elements like wind, it was even harder compared to trees or flowers.

Like this wind, in another few thousand years or even a few hundred years, it could evolve into a real solid entity of existence, such as an ice element dragon or phoenix.

A short while later, Huang Xiaolong calmed down, his eyes gradually brightened as he studied the ever-changing azure wind.

‘This is some good stuff, ah!’ Although this azure wind hadn’t fully evolved and taken shape into dragon or phoenix, if he could absorb it, someone practicing the Asura Tactics like Huang Xiaolong would definitely reap an unimaginable harvest.

But… this azure cold wind that had given birth to intelligence was no doubt extremely frigid, with Huang Xiaolong’s current strength, merely coming in close contact was enough to turn him into an ice sculpture.

Lights flickered in his eyes when he thought about the Thousand Beast Cauldron on the second layer of the Linglong Treasure Pagoda.

“I wonder if the Thousand Beast Cauldron could absorb this cold azure wind that has intelligence, if it’s possible, then I can absorb it!” Instantly, with a single thought, the Linglong Treasure Pagoda that was combined into the Godly Mt.

Xumi flew out into midair, guided by Huang Xiaolong, it slowly approached the gales of the azure cold wind.

However, the closer the Linglong Treasure Pagoda got, the more terrifying the frigid coldness became, the surrounding space turned into a domain of ice.

The battle qi and internal force within Huang Xiaolong’s body spurred madly to support the Linglong Treasure Pagoda getting closer to the azure cold wind until it was within a ten meters range.

Then, he initiated the array inside the Thousand Beast Cauldron to absorb the azure cold wind.

Huang Xiaolong dared not devour the azure cold wind all at once, bidding his time, slowly absorbing tiny strands, but even at this rate, the Linglong Treasure Pagoda was covered by a layer of ice on the outside.

Seeing this, he had no choice but to divide a portion of battle qi and internal force to initiate the Ten Buddha Formation, using Buddism energy to melt the layer of ice away.

In this manner, Huang Xiaolong stayed there for more than two hours, absorbing the azure cold wind until he felt it was enough and retrieved the Linglong Treasure Pagoda.

He then concentrated his battle qi and internal force on the Thousand Demon Engulfing Destruction Array to refine the azure cold wind, expelling the extreme cold element.


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