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Chapter 2957: Poisonous Spiders

Another month passed by, and the ice lightning waterfall that fell from the sky like a galaxial river was finally devoured clean by Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong got up to his feet.

When he raised his right index finger, tiny, crackling lightning snakes danced around it.

These lightning snakes resembled spirits born of the world, and they were transparent, pure, and captivating, even high-level Dao Venerables hearts would palpitate from the destructive power contained in these tiny lightning snakes.

This was the power of absolute lightning.

After refining the ice lightning waterfall, Huang Xiaolongs Huang Long Bloodline finally had a fifth kind of absolute power.

Though Huang Xiaolongs control of absolute lightning power was the weakest among the five kinds of powers, Huang Xiaolong was confident that he could raise all five absolute powers to perfection.

Huang Xiaolong had a vague feeling that the Bright Lightning Abyss, the place that made cultivators ashen from the mere mention of its name, might also be a place with power of absolute lightning!

When he were to enter the Bright Lightning Abyss, there would be a chance he could improve the power of absolute lightning in his Huang Long Bloodline.

Huang Xiaolong used his insight to check the internal condition of his body.

He had spent more than two years absorbing the ice-lightning waterfall while letting it temper his Dao Body of Heaven and Earth, and this had further strengthened his body, three dao souls, twelve Saint Fates, and his inextinguishable dao heart.

Also, his absolute frost power had also gotten stronger by a bit.

It was not very obvious, but Huang Xiaolong could feel it.

His cultivation was one step closer to peak early Third Esteem Dao Venerable, and it was very close.

Huang Xiaolong was ecstatic.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong converged his aura, and flew deeper inside the region.

The Frost Eye Races experts would have needed to spend a lot of time and effort to draw the waterfall of ice lightning into this place, and no one would carry out this magnitude of work merely to add a waterfall to the scenery.

It had to be there to protect something.

Light of excitement shone in Huang Xiaolongs eyes, as he realized that something that the Frost Eye Race valued to this extent had to be really precious.

Huang Xiaolong had not flown long, when he came to an abrupt halt in the air, looking in shock to the front of him.

In front of him was a pool of poison water!

Above the pool of poison water, a dense absolute poison qi roiled, and it had already formed various poison spirits!

Huang Xiaolong was no stranger to this poisonous water.

In fact, he was very familiar with it.

It was the same poison of genesis Huang Xiaolong had encountered in the Mystery Yin Treasury!

Those poison spirits were absolute poison qi that had taken shape and form.

There was actually poison of genesis here!

What Huang Xiaolong had not expected was the genesis poison water had not spread out from the boundary.

Obviously, the Frost Eye Races experts had used the cosmos energy of their small worlds and formations to limit the genesis poison waters area.

However, what really shocked Huang Xiaolong was not the genesis poison water, but the tree next to the pool of genesis poison water!

There was a thick tree over thirty meters tall!

The tree was enshrouded by halos of grand dao laws, brimming with heaven and earth energy, and beginning qi, with glistening fleshy fruits hanging off its branches!

The Fruit of Beginning!

The Tree of Beginning!

During the creation of Huang Long World, there were creation era spiritual energies, such as the beginning qi and origin qi.

The time had also given birth to unique creation era trees, and the Tree of Beginning was one of them.

Huang Xiaolong had obtained thirty strands of beginning qi for assisting Zeng Lei in refining pill at the Mystical Dragon Fish Branch Pavilion.

In comparison, the amount and quality of those thirty sources of beginning qi was a far cry from the Tree of Beginning in front of him.

There were ancient records that said, first there was the Tree of Beginning, and then came the beginning qi.

Although no one can verify the truth of those words, the Tree of Beginning was surrounded by rich and vigorous beginning qi.

So, the ancient records could really be true.

Even someone like Huang Xiaolong could barely contain his excitement looking at the Tree of Beginning.

This is the Tree of Beginning!

There were many sources of beginning qi outside, but there was only one Tree of Beginning! And that sole Tree of Beginning was the one before his eyes!

Suddenly, the thoughts in Huang Xiaolongs minds connected various doubts together.

From the clues he had seen so far, the Frost Eye Race was besieged by the Holy Dragon Race and Heavenly Phoenix Race because of the Tree of Beginning!

It was a logical deduction that brought Huang Xiaolong to this conclusion.

Only a treasure such as the Tree of Beginning could motivate the Holy Dragon Race and Heavenly Phoenix Race to attack.

Treasure at the level of Frost Jade Cold Water or ice-wind stones were not valuable enough for the two powerful races to join hands.

Still, Huang Xiaolong still had some doubts.

For instance, why would the Frost Eye Race plant the Tree of Beginning next to a pool of genesis poison water Was it to use the genesis poison water to nourish the Tree of Beginning

That didnt seem to be the case.

If the genesis poison water was to nourish the Tree of Beginning, then the Fruit of Beginning it would bear would certainly be tainted with the power of absolute poison, and obviously there were no signs that the Fruits of Beginning had any power of absolute poison.

If the genesis poison water here was not intended to nourish the Tree of Beginning, what was the aim of placing a pool of genesis poison water here Was it relying on the poison spirits above the genesis poison water to protect the Tree of Beginning

This was a possibility, for the poison spirits would definitely attack if someone wanted to get close to the Tree of Beginning.

The question was, these poison spirits could fend off most Dao Venerable experts, but not high-level Dao Venerable experts.

There was no fundamental problem for them to take away the Tree of Beginning.

While these doubts spun in Huang Xiaolongs head, small ripples appeared on the surface of genesis poison water pool.

In the next second, black spiders emerged and crawled out from the genesis poison water pool.

These black spiders were about the size of an infants palm, and they were entirely pitch black in color with shiny ink-black eyes.

This sight would raise goosebumps down anyones neck.

Huang Xiaolongs expression finally changed at this moment.

Although he did not know the origins of these black spiders, he was certain that they were extremely poisonous, the most terrifying kind!

He had never heard of any creatures capable of living inside genesis poison water!

If the ice-lightning waterfall outside was placed to protect the Tree of Beginning, that was just a disguise.

The Tree of Beginnings real guardians were these poisonous spiders!

Even for Huang Xiaolong who had cultivated the Dao Body of Heaven and Earth, a descendent of Huang Long Bloodline who could wield the power of absolute poison, Huang Xiaolongs scalp tingle, looking at the colony of black spiders crawling towards him.

It wasnt a big colony of black spiders, about a hundred spiders or so, yet this number was more than enough to deter even a Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable expert!

Huang Xiaolong struck a palm of absolute frost power at the poisonous black spiders, but he soon discovered that these poisonous spiders corroded his absolute frost power merely relying on the poisonous qi around their bodies!

Even though his absolute frost power was merely at small completion, this was an absolute power, and it was corroded by these spiders poisonous qi.

This was completely unheard of.

Huang Xiaolong then attacked with his absolute blaze, but the result was the same.

The power of absolute blaze that was said to incinerate all things was unable to break past the poison qi around these spiders.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong attacked consecutively with the power of absolute poison, and power of nirvana, but neither worked.

The hundred-plus black spiders continued to crawl towards Huang Xiaolong.

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