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Chapter 2974: Swarming Into the Blue Lotus Pond

Huang Xiaolong planned to refine the ten-seeded blue lotus!

Currently, his absolute frost power was at peak major completion, but after refining this ten-seeded blue lotus, his absolute frost power could very well enter perfection!

Absolute frost power at peak major completion was already terrifying, then what about perfection absolute frost power

It was perfection absolute frost power that really had the ability to seal thousands of worlds in ice!

Probably, even a top-grade Dao Venerable Cosmos Artifact wont be able to defend against the force of perfection absolute frost power!

But before Huang Xiaolong started refining the ten-seeded blue lotus, he released the Heart Devourer Twin Devils.

It consumed some time to brand the two of them with the creation mark and subjugate them.

After Huang Xiaolong subjugated the Heart Devourer Twin Devils, a thought came to his mind when he saw the many drops of blue lotus nectar.

Is the blue lotus nectar useful for the black-eyed poisonous spiders

Though the black-eyed poisonous spiders were terrifying enough as they were, if they could become even more terrifying, and evolve further, then that would be naturally better.

With this idea in mind, Huang Xiaolong released the one hundred plus black-eyed poisonous spiders, and ordered them to swallow the surroundings blue lotus nectar.

In the blink of an eye, each black-eyed poisonous spider swallowed a hundred drops!

However, there didnt seem to be any changes to the black-eyed poisonous spiders after absorbing a hundred drops of blue lotus nectar.

Huang Xiaolong then set his sight on the shiny golden super version fist-sized blue lotus nectar, and grabbed one of them and fed it to one of the black-eyed poisonous spiders.

When the black-eyed poisonous spider finished absorbing the upgraded version of blue lotus nectar, a layer of golden light rippled over the black-eyed poisonous spider that went on for several minutes before disappearing.

Huang Xiaolong found out that the spiders surface looked a bit glossier.

Huang Xiaolong was excited after seeing this, and it seemed like the upgraded version of blue lotus nectar was useful to the black-eyed poisonous spider!

Although the black-eyed poisonous spiders changes were minuscule, Huang Xiaolong still detected the difference.

Huang Xiaolong subsequently fed the other black-eyed poisonous spiders with the remaining upgraded version of blue lotus nectar, each spider averagely consumed about four fist-sized drops.

Then, Huang Xiaolong took out one-seeded and two-seeded blue lotuses and gave them to the black-eyed poisonous spiders.

There werent any changes from one-seeded blue lotuses, but the effects of two-seeded blue lotuses were not less than the upgraded version of blue lotus nectar, but three-seeded blue lotuses were even better.

If someone were to see Huang Xiaolong feeding these one-seeded, two-seeded, and three-seeded blue lotuses to some fierce creatures, they would probably die from anger.

How many experts were there in the Divine Tuo Holy World, who couldnt get even one stalk of one-seeded blue lotus

In the end, Huang Xiaolong gritted his teeth as if making a big decision and took out four-seeded, five-seeded, and even six-seeded blue lotuses, and fed them to these black-eyed poisonous spiders.

Though six-seeded blue lotuses were precious, they werent of much use to Huang Xiaolong at this point.

Moreover, he had many seven-seeded, eight-seeded, and ten-seeded blue lotuses and those were sufficient for him!

After the hundred plus black-eyed poisonous spiders had absorbed the four-seeded, five-seeded, and six-seeded blue lotuses, Huang Xiaolong took out the Sun Moon Furnace and entered the furnaces space to cultivate.

Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged under the Tree of Beginning at the grand formations center, and then grabbed the ten-seeded blue lotus up towards him.

He inhaled deeply to calm himself down and circulated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium.

Immediately, the heaven and earth energy and absolute frost energy inside the blue lotus rushed into his body.

The Heart Devourer Twin Devils, the several Eye Frost Races Dao Venerable experts, and a few fierce beasts Huang Xiaolong had tamed previously sat in a circle around the Sun Moon Furnace, sending their cosmos energy into the furnace.

The Heart Devourer Twin Devils were both mid-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable experts and their cosmos energies were robust and boundless.

It was not an exaggeration to say that their cosmos energy was several times more robust than the several Eye Frost Races experts cosmos energy combined!

With the addition of the Heart Devourer Twin Devils cosmos energy, the rate at which Huang Xiaolong refined the ten-seeded blue lotus was faster than ever.

While Huang Xiaolong refined the ten-seeded blue lotus, strands of beginning qi from the Tree of Beginning floated down and enshrouded Huang Xiaolong.

In the blink of an eye, a dozen years had passed.

In the beginning, Poison Bodach, Sword Venerable, Old Monster Flame were all waiting outside.

However, by the time a decade had passed, their patience had started waning off rapidly when there was still no sign of Huang Xiaolong.

“Master, why hasnt Xiaolong come out yet Could an accident have happened” Yin Yue couldnt resist asking her master, the Silver Shadow Creed Patriarch, Zeng Lin.

The Silver Shadow Creed Patriarch Zeng Lin shook his head.

“Based on His Highness strength, the restrictions within are not a threat to him.

Since he hasnt come out for so long, he might be refining blue lotus nectar or blue lotus inside!”

Yin Yue, Zeng Lin, and a group of Silver Shadow Creeds experts had arrived at the Blue Lotus Pond a little over a decade ago.

The Traversing Wind Creeds Feng Yue had also arrived.

Of course, the Misty Rain Creeds Yu Yue, and experts were at the Blue Lotus Pond as well.

However,Yin Yue, Feng Yue, and the creeds behind them chose to stand on the Dragon Fish Creeds side where the Misty Rain Creed where Yu Yue was, chose to remain neutral, and they watched from the sides.

“We should go in and kill him!” The Nine-headed Tree Demon grumbled angrily, seeing there was still no sign of Huang Xiaolong.

“I agree.

That brat should be refining blue lotus inside!” Sword Venerable growled, “If his strength goes up further, it would be troublesome!”

Poison Bodach glanced at the Old Monster Flame and Black Shadow Devil, who were some distance away from them, and said, “Others arent in a hurry, and were in no hurry too.

Lets wait a bit longer because even if Huang Xiaolong got a seven-seeded blue lotus, at most, he would advance to mid-Fifth Esteem Dao Venerable.

As long as he doesnt enter Seventh Esteem Dao Venerable Realm, he is no threat to us!”

But as they waited, another dozen years went by.

And there was still no sign of Huang Xiaolong coming out.

“I dont care anymore, well go in and kill him!” The Inferno Races patriarch, Yang Tianyang, shouted, and rushed into the Blue Lotus Pond.

Poison Bodach frowned seeing this, but he relented in the end, “Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables enter with me while others wait outside!” With that said, he entered the Blue Lotus Pond after Yan Tianyang.

Sword Venerable, the Nine-headed Tree Demon, Stonemen Race Patriarch Shi Dan, and all of the alliances Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables all swarm into the Blue Lotus Pond!”

There were a lot of forces that took part in the Cangqiong Sacred Lands slaughter, and literally all of them had joined the Poison Bodach, Sword Venerable, and Nine-headed Tree Demons alliance.

The Poison Valley, Supreme Sword Palace, World Tree, and others in the alliance, combined, had around twenty Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables, and with the additions of forces that joined in later, there were more than a hundred Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables in their alliance!

More than a hundred Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable experts!

This strength was sufficient to conquer the Divine Tuo Holy World.

After seeing Poison Bodach and Sword Venerable leading over a hundred Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables into the Blue Lotus Pond, Bi Cheng and the others expressions turned bad.

“Should we go in too” Wu Kun asked anxiously.

However, Bi Cheng shook his head, “No need.

There are numerous spaces inside the Blue Lotus Pond, and there are restrictions.

They cant possibly find His Highness.

Not to mention that our manpower is too thin in comparison.

So, its better to wait for His Highness to come out!”

Not long after Poison Bodachs group rushed into the Blue Lotus Pond, the Black Shadow Devil, and Old Monster Flame also couldnt wait anymore, and both disappeared into the Blue Lotus Pond in a flicker.

Seeing this, other Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables and hidden old monsters also swarmed in.

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