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Chapter 2987: Qiaoer, Whats Going On

“Im not injured at all!” Huang Xiaolong returned the herb to her and he shook his head in amusement.

“If I really suffer from an injury, the Nine Resurrection Purple Grass wont be able to help.”

There wasnt a need to speak about a holy herb like that.

Even top-grade grand dao pills would be useless if Huang Xiaolong suffered from an injury.

Only genesis level dao pills would be able to heal him.

As Huang Xiaolong tried refusing the holy herb, another scene played out in the royal hall of the palace.

The princes who were seen by Chen Qiaoers side in the morning kneeled before a middle-aged man as they made their report.

The middle-aged man was precisely the emperor of the Apsara Dragon Country, Chen Cheng.

“You mean to tell me that Qiaoer is planning on giving the Nine Resurrection Purple Grass to some guy named Huang They just met each other recently” Chen Cheng was slightly surprised.

“Yes, Your Majesty, That kid is someone we met on the way back to the capital city.

Along the way, he used his glib tongue to gain the princess trust, and he pretended to be hurt so that the princess would give him the Nine Resurrection Purple Grass.

He went too far, and if he set his sights on the Nine Resurrection Purple Grass now, who knows what he would take in the future!” Chen Chaoyi replied respectfully, “The Fourth Princess is naive, and she got caught up in his lies.

All of us following behind her saw the whole story, and the man who came back with us is definitely bad news!”

Chen Cheng felt a ball of rage burning up in his heart and he growled, “How dare he lie to my baby daughter! She said that she was planning to give the purple grass to Princess Bi Chen to heal her injuries! That b*stard even taught my daughter how to lie to me!”

One of the youngsters standing before Chen Cheng sighed, “Who would have thought that we would run into something like this the moment I returned from the Six Vision Sacred Land Your Majesty, Princess Qiaoer is too innocent and she doesnt know any better.

Since Im here, I cannot allow this to happen.

Ill take him down right now for you to interrogate him!”

The person who spoke was the young master of the strongest clan in the Apsara Dragon Country! He was called Zhang Shaojin, and he entered the Six Vision Sacred Land several hundred years ago.

He was already an inner disciple of the sacred land and his position in the country wasnt low.

Chen Cheng could only laugh wryly and he spoke respectfully in response, “Alright.

I would have to trouble Young Master Shaojin.” Pausing for a moment, his expression sank once again.

“However, it wont be good if you made a move in front of my daughter.

Just retrieve the herb, and we can kick him out of the country before we do anything else.

When he leaves, Qiaoer wont know anything.

You can take him down and bring him back for interrogation then.”

Zhang Shaojin chuckled in response, “Your Majesty, please rest assured that I will deal with the matter perfectly.” Soon after, he left for Huang Xiaolongs residence in the palace with a group of princes behind him.

When they arrived, they saw how Chen Qiaoer was trying to force Huang Xiaolong into accepting the herb.

Zhang Shaojins expression sank even further.

“Brother Shaojin!” Chen Qiaoer wasnt surprised by his presence, and a smile formed on her face.

“Are you finally back from the Six Vision Sacred Land”

They were childhood friends, and Zhang Shaojin had been taking care of her since she was young.

A smile slowly formed on his face when he looked at the cute little princess.

Nodding slowly, he replied, “Princess Qiaoer, Im back to deal with some matters.” Turning to look at Huang Xiaolong, the smile on his face disappeared and he snapped, “Who are you and why are you trying to get close to Her Highness”

Huang Xiaolong frowned.

Gasping in shock, Chen Qiaoer asked, “Brother Shaojin, what are you doing”

Glaring at Huang Xiaolong, Zhang Shaojin continued, “You tried to scam Princess Qiaoer into giving you the Nine Resurrection Purple Grass with a lie about how you were injured… She believed you, but I wont be stupid enough to listen to your lies.”

Chen Qiaoer was stunned.

However, Huang Xiaolong broke out into laughter, “Do you think I have to fake my injury to obtain garbage of this level”

Before Huang Xiaolong could explain any further, Chen Qiaoer interrupted them, “Brother Shaojin, youre mistaken! This is something I obtained from Emperor Father! He didnt lie to me!”

“Chen Chaoyi, what did you say to them! You definitely said something to Emperor Father about this!” She turned to Chen Chaoyi and the others in a fit of anger.

A smile appeared on Chen Chaoyis face and he responded, “Fourth Princess, we had your interests in mind.

This man is extremely mysterious, and we dont even know where he came from.

He might be trying to get close to you for some insidious reasons!”

“You!” Chen Qiaoer yelled.

In the past, she felt that they were extremely annoying, but right now, they finally managed to get on her nerves.

She felt that they were disgusting individuals who had no sense of right or wrong.

“Young Master, I will have to ask you to leave.” Zhang Shaojin said to Huang Xiaolong.

“The Apsara Imperial Palace isnt some place anyone can stay in.”

“Brother Shaojin, this uncle isnt a bad guy! Trust me!” Chen Qiaoer exclaimed in a fit of worry.

Huang Xiaolong could only chuckle in response.

Never would he have thought that a mere True Saint would be chasing him away from their palace, but he had to admit that it was their home.

He couldnt refuse to leave…

“Hahaha, your palace is nothing more than a straw hut in my eyes.” Huang Xiaolong might understand the situation, but he wasnt going to allow Zhang Shaojin to insult him.

“If not for Qiaoer, I wouldnt stoop all the way down to your level and live here.” He rose through the air and returned to the Tortoise Ancestors back.

“Uncle, dont!” Chen Qiaoer yelled when she saw that Huang Xiaolong was planning to leave.

“If fate has it, well meet again.” Huang Xiaolong chuckled and turned to Chen Qiaoer.

“Oh right.

Heres a gift for you…” Waving his hand, several stalks of holy herbs landed in Chen Qiaoers hand.

The moment they appeared, a shocking wave of holy spiritual energy filled the palace.

“Purple Heart Spiritual Zoysia!”

“Hundred Leaves Illumination Fruit!”

“Aqua Whale Pearl!”

There were six herbs in Chen Qiaoers hand, and every single one of them contained a shocking amount of holy spiritual qi.

They were peak-grade holy spiritual herbs that even the Six Vision Sacred Land could pass off as their inherited treasures! The Nine Resurrection Purple Grass the Apsara Dragon Country was so protective over was absolute garbage when compared to the herbs Huang Xiaolong gave her.

By the time she realized he was gone, Huang Xiaolong and the Tortoise Ancestor were nowhere to be seen.

“UNCLE!” Chen Qiaoer screamed into the air.

When Zhang Shaojin stared at the direction where Huang Xiaolong left to, the look on his face was extremely complicated.

He turned to Chen Chaoyi and the others and snapped, “Didnt you say that he was trying to steal the Nine Resurrection Purple Grass!”

The faces of Chen Chaoyi and the others were completely red, and they failed to form a coherent sentence when replying to Zhang Shaojin, “He We… I dont…”

It goes without saying that someone who could give them six holy herbs at that level wouldnt lower himself to seal a mere Nine Resurrection Purple Grass.

“Qiaoer, whats going on!” Chen Cheng could no longer hold back his curiosity as he flew towards the group of people in the courtyard.

He looked at the herbs in Chen Qiaoers hands, and he couldnt contain his shock.

He was alarmed by the sudden appearance of the holy spiritual qi, and that was the reason he rushed over to meet them.

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