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Chapter 299: At the Bottom of the Cold Spring

“Stand guard here, I’m going down to have a look.” Fenggong solemnly said.

“Yes, Master.” Dai Li answered respectfully.

Not delaying further, Fenggong’s silhouette disappeared in a flicker, running his battle qi, he controlled his body to descend down the rift at a slow pace.

Similar to Huang Xiaolong’s experience, the deeper down he went, the stronger the gusts of azure cold wind blew, at a higher frequency too.

Several hundred meters down, Fenggong was forced to summon his martial spirit, the Six-horned Devil Scorpion, and soul transformed.

However, passing the one thousand five hundred meters mark, Fenggong couldn’t withstand the frigid cold and had to return above.

Seeing his Master return, Dai Li quickly went up, inquiring cautiously, “Master, how was it”

Fenggong shook his head saying, “The cold wind coming from the bottom of the rift is too strong, there’s no way to reach the bottom.” His body shuddered, expelling the frigid air that had entered into his body.

Fenggong quickly took out a pellet and swallowed it down, circulating his battle qi.

Only then did he manage to suppress the effects the azure cold wind.

Dai Li was evidently shocked at his Master’s words, for he was well aware that his Master was a peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order expert, half a step into the Saint realm! Someone that was half a step into the Saint realm like his Master actually couldn’t reach the bottom of the rift!

Noticing his disciple’s expression, Fenggong explained, “In fact, many Saint realm experts had tried to go down this Broken Tiger Rift, but despite that, in the last twenty thousand years, I’ve yet to hear about anyone succeeding.”

“Even Saint realm experts failed to reach the bottom!” Dai Li was flabbergasted, this was his first time hearing this matter.

Fenggong nodded, “I didn’t believe it either, but after that attempt just now, that rumor should be true.”

“But Master, that dragon’s roar at the bottom…” Dai Li inquired.

Fenggong’s tone was solemn, “These tens of thousands of years, in our Martial Spirit World, the Primordial Divine Dragon has been an extinct existence.

That dragon roar was not made by a real dragon, more likely than not it was issued by a certain treasure.

We’ll stay here for the time being, to confirm if there’s really a treasure being born.”

Whereas at the bottom of the rift, Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged beside the cold spring, refining the spiritual energy from the spiritual energy fish.

Although five days had passed, the amount of spiritual energy inside his body remained abundant.

The airflow around Huang Xiaolong gathered into a giant energy vortex, and in the eye of the vortex, aureate, ember, azure, and a black light glimmered endlessly.

The vortex grew bigger as time passed.

On the surface of Huang Xiaolong’s skin, plumes of black soot appeared, they were impurities that had built up in his body being cleansed out.

Half a month passed.

The energy vortex around Huang Xiaolong reached the height of ten zhang, with howling cries as it rotated at high speed, hiding Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette in the center as a stalwart force surged out.

After more than twenty days, close to a month’s time, the energy vortex around Huang Xiaolong suddenly stopped, bursting in the air like a giant bubble and dissipating, revealing Huang Xiaolong’s muscular physique at its center.

By this time, the robe he wore was shredded and pieces of cloth scattered in the surrounding.

Huang Xiaolong’s muscles looked as if they were sculpted, masculine and perfect with a face that was carved out of an artist’s knife, eyes that resembled the vast galaxy framed by thick sword-like brows.

More than twenty days passed, Huang Xiaolong fully refined the spiritual energy fish.

Checking his body’s condition with his spiritual sense, Huang Xiaolong found that his battle qi cultivation had reached peak late-Xiantian Ninth Order, with signs of advancing to Xiantian Tenth Order any time.

Furthermore, his meridians and veins were tougher and larger; the blood running through his veins, his marrow, and flesh seemed to pulsate with a faint golden halo.

He felt much lighter, and his soul, much clearer.

‘The benefits of these spiritual energy fish are amazing!’ Huang Xiaolong exclaimed in his heart.

After undergoing the cleansing from the spiritual energy fish, Huang Xiaolong’s body burst with power and vitality, his soul was also greatly enhanced, becoming stronger, so powerful that he felt hints of breaking through the fourth level of the Ancient Puppetry Art.

Suppressing the joy in his heart, Huang Xiaolong took out a new robe from the Asura Ring and put it on.

Then, he brought out the Linglong Treasure Pagoda, sucking in the second spiritual energy fish into the Thousand Beast Cauldron, initiating the Heaven and Earth Origin Reverting Array to expel the cold element.

Twenty days came and went.

As the days passed, Huang Xiaolong managed to refine the remaining spiritual energy fish, finally entering Xiantian Tenth Order.

Xiantian Tenth Order!

Though it may be early Xiantian Tenth Order, Huang Xiaolong’s strength had always been higher than the average warrior’s.

Even without soul transformation, a peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order would suffer gravely from Huang Xiaolong’s punch.

Before entering the rift, Huang Xiaolong was still a Xiantian Seventh order, but now, several months later, he advanced into Xiantian Tenth Order.

He couldn’t help but marvel at the changes.

Huang Xiaolong stood up, eyes scanning around the rift, spreading out his spiritual sense.

Being here for so many months, Huang Xiaolong had seen most of the places, but he did not find the so-called dwelling of that ancient God Tribe master.

Could that master’s cultivation place not in this rift

As Huang Xiaolong’s spiritual senses spread out, a weak energy fluctuation rippled from the bottom of the cold spring lake.

Weak as it may be, Huang Xiaolong detected it the moment the energy rippled.

His eyes were attracted towards the cold spring.

Was there something hidden beneath the cold spring

Pondering over the matter, Huang Xiaolong decided to enter the cold spring and check it out.

He immediately brought out the Godly Mt.

Xumi and disappeared within, guiding the Godly Mt.

Xumi from the Ten Buddha Formation to enter the cold spring lake.

Submerged within, as far as the eyes could see was an endless blue.

And nothing else.

Going further down, he already reached the bottom of the cold spring, but other than sand and mud, there was only more sand and mud.

Huang Xiaolong frowned, he was certain that the weak energy fluctuation earlier originated under the cold spring, how could there be nothing around.

As Huang Xiaolong controlled the Godly Mt.

Xumi to explore further, a turbulent force struck, causing Godly Mt.

Xumi to shake.

What’s happening! The scenery in front of Huang Xiaolong shifted as he entered another space.

The view before him was a lush green space with fragrant flowers and cheerful birdsongs ringing in the air, all kinds of spiritual herbs and elixirs filled the ground, and a waterfall up ahead.

This was paradise.

“This… could it be that ancient God Tribe master’s cultivation space!” Huang Xiaolong’s eyes sparkled.

He must have guessed it right! That ancient God Tribe master’s cultivation dwelling was actually built beneath the cold spring, it if weren’t because of the Linglong Treasure Pagoda allowing him to refine the cold element within the cold spring, if it weren’t for the Godly Mt.

Xumi, if it weren’t for that weak fluctuation earlier, he may have never located this place.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes looked around, falling onto the many herbs and elixirs on the ground.

“Seven Colors Spirit Mushroom!”

“Nine Leaves Purple Grass!”

“Fervid Yang Fruit!”

Huang Xiaolong was exclaiming the names of each one.

The herbs and elixirs spread casually over the space were all rare materials, and judging from their appearance, each and every one of them was over ten thousand years.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes shone with ecstasy; all these are treasures, ah! Not only that, there were also many that he couldn’t name.

It was quite a while before Huang Xiaolong managed to tear his eyes away from these elixirs towards the several small straw huts nearby the waterfall.

‘This is where that ancient God Tribe master cultivated Isn’t this a little too humble’


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