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Chapter 3008: Huang Shuais Whereabouts

As the third strongest expert in the Divine Tuo Holy World, Feng Ming wasnt someone who would just roll over and die.

Heavenly phoenix qi filled his body as he shot towards Huang Xiaolong.

The terrifying aura shocked even the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor.

However, a heaven-shaking roar tore through the skies before Feng Ming could reach Huang Xiaolong.

Transforming into the true body of Huang Long, the massive golden dragon appeared before the eyes of everyone present.

Like how the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor was sent flying previously, Feng Ming shot out like a cannonball.

When he was struck by Huang Xiaolongs tail, the sound of shattering rang through the skies.

Like a meteor, Feng Ming tore through the skies at a speed no one could catch.

Everyone stared at the golden dragon as terror crept up their faces before looking at whichever direction Feng Ming flew towards.

Previously, none of them had any idea how the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor was defeated, but now they knew.

“Creation… God of Creation… Huang Long!” Several peak experts of the Dragon Race felt their hearts trembling in fear when they looked at it.

Terrifying pressure descended on the lands.

After he sent Feng Ming flying, no one saw how Huang Xiaolong moved, but the entire dragon appeared above Feng Ming in an instant.

His claws that rivaled the size of a mountain smashed into the Heavenly Phoenix Patriarch and sent him down deep into the ground.

The cries of a phoenix rang through the air, but Huang Xiaolong showed no mercy.

His claws shot downwards towards Feng Ming, and he struck more than a thousand times in a single breath of time.

As the blood drained from the faces of the various experts present, the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor widened his eyes in shock.

His throat felt dry after he saw Huang Xiaolongs one sided pound down on the Heavenly Phoenix Patriarch.

Feng Ming might be able to reform his body with the power of the Nine-Tailed Phoenix, but with Huang Xiaolongs repeated attacks…

By the time Huang Xiaolong stopped, everyone could see that the Nine-Tailed Phoenix in the ground was nothing more than a pile of bloodied flesh.

A ball of flames lit up above the mangled flesh, and everyone exclaimed in shock.

“Nirvana flame!”

With the power of the nirvana flame, Feng Mings body started to rebuild itself.

However, a sneer formed on Huang Xiaolongs face as his claws crushed the pile of flesh again.

He wanted to see how many times Feng Ming could reform his body.

Very quickly, the nirvana flames appeared once again.

Crushing therevived Feng Ming with a single claw, the process repeated nine times before it stopped.

Returning to his human form, Huang Xiaolong dragged Feng Mings dao soul towards himself.

“Huang Xiaolong, you wont be able to kill me.

My body will reform itself in the future, and Ill haunt you till the ends of the earth!” Feng Ming roared in rage.

“However many times your body reforms will be the number of times I crush it.” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

He threw Feng Ming, Ao Ji, and the others in the Sun and Moon Furnace after speaking.

They would live with the Poison Bodach and others.

Huang Xiaolong could clearly see that Feng Ming wasnt sincere in his apology.

He was extremely resentful towards Huang Xiaolong, and the moment he had a chance, he would definitely act against Huang Xiaolongs loved ones.

There would come a time when Huang Xiaolong would have to leave the Divine Tuo Holy World, and with his strength, he would be more than enough to cause irreversible damage.

As such, Huang Xiaolong decided to get rid of hidden threats like Feng Ming when he had the chance.

There was a better way to deal with the matter, and it was to brand Feng Mings soul with the Huang Long Mark.

However, Huang Xiaolong didnt lack subordinates.

After throwing Feng Ming and the others into the Sun Moon Furnace, Huang Xiaolong turned to look at the members of the other races in the Dragon Cloud Sea.

Everyone was on their knees, and the only people who remained standing were the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor and Huang Xiaolong.

Initially, there were many peak races who looked down on his status as the Son of Creation.

They were like the Heavenly Phoenix Race, and they felt that Huang Xiaolong wouldnt be able to do anything to them with his individual strength.

However, all of them were on their knees with their bodies trembling in the wind.

Eventually, the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor invited Huang Xiaolong back to the Holy Dragon Headquarters.

The members of the Holy Dragon Race followed closely behind, with their heads hung low.

When they arrived, Huang Xiaolong didnt stand on ceremony as he swept the treasury clean.

Even though he was no peasant, Huang Xiaolong had to admit that the amount of treasures in the Holy Dragon Treasury shook his heart.

After sweeping up all the treasures, Huang Xiaolong asked about the whereabouts of Huang Shuai and the Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor.

The Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor replied without any intentions of hiding the facts from Huang Xiaolong, “A hundred years ago, the two of them left the Holy Dragon World.

They should be heading towards the Origin Holy World!”

“Origin Holy World!” Huang Xiaolong was taken aback.

That should be the time when he defeated the Heart Devourer Twin Devils.

The Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor probably heard of the news, and they ran away after realizing they would never be able to defeat Huang Xiaolong with their strength.

Sighing silently, Huang Xiaolong knew that if the Mystical Pavilion was dragged into the matter, things would get troublesome.

The main pavilion master of the Mystical Pavilion was someone who possessed terrifying strength.

“Your Highness, if you plan to head over to the Origin Holy World, you need to be careful! There are an uncountable number of experts there.” The Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor cautioned.

He chuckled and mocked himself soon after.

“I might be the strongest person in the Divine Tuo Holy World, but I wouldnt be ranked in the top ten if I went to the Origin Holy World!”

Huang Xiaolong gasped in shock.

“How is that possible”

Nodding solemnly, the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor sighed, “I might have reached perfection level in the powers of lightning and darkness, but there are tons of experts who reached perfection in two different types of energies.

There are even some who reached perfection level in three different types of energies! Take the Origin Holy World Master as an example.

He mastered all four basic elements, and he would be able to kill me with a flick of his finger! The power of four energies at the grand completion stage is something you cannot imagine.

You will only be able to understand how terrifying he is if you actually meet him personally!”

Huang Xiaolong frowned.

“What about the main pavilion master of the Mystical Pavilion!”

The Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor was stunned for a second after hearing the question.

“No one knows how strong he really is, but there are rumors going about that the Origin Holy World Master suffered a miserable defeat in his hands.

If you run into the Origin Holy World Master in the future, you can ask him a thing or two.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded slowly.

It seemed as though he had to increase his strength before he could head over to the Origin Holy World.

Of course, that didnt only apply to his cultivation realm.

He knew that he had to reach the grand completion stage when controlling several types of energies before he could think of going over!

Staying in the Holy Dragon Headquarters, Huang Xiaolong started to discuss the dao with the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor.

He asked about the power of darkness and lightning, while the old ancestor inquired about the powers of frost and nirvana.

When their discussion of the dao took place, the results of the battle and everything that happened after started to spread through the Divine Tuo Holy World.

In an instant, the entire world erupted.

When Bi Cheng and the others heard how Huang Xiaolong defeated the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor, they couldnt hide their excitement.

However, when they heard who Huang Xiaolong exterminated the members of the Heavenly Phoenix Race, Radiant Winged Dragon Race, Giant Golden Dragon Race, and trapped the dao souls of all the experts, they stared at each other in stunned silence.

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