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Chapter 3017: Genesis Lightning Water

Even though the beast roared angrily, it didnt dare to take another step forward.

It didnt dare to attack Huang Xiaolong, and it was clear that Huang Xiaolongs previous punch managed to strike fear in its heart.

“Your Highness, your strength might be enough to flip the heavens, and the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor might have lost to you.

However, do you really think you will be able to challenge all of us at once” The Demon Buddhas expression sank as he stared at Huang Xiaolong with a hostile expression.

As the strongest expert in the Demon Buddha Black Region, he controlled countless creeds, and the number of cultivators that he could command reached a fearsome number! How would he ever be willing to accept someone as his master!

Getting to his feet, Huang Xiaolong leaped off the Tortoise Ancestors back and appeared among them.

“Make your move.”

Staring at each other in shock, no one dared to move.

All of a sudden, Mang Nius body flashed and he appeared behind Huang Xiaolong silently.

His fingers started to lengthen as he stabbed towards Huang Xiaolongs back.


The instant his fingers came into contact with Huang Xiaolongs body, he felt as though he had struck a world pillar.

He couldnt even draw blood!

With a punch slamming into his chest the next instant, the armor that covered Mang Nius body shattered into a thousand pieces.

His dao heart was shattered and he was flung backwards.

After dealing with Mang Niu, Huang Xiaolongs figure started to blur as he appeared before the red-haired demon.

Reaching out with a single finger, he pointed between the demons forehead.

A beam of light shot through his skull, and the demons brain juices started to flow out from the back of his head.

Fear gripped the hearts of everyone present when they saw what happened.

Mang Niu was ranked in the top ten in terms of strength in the Demon Buddha Black Region.

His physical body reached a terrifying level of defense, and he was definitely ranked in the top five among those present in terms of defense! Yet, his dao heart was shattered by Huang Xiaolong with a single strike!

As for Elder Savage, he might be slightly weaker than Mang Niu, but he wasnt that much worse! However, Huang Xiaolong killed him with a single finger!

When all of them were stunned, Huang Xiaolong continued to move.

This time, he appeared right before the Demon Buddha.

Ten minutes later, every living being above the mysterious purple peak kneeled before Huang Xiaolong.

If he was the Sixth Esteem Dao Venerable he once was when fighting the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor, subduing all of them wouldnt be easy.

Existences at the level of the Demon Buddha and the three headed lightning beast would be able to retreat easily even if they couldnt win! However, Huang Xiaolongs strength had reached a whole new level since then.

Taking care of all of them was a piece of cake.

After imprinting the dao souls of those present, Huang Xiaolong learned that the three headed lightning beast was called Lei Yu.

From the time it was born, it cultivated in the depths of the Bright Lightning Abyss.

It should be the only mutated three-headed lightning qilin left in the Huang Long World.

Despite being born there, Lei Yu didnt know much about the Bright Lightning Abyss.

He arrived at the mysterious purple peak slightly earlier than the Demon Buddha and the others, and that was how the battle started.

According to Lei Yus words, the mysterious purple peak should be located in one of the spaces within the Bright Lightning Abyss.

It probably appeared after something happened to the space it was located in.

After asking several questions, Huang Xiaolong released his dao soul and scanned the entire mountain peak.

When he was satisfied that there was no one else present, he ordered the Demon Buddha and the others to stand guard outside.

He started to harvest the treasures and herbs located on the mysterious purple peak.

With his dao souls operating at full capacity, no treasures could hide from his sight.

He threw everything he found into the Sun Moon Furnace.

As for the Void Reincarnation Thistle, Huang Xiaolong managed to obtain several dozen more!

There were more than two thousand stalks of genesis level herbs, and there were a total of four hundred types of them!

He even found two genesis-level lightning spiritual veins!

A genesis-level spiritual vein appeared less than ten times in the entire Divine Tuo Holy World, and the largest ever was only several tens of thousands of miles long.

However, the two he obtained were well over several hundred thousand miles long!

They were something grand dao spiritual veins would never be able to match! Genesis-level spiritual veins were born during the creation of the world, and they contained several creation laws in them.

They were extremely useful if Huang Xiaolong wanted to reach the Creation Realm in the future to become a God of Creation!

Other than the herbs, he managed to locate a river that contained genesis lightning water halfway down the mountain! Compared to the genesis poison water he obtained in the Mysterious Yin Immortal Cave, it was at least ten times more!

Moreover, he discovered that the purple rocks around the mountain were arranged in such a way that they formed the genesis lightning grand formation.

It could absorb the lightning qi from the Bright Lightning Abyss to strengthen the mountain itself.

Excitement bubbled in his heart.

He wanted to refine the entire mysterious purple peak into a flying ship.

With the formation, he wouldnt have to waste time carving a formation of his own into the mountain!

In the past, he tried to move the entire mountain peak with his cosmos energy.

Despite having three small worlds, twelve high-order Saint Fates, and the Huang Long Bloodline, he failed to budge the mountain! With the discovery of the formation, he would be able to bring the entire mysterious purple peak away as soon as he refined it!

With the Huang Long Bloodline and the Soaring Dragon Art, refining the formation became much easier compared to before!

Even so, he took half a month in order to refine the entire thing.

In the half a month, there were experts from the Divine Tuo Holy World and lightning beasts who tried to approach the mountain.

With the protection of the Demon Buddha and the others, no one managed to distract him.

After he refined the formation, Huang Xiaolong tried to move the mountain peak.

Turning into a streak of purple light, the mysterious purple peak disappeared from where it once stood.

It appeared several million miles away in the blink of an eye.

Laughing in his heart, Huang Xiaolong learned that the purple stones around the mountain were made from genesis stones that contained the power of lightning.

It was countless times faster than the Holy Dragon Flying Ship, and its speed far exceeded Huang Xiaolongs imagination.

The Holy Dragon Flying Ship was the best flying ship in the Divine Tuo Holy World, and it possessed shocking speed.

However, the mysterious purple peak was able to move countless times faster than it before Huang Xiaolong enhanced its performance! One could only imagine how fast it was!

Activating the mysterious purple peak, Huang Xiaolong left the place it once stood.

He decided to properly refine the genesis lightning water before leaving the Bright Lightning Abyss.

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