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Chapter 3033: Dont Tell Me Youre The Ones Who Did It!

When the other members of the Devil Curse Creed heard that Xue Fei was going to bring them to the Heaven Seizing Inn, a light lit up in their eyes.

“Ive heard that the Ice Phoenix True Dragon Rice served in the Heaven Seizing Inn is the best food one can buy!” A disciple started to drool.

As core disciples of the Devil Curse Creed, they had heard of the Ice Phoenix True Dragon Rice.

“Lets go!” Xue Fei chuckled.

“Well eat till were stuffed!”

The disciples of the Devil Curse Creed walked into the Heaven Seizing Inn in high spirits, but they felt that something was off when they noticed the atmosphere around them.

“Weird… Why is the place so messy” Xue Fei frowned.

Grabbing a disciple he knew from the Cangming Creed, Xue Fei asked about the state of the restaurant.

Not withholding any information, the disciple of the Cangming Creed explained, “An expert shattered Chen Huo and Yang Diantians limbs before killing them.

Even their dao souls were captured by the other party!”

Xue Fei and the others were shocked.

They knew who Chen Huo and Yang Diantian were, and they knew that either one of them were existences they would have to look up to! Even though they were core disciples of the Devil Curse Creed, they wouldnt be granted an audience with either Chen Huo or Yang Dingtian even if they tried! However, the lofty existences were dead and their dao souls were captured!

It was pretty shocking news to them.

Xue Fei only managed to return to his senses after some time, and he asked, “Who killed them Did the enemies of the two experts come looking for them Are they not afraid that they would offend the Heaven Seizing Inn by causing trouble here! Are they not aware that the Panhu Creed and Devil Blade Creed will hunt them down”

The disciple of the Cangming Creed chuckled softly, “The person who did it didnt seem to be their enemy.

Hall Master Chen Huo and Eminent Elder Yang Dingtian were killed because they joked about the other party while eating.

After they said something to anger the other party, they were killed instantly! They didnt even get the chance to fight back!”

Disciples of the Devil Curse Creed stared at each other in disbelief.

They were killed because they pissed someone else off!

“The one who killed them seems to be from the Leiyu Creed…” the disciple of the Cangming Creed added.

Leiyu Creed! The news came like a bolt from the blue as Xue Fei felt his head buzzing and his heart trembling.

“This… This… This isnt possible, right! How can there be experts from the Leiyu Creed capable of killing them without a fight!” Xue Fei screamed.

He started mumbling to himself.

“Even Sui Hengyi of the Leiyu Creed is only a Seventh Esteem Dao Venerable…”

Everyone knew that Sui Hengyi was the strongest expert the Leiyu Creed had to offer.

Upon nodding slowly, the disciple from the Cangming Creed continued, “Thats the problem.

According to what we think, the experts shouldnt be from the Leiyu Creed.

However, Peng Fei and Jia Zhen called one of themHis Highness...”

“Peng Fei! Jia Zhen!” Xue Fei and the other disciples from the Devil Curse Creed jumped in fright.

They recalled what Peng Fei and Jia Zhen had told them when they were beaten up along the streets.

“That man… Is he not Zhou Kang!” Xue Fei asked as his tongue went numb.


Hes a dashing young man with black hair who rides on a three-headed beast.

According to Peng Fei and Jia Zhen, a hundred million dao coins were robbed from them.

When they made the report, Hall Master Chen Huo and Doyen Yang Dingtian mocked the young man for being a gutless coward, and the man ordered his subordinate to kill them both.”

Their vision started to go dark as Xue Fei didnt know how to react.

The disciple of the Cangming Creed seemed to have thought of something, and he joked, “Brother Xue Fei, were you the one who robbed them According to them, they were robbed by the members of the Devil Curse Creed!”

Forcing a smile, Xue Fei denied, “No… We didnt do it.”

His face was whiter than a sheet of paper, and he felt his legs going soft.

No one knew how the members of the Devil Curse Creed left the Heaven Seizing Inn, but by the time they left, only fear was left in their hearts.

“Brother Xue Fei, do you think we should report this to the hall master”

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Xue Fei growled, “Not at the moment.

The Panhu Creed and the Devil Blade Creed will definitely take their revenge.

Well watch from the side and cross the bridge when we get to it.”

When they left, the two creeds learned about what had happened to Chen Huo and Yang Dingtian.

Wu Shenyuan, the Panhu Dao Venerable, wore an ugly expression when he heard the news.

“Patriarch, they killed our hall master in public, and they asked for you to personally appear to apologize to them! Theyre going too far!” Hu Fei, the hall master of the enforcement hall, roared in anger.

“We should form an alliance with those from the Devil Blade Creed and kill our way over! Well exterminate the Leiyu Creed before you can count to ten!”

In the Heaven Seizing Inn, Huang Xiaolongs casual comment had revealed his intentions.

If he didnt want them to apologize for their members actions, they wouldnt ask their disciples to relay the message.


The other party is too mysterious.

His subordinates could kill the two of them without any resistance, and we should investigate his origins before coming to any conclusions!” an Eminent Elder of the Panhu Creed snapped.

Wu Shenyuan swept his gaze across the hall and a frosty light flashed through his eyes.

“Since he said that he would come here for a stroll after the auction ends, Ill wait for him here.”

The other party had killed their hall master, requesting for him to personally appear to apologize.

There was no way he would agree to something so humiliating.

His plan was to wait for Huang Xiaolong to show up at the headquarters of the Panhu Creed.

He wanted to see what the man could do to him.

“Also, send word to the experts of the Devil Blade Creed.

Invite the Devil Blade Dao Venerable over for a discussion!”

“Use everything we have at our disposal to uncover the connection between the young man and the Leiyu Creed!”

As Wu Shenyuan was passing down his orders, Huang Xiaolong was buying a residence in Xuan City with several hundred million dao coins.

The manor was extremely large, but it had been empty for a long period of time.

The structures were decaying, and the place was filled with unkempt grass.

Of course, the efficiency of thirteen Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables was something ordinary people couldnt understand.

The manor transformed into a residence fit for the Son of Creation instantly as grand dao materials were used to replace the rotting structures.

Grand dao artifacts were used as decoration around the manor.

As there were several days till the auction, Huang Xiaolong continued to spar with the fourteen of them in order to deepen his understanding of the various powers.

Several days passed in the blink of an eye, and the day of the auction finally arrived.

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