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Chapter 3034: If We Let Them Run Free

The sun rose the next day, and Huang Xiaolong rode on Lei Yus back as they left the manor.

Heading straight towards the Mystical Pavilions Branch, they were ready to take part in the auction.

Along the way, many experts noticed Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu, and they started discussing among themselves.

It was clear they were speaking about the incident in the Heaven Seizing Inn.

Even if they wanted to remain low-key, they wouldnt be able to after killing a hall master from the Panhu Creed and an eminent elder from the Devil Blade Creed.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong wasnt affected by their behavior at all.

Following behind the Old Monster Flame and the others, Peng Fei and Jia Zhen became a lot more respectful.

The scene where the Old Monster Flame had shattered the limbs and popped the heads of both Chen Huo and Yang Dingtian kept replaying in their minds.

Since the auction venue wasnt too far from the manor, they managed to arrive after half an hour.

Along the way, Huang Xiaolong noticed many guards clad in golden armor.

They stood at one of the forks in the road, and they blocked off everyone who wanted to proceed.

Experts who wanted to rush over to the auction venue got to their knees all of a sudden, and it looked like they were welcoming someone important.

“Its the Golden Fox Army!” Lei Yu chuckled.

“Seems like the princess is pretty important to them…”

The Golden Fox Princess, Jin Xiaoxiao, was the person auctioning off the Phoenix Fire Crystal, and Huang Xiaolong wasnt surprised she personally came over to supervise the process.

From what Lei Yu said, they should be stopping the entire flow of traffic just for Jin Xiaoxiao to pass.

A frown formed on Huang Xiaolongs face, and he muttered, “Lets not stop.”

A crafty smile formed on Lei Yus face as he started walking towards the Golden Fox Army.

Even if the Golden Fox Dao Venerable ran into Lei Yu, he would have to make way! There was no need to mention a little girl from the Golden Fox Creed.

They were crazy if they thought that Lei Yu was going to stop for them.

Looking at the group of experts blocking his way, purple light emerged from Lei Yus body.

A terrifying pressure appeared in the skies and those on their knees jumped in fright.

They retreated to form a path for Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu.

When the soldiers of the Golden Fox Army saw that there were still people trying to force their way forward, they were shocked.

A captain held out his hand and spoke to Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu, “The Golden Fox Princess is on her way.

If you take another step forward, well kill you to ensure Her Highness safety!”

Lei Yu chuckled happily in response.

“Your Highness, do you see that The Golden Fox Army is truly something else.

A mere First Esteem Dao Venerable dares to threaten an old monster like me!”

The captain was precisely a mid-First Esteem Dao Venerable Realm expert.

“Do you look like an old monster to them” Huang Xiaolong laughed.

Seeing that he was being ignored, the captain felt a trace of anger rising in his heart.

He swung his whip at Huang Xiaolong, and it instantly turned into a roaring dragon that tore through the skies.

In response, Lei Yu raised his foot and kicked the whip away.

The captain, along with several thousand soldiers, were sent flying into the distance.

The road that used to be blocked was cleared in an instant.

With Huang Xiaolong on his back, Lei Yu sauntered down the street towards the auction venue.

Jin Xiaoxiao, accompanied by various young patriarchs of their creeds, appeared just in time to watch everything go down.

As soon as they approached the street, they saw the Golden Fox Army soaring through the skies.

A young man rode on a three-headed beast as they cockily made their way forward.

Jin Xiaoxiao was stunned.

That was the first time she experienced anything like it.

In the past, she would always order the Golden Fox Army to seal off the street before making her way over, in case she ran into any trouble.

No one dared to say anything about her actions as she was the daughter of the Golden Fox Dao Venerable, and they would all have to swallow their grievances if they wanted to live a happy life.

Who would have thought that someone would dare to blast the Golden Fox Army into space before walking down the street they sealed off The man on the beast didnt even look at her!

Jin Xiaoxiaos pretty little face turned cold and a trace of killing intent flashed through her eyes.

“Commander Liu, go take them down right now! Their creed will pay for their actions!” Jin Xiaoxiao growled.

“Hold it right there!” An expert from the Cangming Creed ran out from the crowd and spoke to Jin Xiaoxiao, “Princess, they seem to be the ones who killed Chen Huo and Yang Dingtian in the Heaven Seizing Inn!”

“What!” The young patriarchs following behind her were well aware of the news.

They were shocked when they discovered that the fearless b*stard who had killed members of the Panhu Creed and Devil Blade Creed had just passed them.

“Thats right.

Your Highness, the skinny old man wearing the red robes was the one who killed Chen Huo and Yang Dingtian!” someone pointed at the Old Monster Flame and commented.

A look of doubt formed on the faces of everyone present when they looked at the Old Monster Flame.

The events that had transpired in the Heaven Seizing Inn had made their way around the city, and many people had tried to guess the Old Monster Flames cultivation realm.

One had to know that he had killed Chen Huo and Yang Dingtian without any resistance! There was no doubt he was much, much stronger than them!

“Humph, so what if its them” A youngster in crimson robes snorted, “Even Zhou Hong and the other creeds will have to show respect to the Golden Fox Dao Venerable.

How dare they anger Her Highness They have to pay for their sins in blood!”

The young man who spoke was Li Dongjun, the young patriarch of the Nine Vision Creed!

Like the Devil Curse Creed, the Nine Vision Creed had a bone to pick with the Leiyu Creed.

It was natural for Li Dongjun to push for Huang Xiaolongs execution.

“Thats right! No matter who they are, they have to die! If we let them run free, the Golden Fox Creed will be nothing more than a joke!” Another young patriarch, Yu Dong, sneered.

Seeing as there were people speaking out against the actions of the young man from the Leiyu Creed, many started to agree.

The officer from the Golden Fox Army couldnt help but look at Jin Xiaoxiao.

With a weird light flashing in her eyes, she eventually made her decision.

“Lets wait for Commander Zhang Tian to arrive before we do anything.”

The strongest officer protecting her was only a Seventh Esteem Dao Venerable.

Zhang Tian was a Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable, and she felt that only someone at his level would be able to take them down.

“Princess is wise!” Li Dongjun praised.

It was clear that Jin Xiaoxiao planned to get rid of Huang Xiaolong the moment Commander Zhang Tian arrived.

When he thought about how the experts of the Leiyu Creed would be killed, he became extremely excited.

By the time they were done, Huang Xiaolong had already entered the auction venue.

“Well enter too.” Jin Xiaoxiao glared at Huang Xiaolong and a smile returned to her face.

As soon as he arrived, Huang Xiaolong was led to a seat by an attendant.

The auction venue was massive, and there were seats all around.

In the skies above, there was a floating pavilion and there were couches and tables laid all around it.

Spiritual fruits and refreshments lined the table, and the difference in treatment between the seats in the pavilion and the ordinary seats was like the difference between the heavens and earth.

As soon as they arrived, Huang Xiaolong was brought to a seat in the pavilion.

Only those of a certain status would be able to obtain a seat in the pavilion.

It was clear that the Mystical Pavilions Branch in the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave felt that Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu had the qualifications to enter the pavilion.

However, those who were already present had no idea who Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu were.

They started discussing among themselves and some of them became indignant that two random strangers were led to the pavilion while they were sent to the ordinary seats.

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