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Chapter 3055: Absolute Dao Region Lord

Soon, shocking news came from the Heavens Burial Lands.

“His Highness Prince of Origin has arrived at the Heavens Burial Lands!”

“What, His Highness, Prince of Origin is also here! Does that mean there really is a world treasure being born in the Heavens Burial Lands, why else would His Highness be here!”

“Very likely theres a treasure, and I heard that World Master Lord Xuan Kong is in His Highness group, but other than Lord Xuan Kong, several Mystical Pavilions branch masters are also here with large groups of experts.

Theres also the Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor, Lord Three Blades, Lord Purple Giant, and Special Envoy Hailan!”

The arrival of Prince of Origin, World Manors experts, as well as experts from the main Mystical Pavilion at the Heavens Burial Lands genuinely shocked many experts.

What kinds of treasures didnt the existences at the Prince of Origin level have Yet the Prince of Origin still ventured into the Heavens Burial Lands, so there had to be a really rare treasure being born in the Heavens Burial Lands this time.

The main Mystical Pavilion had sent out so many experts, and it indicated that this times treasure in the Heavens Burial Lands was not simple.

More news soon came.

“His Highness, the Prince of Origin, got a big harvest at the Golden Flaming Sandy Land, and he comprehended the power absolute blaze!”

When this piece of news spread, the experts within the Heavens Burial Lands and nearby heavenly caves were in a furor.

“His Highness already has the power of absolute wind, and earth, and now, he has added the power of absolute blaze to the list.

Thats already three great absolute powers.

As expected of His Highness.

He has such an amazing talent, and he is truly deserving of his reputation as the number one genius of the younger generation!”

The Origin Holy World had an Extermination List, at the same time, there was also a ranking list for the younger generation, the names on this ranking list were sorted out by the main Mystical Pavilion.

So it was named the Mystical List.

The Prince of Origin ranked in the top ten in the Mystical List.


The outside world was in a furor because of the news coming out from the Heavens Burial Lands, while Huang Xiaolong finally reached the Ocean of Sufferings opposite shore.

“The Other Side!”

On the shore was a big stone tablet with the wordsOther Side carved onto it.

Huang Xiaolong stepped on the other shore, and the land under him was made of fine grains of sand.

Each grain of sand exuded a soft glow, the power of radiance.

“This is…” Huang Xiaolong looked at the grains of sand on the ground in a pleasant surprise.

“Pure Soil”

Pure Soil that only existed in the legends.

This Pure Soil was different from the Pure Land in Buddhism, it was a kind of sand that had formed during the creation era.

This kind of sand contained the purest power of radiance, and it was not contaminated by any impurities in the world.

According to the legend, cultivating in such pure soil could cleanse ones dao heart, and dao soul.

Of course, it was extremely helpful to practice the power of radiance.

Huang Xiaolong had not expected to find a piece of pure soil land on the Ocean of Sufferings other shore.

Although there were no other treasures around, just this piece of land was a priceless treasure.

Pure soil was different from treasures like genesis lightning water, or genesis poison water, as these two would get exhausted after one refined them.

On the other hand, pure soil could continuously generate the purest radiance-attribute energy, and even if Huang Xiaolong cultivate on this pure soil for a year, or ten thousand years, not a grain of sand in this pure soil would disappear.

While Huang Xiaolong stood on the pure soil, feeling the worlds purest radiance energy, suddenly, sounds of whistling winds came from the Ocean of Suffering.

“Pure Soil!” The delighted exclamation echoed loudly.

Huang Xiaolong turned to look and saw the Heaven Seizing Chamber of Commerces robe on a person, with a star crown on his head and a pair of spirited eyes, exuding a majestic momentum.

Su Hong!

The arriving person was none other than the Heaven Seizing Chamber of Commerces Wild Maple Branchs director, Su Hong.

Although Su Hong did not wield the power of radiance, he too reached the Ocean of Sufferings other shore by borrowing an item with the power of radiance.

“Haha, its actually pure soil! The heavens didnt forget me, excellent!” As Su Hong exclaimed in excitement, another excited voice sounded as a silver-haired old man arrived in whistling winds.

Su Hongs face tightened after seeing this person.

“Absolute Region Lord.”

The old man, Feng Wuji, was the lord of Absolute Heavenly Cave, one of the heavenly caves closest to the Heavens Burial Lands!

Feng Wuji had a resounding reputation as one of the experts in the Extermination Lists top fifty!

If it was an ordinary lord of a heavenly cave, Su Hong wouldnt bothered giving him a second glance, but Feng Wujis unexpected appearance caused Su Hongs heart to sink heavily.

Although he wasnt afraid of Feng Wuji, Feng Wuji was not someone he could offend.

Feng Wuji ignored Su Hong and stepped onto the shore.

After feeling the radiance energy within the pure soil under his feet, his face turned red with excitement as he muttered under his breath, “What a pure power of radiance.

With this stretch of pure soil, my power of radiance definitely can reach peak major completion within a million years, and a hundred million years later, enter perfection!”

“Excellent, it was a good decision coming to the Heavens Burial Lands this time!” Feng Wuji was so excited that he was close to kissing the golden grains of sand.

He also ignored Huang Xiaolong when he walked by Huang Xiaolong as if Huang Xiaolong did not exist.

Huang Xiaolong merely stood and watched the overexcited Feng Wuji with mirth in his eyes.

It was so obvious that Feng Wuji thought this stretch of pure soil was something in his pocket.

Huang Xiaolong had heard about this Absolute Heavenly Caves lord.

Out of the ten and more heavenly caves lords around the Heavens Burial Lands, Feng Wuji was one of the strongest experts, a little bit stronger than Jin Hongyuan.

Jin Hongyuan wielded the power completion absolute metal that had reached major completion.

Whereas, Feng Wuji wielded power of radiance major completion.

However, the power of radiance ranked higher than the power of absolute metal amongst the thirteen powers.

Moreover, Feng Wujis mastery in his absolute power was better than Jin Hongyuan.

“I want eighty percent of this pure soil, and you can take twenty percent.” Feng Wuji declared to Su Hong after he finally calmed down.

Huang Xiaolong wasnt in his consideration at all.

In the meantime, Su Hong also arrived on the shore.

Hearing Feng Wujis arrangement, his face sank and there was anger showing in his eyes.

“Lord Feng, you are indeed strong, but I am not afraid of you.

You alone taking eighty percent is too much, isnt it” Then he added, “I want at least thirty percent!”

After a second thought, he added, “The things on this young man belong to me!” He pointed at Huang Xiaolong.

Clearly, he still couldnt forget Huang Xiaolongs Purple Lightning Peak.

Although Huang Xiaolongs Purple Lightning Peak had destroyed his subordinate Wang Haoyang with a single strike, and Huang Xiaolong also wielded the power of radiance, Su Hong was confident he could deal with Huang Xiaolong.

He could see that Huang Xiaolongs power of radiance was merely entry level.

But Feng Wuji shook his head, “You can take thirty percent of pure soil, but the things on this kid, I want it all!” He spoke in a dead-set tone.

On the opposite shore, he too was smitten with Huang Xiaolongs Purple Lightning Peak.

Su Hongs eyes flickered with uncertainty as he looked at the pure soil then at Huang Xiaolong, weighing his options.

The pure soil was good, but Huang Xiaolongs Purple Lightning Peaks value might not be lower than pure soil

“Fine!” Su Hong finally nodded, “I want thirty percent of pure soil!”

A smile bloomed over Feng Wujis face, seeing that Su Hong had agreed.

“Brother Su Hong is indeed a smart man.” With that said, he took out a radiance element bowl, and started preparing to collect the pure soil.

He was in no hurry to deal with Huang Xiaolong, and he decided to leave him aside for now.

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