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Chapter 3061: The God of Creation’s Intention


“Your Highness, how is it” Lei Yu asked upon noticing the change in Huang Xiaolong’s expression.

“Immortal Nine Flames’ immortal cave could very well be underground!” Huang Xiaolong breathed out.

The expert he got this secret from was called Xiao He, and this Xiao He’s status in the World Manor was not low, and he was the Prince of Origin Xiao Yuncheng’s cousin brother.

“Underground!” Lei Yu’s eyes lit up upon hearing that, and he slapped his own forehead, “I should have thought of this earlier! It is said Immortal Nine Flames liked to cultivate underground when he entered seclusion.

It’s nothing strange that he chose to open his immortal cave underground!”

Generally, cultivators would not open their cultivation caves underground, but still, there were a few exceptions that had this preference instead.

“Who are you guys!” After his soul’s memories were read, Xiao He shouted as he regained consciousness, and he glared fiercely at Huang Xiaolong with burning rage.

Huang Xiaolong directly called out his bloodline’s dragon of creation, branding Xiao He and others with a creation mark.

Having controlled these World Manor’s experts, especially Xiao He, who had a high status in the World Manor, and being the Prince of Origin Xiao Yuncheng’s cousin brother, would be useful to Huang Xiaolong later on.

When Chen Ming and Li Xiaoan saw Huang Xiaolong’s summoned dragon of creation, both of them were frightened to kneel, and they were unable to stand properly.

Even after Huang Xiaolong had retrieved the dragon of creation, both of them were still kneeling on the ground, not daring to move.

Lei Yu resorted to giving each of them a kick right on the butt with quite the force, rendering the two to jump up into the air, grimacing in pain.

“Now that you two know His Highness’ identity, if you two smelly brats dare to breathe out even one word, don’t blame me for being ruthless,” Lei Yu sternly warned Chen Ming and Li Xiaoan.

Chen Ming and Li Xiaoan hurried to their knees, facing Lei Yu’s stern expression, and swore an oath on the spot in front of Lei Yu and Huang Xiaolong.

Without Lei Yu warning them, they knew how serious the matter was.

Huang Xiaolong smiled brightly.

“Actually, it’s not that serious as the Origin Holy World would know my identity sooner or later.

Come on, get up.” 

Although he was on guard against the Main Mystical Pavilion Master and did not want his identity to be exposed at this time, he had the Huang Long Armor with invincible defense, so he wasn’t really afraid of the Main Mystical Pavilion Master.

Chen Ming and Li Xiaoan got up after thanking Huang Xiaolong.

The group continued on their way soon after, searching for the Devil Essence Holy Dragon Old Ancestor’s group and the location of Immortal Nine Flames’ cultivation cave.

Since Huang Xiaolong had learned that the cultivation cave was built underground, he focused his search underground. 

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong sent Xiao He and other World Manor’s experts away instead of having them follow them. 

“Old Yu, do you think there’s any top-grade Phoenix Fire Crystal inside Immortal Nine Flames’ treasury” Huang Xiaolong asked Lei Yu as he searched for clues underground. 

Lei Yu was slightly stunned by the question but nodded his head after some thought, “Immortal Nine Flames wielded perfection level of the power of nirvana and absolute blaze.

Hence there could have been treasures that helped to enhance his power of nirvana and absolute blaze.

However, I can’t say for certain if there are any top-grade Phoenix Fire Crystals.”

Treasures that could enhance one’s power of nirvana were not limited to top-grade Phoenix Fire Crystals. 

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head in agreement.

At the moment, his power of nirvana was at the peak of major completion.

Just one step more, and his peak major completion could advance to the perfection level.

With the perfection level power of nirvana coupled with his perfection Dao Body of Heaven and Earth, and the invincible Huang Long Armor, would he need to fear the Main Mystical Pavilion Master The Main Mystical Pavilion Master wouldn’t be able to harm him even if he wielded the power of absolute space and absolute time.

“That Destiny Race Patriarch, have you met him before” Huang Xiaolong asked Lei Yu, “Does that person really have the power of absolute time and absolute space”

Lei Yu shook his head, “The Destiny Race keeps a low-profile, and they rarely appear in the outside world.

Their patriarch is even more so social.

There are many experts on the Extermination List who have not seen the Destiny Race Patriarch.

However, it might very well be true that he wields the power of absolute time and absolute space.” 

Lei Yu’s expression grew increasingly serious as he spoke. 

Huang Xiaolong had yet to see such a serious expression on Lei Yu. 

“The Destiny Race Patriarch possesses innate Destiny Bloodline, and the Destiny Bloodline is said to be the most powerful bloodline after Your Highness’ Huang Long Bloodline, as it has unbelievable abilities,” Lei Yu went on, “It is said that the higher the purity of the bloodline, the higher the chances they can comprehend the power of absolute space and absolute time.”

Huang Xiaolong’s brows furrowed, “Are there many Destiny Race’s members who can comprehend the power of absolute space and absolute time”

Lei Yu shook his head, “Although the Destiny Race’s bloodline is considered as heaven-defying, it is easier said than done to comprehend the power of absolute space and absolute time.

Despite the Destiny Race’s development over the years, those who have succeeded in comprehending the power of absolute space or absolute time probably do not exceed a handful.

The Destiny Race Patriarch is probably the only person who has succeeded in comprehending both absolute powers.”

Huang Xiaolong breathed in relief, hearing that.

If the Destiny Race really had a batch of disciples who had comprehended the power of absolute space and absolute time, that would have really be a terrifying force.

Until now, Huang Xiaolong had not found the Black Shadow Devil who had mastered the power of absolute space.

“That’s why, even the Mystical Pavilion would not butt heads with the Destiny Race if possible,” Lei Yu added, “But there is one legend related to the Destiny Race.”

Then, nothing.

Huang Xiaolong waited but did not hear Lei Yu continue.

He turned and looked, finding the hesitant expression on Lei Yu’s face strange.

“According to legend, the God of Creation created the Destiny Race with a purpose.” Lei Yu finally said it.

“My father created them for a purpose” Huang Xiaolong was genuinely astounded.

Lei Yu nodded, “Yes, but no one has been able to verify if this legend is true or false.

Moreover, no one could figure out what was the God of Creation’s intention in doing so.” 

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes glimmered as he pondered, then, he suddenly stopped as they arrived before a sea of flames.

A second ago, as he surveyed the bottom of this sea of flames, he had detected subtle energy fluctuation belonging to a restriction.

The fluctuation was weak and most of it was covered by the sea of flames that even Lei Yu had overlooked.

But it did not escape Huang Xiaolong’s three dao souls.

“We’re going underground!” Huang Xiaolong informed Lei Yu and the others as he split the sea of flames and dove down.

This was literally a sea condensed from golden flames, and it was tens of thousands of zhang deep.

The scorching heat could incinerate a high-level Dao Venerable’s physique in an instant. 

Huang Xiaolong finally reached the bottom at three hundred thousand meters down, and at this point, Chen Ming and Li Xiaoan were struggling to resist the flames’ scorching heat.

Old Monster Flame expanded his power of absolute blaze to create a shield that protected Chen Ming and Li Xiaoan.

The bottom of the flaming sea was empty except for the flames, as Lei Yu looked around in confusion, Huang Xiaolong opened up the ground and continued down a long way down.

Lastly, they reached an underground space.

In front of Huang Xiaolong’s group was a massive volcano!

Sitting on top of the volcano crater was a grand palace built out of fire crystals, and there were already many experts gathered in the plaza in front of the palace.

Naturally, they were the Devil Essence Holy Dragon Old Ancestor and the Prince of Origin’s group. 



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