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Chapter 3070: What If You Lose


When the surrounding experts saw that Jin Hongyuan and Wind Cloud Dao Venerable wanted to leave, they thought that the incident would end like that, so all of them were dumbfounded by Lei Yu’s words.

Jin Hongyuan stopped, as he, too, had not expected this.

He turned around and looked at Huang Xiaolong before asking Lei Yu, “What does Lord Lei Yu mean” 

Wind Cloud Dao Venerable also stopped and looked back at Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu.

Lei Yu condescendingly answered, “If you want to leave, kneel and plead with His Highness.”

The instant Lei Yu spoke, stupefied faces could be seen all around. 

Wind Cloud Dao Venerable’s expression turned ugly, Lei Yu’s words included him as well A strong gloominess flowed from him as he spoke, “Lei Yu, you mean I have to kneel to your Highness”

An overwhelming pressure spread from his body.

The winds seemed stronger, yet as if influenced by his aura, the surrounding flames stopped flickering.

Despite the powerful momentum coming from Wind Cloud Dao Venerable, Lei Yu remained nonchalant.

“Correct, you included.

You have to kneel too!”

Huang Xiaolong did not speak, but merely watched Wind Cloud Dao Venerable and Jin Hongyuan silently.

Experts all around were dazed.

“This, this one called Lei Yu must be crazy, right!”

Some distance away from the crowd was a certain creed’s patriarch, who snickered harshly when he heard Lei Yu’s words.

“Although I don’t know what kind of big shot this Lei Yu thinks he is, it’s ludicrous that he has the guts to say he wants Wind Cloud Dao Venerable to kneel and submit to that bullsh*t Highness of his!”

This creed’s patriarch had quite a good relationship with one of the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce’s branch masters, and he had always held certain feelings of awe towards the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce.

Thus when he heard Lei Yu insult the Wind Cloud Venerable, he couldn’t control his anger, and he grumbled.

“That’s right, what bullsh*t Highness That punk’s merely an early Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable, so he should be the one kneeling to the Wind Cloud Dao Venerable!” Another creed’s patriarch also grumbled loudly in dissatisfaction.

“If I were the Wind Cloud Dao Venerable, I wouldn’t give a f*ck what that punk’s identity was, and I would kill him on the spot!” A silver-headed old man spewed angrily, “Do the people backing him dare to find trouble at the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce” 

“I don’t believe he’s really the Destiny Race’s Son of Destiny!”

“That’s right.

Who does he think he is! How dare he even think of making the Wind Cloud Dao Venerable and Golden Fox Manor Lord submit to him.

He really doesn’t know how to die!”

Many creeds’ experts had the same opinion.

As the founder of Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce, Wind Cloud Dao Venerable was also an expert on the Extermination List’s top twenty rankings, and naturally, he was an existence venerated by many experts.

Yet that three-headed beast called Lei Yu had demanded the Wind Cloud Dao Venerable to submit to an early Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm punk, and this inevitably provoked public outrage.

Fury roiled inside Wind Cloud Dao Venerable’s chest.

What was his identity and status In the past, he was a little apprehensive of Lei Yu, but that didn't mean that he was afraid of Lei Yu now. 

He pressed his palm in the air, and the crowd of experts immediately quieted down.

Wind Cloud Dao Venerable looked icily at Lei Yu.

“Lei Yu, do you really think I am afraid of you So many years have passed, and I have mastered the power of absolute wind to perfection level.

I don’t believe you’re an opponent worthy of me now!” He then added, “Make your move.

If you lose, you and this man should detour when you see me coming from afar!” Although he didn’t know what Huang Xiaolong’s identity was, he was Wind Cloud Dao Venerable,and he was not a soft dough anyone could mold and squeeze as they liked.

In the entire Origin Holy World, he was only afraid of three people. 

Perhaps, Huang Xiaolong had an amazing identity, but could it compare with the main Mystical Pavilion Master, the Destiny Race Patriarch, or the Origin Holy World’s World Master 

Lei Yu’s gaze turned icy, and just as he was about to speak, Huang Xiaolong was one step ahead of him, “Let me.”

Although Lei Yu’s strength was half a notch higher than Wind Cloud Dao Venerable, it would take at least ten days and ten nights for the winner to come out.

By that time, not only those on the Golden Flame Sandy Land, but news of the battle would have spread far and wide, attracting even more experts over. 

To prevent that, Huang Xiaolong decided to take on the battle personally, and finish the battle in the shortest time.

Huang Xiaolong rose into the air and stood opposite Wind Cloud Dao Venerable amidst a sea of dumbfounded faces.

“Let you” The unbelievable expression on his face was the same as Special Envoy Hailan, Devil Essence Holy Dragon Old Ancestor, Three Blades Yang, and Purple Giant had not long ago.

“That’s right,” Huang Xiaolong ignored the other side’s strange gaze.

The corners of his robe fluttered in the wind.

“Jin Hongyuan, you can join hands, and if you like, you can have all the experts of Golden Fox Manor and Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce attack together.” There wasn’t a hint of aura from Huang Xiaolong’s body as if he was talking about an ordinary matter.

The Golden Fox Manor and Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce’s experts were enraged by Huang Xiaolong’s words.

“Insolent, brazen!”

Numerous experts yelled.

Even though the number of experts following Jin Hongyuan and Wind Cloud Dao Venerable into the Heavens Burial Lands weren’t many, the two forces’ experts, combined, exceeded twenty thousand in number, and many of them were high-level Dao Venerables.

Quite a few of them were experts like Senior Commander Li Xu.

The thundering soundwaves of angry voices disoriented the minds of other present experts, as if there were a chain of thunderbolts going off in their heads!

Many experts within the scope of damage radius felt their blood flow turn chaotic, and one could imagine how infuriated the Golden Fox Manor and Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce’s experts were.

When Lei Yu ordered Wind Cloud Dao Venerable and Jin Hongyuan to kneel to Huang Xiaolong, it had already provoked public outrage, and now, the Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable Huang Xiaolong actually said that he was going to fight the two forces’ experts alone How could they not be furious by such an insult!

But compared to the furious Golden Fox Manor and Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce’s experts, Jin Hongyuan and Wind Cloud Dao Venerable were unusually silent.

Both of them stared at Huang Xiaolong as if they were trying to see through him.

Right at this time, Wind Cloud Dao Venerable’s second disciple Chen Yi stepped up and requested permission, “Master, please allow this disciple to kill that punk on your behalf!” 

He looked indignantly at Huang Xiaolong.

“Merely an early Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable punk wants to fight with my master I dare you to accept my challenge”

In his heart, his master Wind Cloud Dao Venerable was the person he revered the most.

An early Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable had actually said that he wanted to challenge his master Not just that, but he even said that his master could join hands with others This was the utmost insult to his master.

How could he swallow this indignity

Although Chen Yi’s strength was lower than his Eldest Senior Brother Xu Zheng, he was an expert of peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm and that was comparable to Dao Jianchou.

Chen Yi believed that he was more than enough to deal with Huang Xiaolong.

Yet Wind Cloud Dao Venerable’s face sank as he chided, “Step back!”

Chen Yi was taken aback.

“Master, I…”

“I said, step back!” Wind Cloud Dao Venerable snapped.

Chen Yi trembled under his master’s angry gaze, and he lowered his head and respectfully complied.

He retreated to the side and did not dare to utter another sound.

Wind Cloud Dao Venerable looked at Huang Xiaolong.

“What if you lose”

Many experts were shocked by Wind Cloud Dao Venerable’s action. Is Wind Cloud Dao Venerable going to accept the challenge

Even if the Wind Cloud Dao Venerable emerged the winner in this, it would damage his reputation if this matter were to spread out.

To someone like the Wind Cloud Dao Venerable, winning against an early Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable, younger generation was not exactly a glorious feat.


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