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Chapter 3076: The Death Beasts Chief Commander

Several days later, when they were passing by the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave, Huang Xiaolong stayed for a day and took the time to deal with the death beasts army wandering in the vicinity.

Upon learning that Huang Xiaolong was heading to the Origin Heavenly Cave, Jin Hongyuan volunteered to accompany Huang Xiaolong on the trip, but Huang Xiaolong declined and told Jin Hongyuan to stay and protect the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave.

With Jin Hongyuan around to protect the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave, he and the Leiyu Creed could assist one another in need.

However, before leaving the Golden Fox Manor, Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu strengthened the Golden Fox Manors defensive formations.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong told Jin Hongyuan that he could contact and cooperate with the Absolute Dao Lord.

After leaving the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave, Lei Yu asked, “Your Highness, the Luosheng Heavenly Cave is right ahead.

It has already been dominated by death beasts, so maybe we should take a detour”

“Detour Its not necessary.

We will directly cut across the Luosheng Heavenly Cave!” Huang Xiaolong stated nonchalantly.

If they were to make a detour, the route would be a lot longer.

Not to mention that many heavenly caves had been occupied by the death beasts, and if he had to take a detour through every one of them, the amount of time he would need to reach the Origin Heavenly Cave would be several times longer.

With the word from Huang Xiaolong, the Purple Lightning Peak broke through the heavenly caves resilient barriers and entered the Luosheng Heavenly Cave.

Everywhere they looked were death beasts, and in some of the places where a creed used to be, the death beasts were as many as the grains of sand on the beach.

“After this Luosheng Heavenly Cave became the death beasts occupied area, it has completely turned into the death beasts world.

Creeds experts that did not manage to escape all died in the mouths of these deaths.

No one dares to enter the Luosheng Heavenly Cave anymore.” Lei Yu updated Huang Xiaolong on the latest situation, “The death beasts invasion had spread panic amongst the Origin Holy Worlds cultivators, and despite the World Manor trying to calm everyone down, there is chaos everywhere, and everyone is highly strung.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

“Is the death beasts marshal at the Luosheng Manor” Huang Xiaolong asked.

The death beasts marshal had a high status amongst the death beasts as an expert under the ten death beasts kings, and he only listened to the death beast king above them.

Lei Yu paused for a split second before answering, “Most likely at the Luosheng Manor.

After these death beasts occupied the heavenly cave, the lords manor became the death beasts Commander Manors.”

“Then, well head there directly,” Huang Xiaolong ordered.

“The Luosheng Manor” Lei Yu had not expected that, but he promptly complied, and excitement seeped into his voice, “Yes, Your Highness!”

He could already guess what Huang Xiaolong was planning to do by going to the Luosheng Manor.

Without delay, the Purple Lightning Peak sped through the herds of death beasts in the direction of the Luosheng Manor.

The closer they got to the Luosheng Manor, the herds of death beasts became bigger and stronger, and it was seemingly endless no matter how many of them were killed.

No experts dared to take a step into heavenly caves that were occupied by death beasts like the Luosheng Heavenly Cave, but Huang Xiaolong had not only entered, he was also directly headed to the lord manor!

The entire way, the Purple Lightning Peak rammed into countless death beasts, and even Dao Dao Venerable Realm death beasts exploded to their deaths if they happened to be in its path.

Despite the Purple Lightning Manors size that rivaled a great continent, it was soon surrounded from all sides by endless waves of death beasts, but Huang Xiaolong ignored them and continued onwards to the Luosheng Manor at full speed.

At the same time, inside the Luosheng Manor...

The main seat that originally belonged to Luo Sheng Dao Venerable was now occupied by a giant gray Venom-Horned Serpent.

This Venom-Horned Serpent was born with nine pupils.

Hence his name was Jiu Yan.

He was one of the marshals of the death beasts and was currently the highest authority in Luosheng Heavenly Cave.

“Report, Chief Commander Jiu Yan.

Human race experts have trespassed into our territory, and they are heading straight towards us.”

While Chief Commander Jiu Yan was discussing matters with his subordinates, a death beast servant came in to report.

Chief Commander Jiu Yan and his subordinates were taken aback.

Human experts are coming towards the manor!

After Luosheng Heavenly Cave had completely fallen under their control, this was the first time something like this had happened in the last several decades!

There were human race experts who trespassed into the territory in the past, but these people only had the guts to linger close to the barriers boundary, and make a quick retreat once the death beasts army appeared.

But now, this group of human experts were coming to the manor.

“The army outside failed to stop them!” Chief Commander Jiu Yan asked the servant that came in to report.

“Yes, the trespassers are rushing in on a giant flying mountain peak, and it is simply terrifying, even Dao Venerable Realm beast generals exploded after being hit by the mountain peak,” The death beast servant answered with apprehension.

“Giant peak flying ship” Chief Commander Jiu Yan was surprised, and wondered out loud, “Could it be a top-level cosmos artifact”

“Could the other side be someone on the Extermination List” one of the death beasts commanders blurted out.

Chief Commander Jiu Yan let out a harsh snicker, “So what if the other side is someone on the Extermination List.

If he dares to come, death is the only outcome!” His nine pupils shone with bloodthirsty gleams as he continued, “Weve been in the Luosheng Heavenly Cave for so long, and I have yet to kill an expert on the Extermination List, so this is a good opportunity to do so!”

Death qi soared from his body towards the sky, and his momentum did not lose out to an Extermination List expert like Jin Hongyuan!

“Come out with me to kill these human race experts and grab their top-level flying ship!” Chief Commander Jiu Yan roared, and then turned into a streak of light that sped out of the manor.

His subordinates swiftly followed him.

As Chief Commander Jiu Yan and a group of death beasts commanders rushed towards Huang Xiaolong, a great army of death beasts were right after them.

This death beasts army was directly under Chief Commander Jiu Yans command, and it was an army of elites.

Any one death beast in this army could fight a hundred experts alone.

Not to mention, Chief Commander Jiu Yan had personally trained them to form dao formations to further enhance their strengths by borrowing grand daos power, making them many times more powerful than the majority of the human races heavenly caves armies.

Before long, Chief Commander Jiu Yan, and other commanders under him saw the said giant purple peak that cut a path across the sea of death beasts.

Despite their shock, there was something else in the gleaming eyes of these death beasts commanders when they laid their eyes on the purple mountain peak.

“Its definitely a top-level cosmos artifact and above!” Chief Commander Jiu Yans eyes shone with burning greed as they fixed on the Purple Lightning Peak and exclaimed, “A wonderful treasure, ah.

Everyone, focus a hundred and twenty percent as no one can be allowed to escape!”

For a top-level cosmos artifact flying ship, even a chief commander like him couldnt help but be tempted.

“Form grand dao formation!” Jiu Yan then roared his order.

The elite army behind him scattered and moved into positions without missing a beat.

Grand dao energy poured down from the void, roiling around them and expanding out.

Soon, the death beasts armys grand formation power had enveloped the space around the Purple Lightning Peak.

The Purple Lightning Peaks speed was visibly affected by the power of the death beast armys grand dao formation.

Seeing this, Chief Commander Jiu Yna sneered.

In the next second, he reverted to his true body in a sway, swinging his gargantuan tail at Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu.

The winds howled as his tail moved, creating a terrifying hurricane that spun towards the Purple Lightning Peak from the sides.

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