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Chapter 3103: Huang Xiaolong, Get Over Here!

After introducing Liu Qiuan, Wangu Xu pointed at a beauty capable of toppling cities and asked, “Dear daughter, have you met Young Master Huang”

She was precisely his daughter, Wangu Qinger.

When she looked at Huang Xiaolong, she failed to hide the rage and hatred she had for him.

She wanted nothing more than to kill him right where he stood.

Seemingly ignorant to her killing intent, Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

“Ive met her previously.

We met outside the city, and we experienced some misunderstandings.

Young Lady Qinger seems even prettier at night than in the day.”

Killing intent burst from her eyes when she heard him bringing up the incident.

She growled, “Huang Xiaolong, I hope youll be able to maintain the smile on your face.

Youll soon regret what you did.”

“The wordregret doesnt exist in my dictionary.”

Wangu Qinger sneered, “Lets hope you can say the same later.” Turning around, she left after speaking.

Wangu Xu turned to Huang Xiaolong and laughed, “Young Master Huang, my daughter is a little spoiled… Please forgive her.”

After a round of introductions, Wangu Xu brought Huang Xiaolong to his seat.

As Wangu Xu took his seat in the middle of the hall, Huang Xiaolong was arranged to sit on his right.

As for Lei Yu and the others, he conveniently left them out when planning out the seating arrangements.

It was clear he was out to mess with Huang Xiaolong.

However, Huang Xiaolong didnt care in the slightest.

After all, the banquet would end the moment he made his move.

It didnt matter where they sat.

Standing behind Huang Xiaolong, Lei Yu, He Zhen, and the Wind Cloud Dao Venerable remained silent.

Wangu Xu was a little surprised at their lack of response.

After all, he thought that Lei Yu would be enraged by his actions.

If that happened, he would be able to use it as an excuse to start the fight.

When everyone finally found their seats, Wangu Xu raised his cup into the air and made a toast to Huang Xiaolong.

“Young Master Huang, this is the Ice Orchid Wine from the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce.

Its one of the best the Origin Heavenly Cave has to offer.”

“Alright.” Huang Xiaolong laughed.

Raising his cup in the air, he returned the toast.

“Seems like Ill have to savor it then!”

“Young Master Huang, hows the drink” Wangu Xu chuckled.

“Its pretty good.

It tastes even better than the one I had in the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce!”

Wangu Xu burst into laughter.

Pang Rui who was sitting opposite him muttered in a low voice, “If its that good, Young Master Huang should drink some more.

After all, you wont be able to taste it after today.”

“Its just some wine.

I have too much money and nowhere to spend it.

If I feel like drinking some, Ill just head on over to the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce and get some.” Huang Xiaolong turned to Pang Rui and laughed, “In fact, I encourage you to drink more of it.

For someone of your stature, you wont be able to enjoy delicacies like this unless youre hosting someone of my level.

Drink up.”

“You!” Pang Rui nearly slammed the table, but he was interrupted by Wangu Qinger.

“Young Master Huang, the night is young.

Why dont we exchange some pointers Are you willing to teach me a thing or two”

Lei Yu wanted to speak, but Huang Xiaolong waved his arm slightly to stop him.

Looking at Wangu Qinger whose killing intent was hardly hidden, he chuckled in his heart.

However, he remained impassive as he replied to her, “Exchange pointers Sorry, I dont show any mercy to my opponents.

If I injure you, Branch Pavilion Master Wangu might have to cry till his tears run dry.”

Wangu Qinger sneered in response, “Humph.

Huang Xiaolong, who do you think you are Do you really think you can injure me Youre just afraid you wont be able to beat me.

Looks like youre a weakling who can only hide behind Lei Yus shadow.”

She paused for a moment, but she continued, “If you refuse to fight, kneel down right now and apologize till Im satisfied!”

She wanted to return the humiliation to him a thousand fold, and now that they were in the Mystical Pavilions territory, she was no longer afraid of Lei Yu and the others.

After all, she knew that Lord San Song was there.

Moreover, there were many experts like Liu Qiuan present to back her up even if San Song didnt plan to show himself.

“Huang Xiaolong, if you refuse to fight, get on your knees!” Tang Fei who was sitting at the side roared.

“Huang Xiaolong, get on your knees! Apologize to Young Lady Qinger!”

Many disciples started to clamor and all of them were people with esteemed statuses.

They were disciples of the doyens of their factions, and they might even be personal disciples of people like Wangu Xu!

Sitting quietly in his seat, Wangu Xu allowed them to do as they wished.

Huang Xiaolong suppressed his laughter and he said, “Seems like I dont have a choice.” Without standing up, Huang Xiaolong continued, “Make your move.”

Seeing as Huang Xiaolong was planning to take on the challenge while sitting down, Wangu Qingers expression sank.


Ill make you roll down from wherever you are!” She released her aura completely and cosmos energy filled the hall.

Her power was strong enough to cause the entire city to tremble.

Strong flames emerged from her back and a red glow covered the lands.

“Absolute blaze at the minor completion stage! Young Lady Wangu actually managed to progress so quickly!” Liu Qiuan gasped in shock.

Many people were equally as surprised, and the way they looked at her changed.

After all, there was a difference between comprehending a peak-level energy and reaching the small completion stage.

Once one reached the small completion stage, they would be able to control even more power!

Lightning started to surround her when everyone was still stuck in a state of shock and they fused with the strong flames covering her body.

“Power of absolute lightning at the minor completion stage!”

“She managed to fuse the two powers together!”

Many young patriarchs and young masters in the crowd jumped in fright.

Wangu Xu looked at her and revealed a satisfied smile.

Even someone like Huang Xiaolong had to nod his head inwardly.

It was no wonder she could rank sixth on the Mystical List.

With her abilities, she was leagues ahead of ordinary young patriarchs! It was too bad she picked the wrong opponent today.

“Huang Xiaolong, get over here!” A scream filled the hall and she shot out two blasts of energy at Huang Xiaolong.

She used her full strength in the strike, and she wanted to cripple Huang Xiaolong completely! She wanted him to feel endless pain!

When she made her move, Wangu Xu locked his aura onto Lei Yu and the others.

He was afraid they would move to save Huang Xiaolong when her attack arrived.

Looking at the two beams of energy coming his way, Huang Xiaolongs eyelids barely twitched.

He flicked a single finger on his right arm and the power of radiance and darkness shot towards her.

As soon as they appeared, Wangu Xu and the others couldnt help but feel a sharp pain shooting through their eyes.

If someone at Wangu Xus level couldnt defend himself against Huang Xiaolong, there was no way Wangu Qinger could.

She felt a pain shooting through her chest and she flew out of the hall like a shooting star.

When she landed, her chest had exploded into a bloodied mess.

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