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Chapter 3106: Main Pavilion Masters Strength

Myriad Formation Devil! San Song even addressed him as his senior!

Wangu Xu and the others felt a sense of dread rising in their hearts when they heard what San Song said.

Regardless of his strength or reputation, the Myriad Formation Devil was an existence who eclipsed San Song!

San Song might have ranked sixth on the Extermination List, but he hadnt emerged in recent years.

His strength wasnt accurately portrayed to everyone in the Holy World, but the Myriad Formation Devil was different! His reputation caused the entire Origin Holy World to tremble, and disciples of various factions would feel their legs going soft just by hearing his title!

Is He Zhen really the Myriad Formation Devil everyone in the Origin Holy World fears!

When they thought in that direction, an even more terrifying fact emerged.

Someone like that was Huang Xiaolongs subordinate!

Hold up…

Wangu Xu and the others finally filled in the blanks in their logic.

Huang Xiaolong had said that He Zhen was someone who had tried to rob him on his way back from the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce, and he had subdued the man! Who in the world had the power to subdue the Myriad Formation Devil! It was most definitely not Lei Yu, or Wind Cloud Dao Venerable!

Who else could it be! They turned to Huang Xiaolong and a terrifying thought formed in their minds.

San Song evidently thought of the same problem and a solemn expression appeared on his face.

He became even more serious than when he discovered that He Zhen was the Myriad Formation Devil!

The only ones who couldnt think of the problem were Pang Rui, Tang Fei, and the others who had taunted the old devil previously.

They felt the blood draining from their faces.

Tang Fei fell to the ground as his legs went completely soft.

If not for San Song, Wangu Xu, and the other experts they had gathered, Tang Fei was afraid that he would have already died from fright.

After all, he had challenged the fourth-ranked expert on the Extermination List and even insulted the man!

After the single blow from the Myriad Formation Devil, everyone stopped moving.

Huang Xiaolong was in no rush to take them all down, and he slowly retrieved all his treasures.

San Song was the first to break the awkward silence.

“Lord Huang Xiaolong, our Pavilion Master only wishes to obtain the Pure Soil.

Please raise any conditions you have in order for us to obtain some.

Well do our best to fulfill your requests.”

Since the Myriad Formation Devil was present, along with Huang Xiaolongs unknown strength, San Song felt that he had to change his plans.

He also knew that in order to force Huang Xiaolong to back down, he needed to use the name of the Main Pavilion Master.

Hearing how San Song took a step back, Wangu Xu and the others heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts.

The Everlasting Dao Venerable, Liu Qiuan, and the other vassals of the Mystical Pavilion were equally as relieved.

After all, the Myriad Formation Devils reputation of being cruel wasnt fake.

No one wanted to antagonize him.

Of course, their hearts felt a little uneasy when they heard how San Song addressed Huang Xiaolong.

“Conditions” Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

“If you would have started with this, I might have agreed.

However, its too late now that you pulled all this sh*t.”

San Songs expression fell.

Wangu Xu and the others were shocked.

They didnt expect Huang Xiaolong to reject San Songs offer!

Is he planning to go against the Mystical Pavilion!

One had to know that even the World Master, the Destiny Race, and even the Death Beasts Peril Lands would choose to back down when faced with the monstrous Mystical Pavilion!

San Songs voice fell and the threats started coming out.

“Huang Xiaolong, are you sure you want to go against the Mystical Pavilion Are you sure you can endure the Main Pavilion Masters rage Even though your strength is a mystery, the Main Pavilion Master is an existence whose strength you cannot begin to fathom!”

“When you really meet him, you will learn what true fear is!”

San Songs words rang loud and clear through the branch.

When he brought up the Main Pavilion Master, his eyes were full of terror and the fear came from deep down in his heart.

“Is that so” Huang Xiaolong remained completely indifferent.

“I will experience his strength in the future, but thats a matter for next time.

Theres no need for all of you to worry about it.

Youll soon turn into my slaves, and youll be serving me in the future!”

San Song and the others were slightly taken aback, but they soon burst into laughter.

A sea of flames reappeared and it started to burn brightly.

Even Wangu Xu, Pang Rui, and the others looked at Huang Xiaolong as though he was delusional.

They felt that he was going crazy.

Why would San Song betray the Main Pavilion Master and submit to Huang Xiaolong

The flames raged around his body as San Song roared at Huang Xiaolong, “Huang Xiaolong, youre delusional! Do you really think thats possible!”

Huang Xiaolong wasnt enraged, and he simply chuckled lightly.

“Do you really think Lei Yu, the Wind Cloud Dao Venerable, and the Myriad Formation Devil willingly submit to me”

The faces of everyone froze, and they stared at him in stunned silence.

San Songs heart trembled.

That was also what he was confused about.

He didnt understand why Lei Yu would agree to be Huang Xiaolongs mount.

With Lei Yus personality, he would rather die than allow someone to use him as a mount!

From what he said, it seemed as though the veil of mystery was starting to part.

Could it be that none of them had a choice Was Huang Xiaolong holding some sort of secret they desperately wanted to cover up

Whatever the case, San Song felt that there was no way Huang Xiaolong had any dirt on him.

“What do you mean by that” He couldnt help but ask Huang Xiaolong.

“Oh, youll see.” Huang Xiaolong swept his gaze across those present, and he sighed, “None of you will be leaving today.” He released his aura completely as soon as the words left his lips.


When Huang Xiaolong finally revealed his strength, the earth trembled, and the skies shook.

The thirty-six genesis-level formations around the branch started to crack, and they nearly shattered!

Several rays of light covered Huang Xiaolongs body, and it started with a light green light, followed by rays of milky-white light and inky-black light.

Dark green light emerged eventually, and everyone gasped in shock.

Before they could say anything, a blue glow enveloped him, and snow started falling from the skies.

“Absolute frost! Perfection level!” Wangu Xu screamed in fright.

Huang Xiaolong could wield five different types of absulte powers, and two of them were at perfection level!

When they were still stuck in a state of shock, fire and lightning surrounded Huang Xiaolong.

“Major competition stage! Power of absolute blaze and lightning!” Mu Guangs voice trembled, and he nearly fainted from shock.

It didnt end there.

Another ray of black light that brought about corrosive power shot into the skies, and it caused everyone to feel the hair on their body standing on end.

“Perfection level, power of poison!” San Song roared in anguish.

Eight types of elements, and three of them were at perfection level! One of them was at the peak of the major completion stage, and the other was at the major completion stage!

Three small worlds emerged from his body all of a sudden, and his cosmos energy surrounded the entire branch.

The grand dao laws in the area fell under his command instantly.

The power of three small worlds was terrifying!

When San Song and the others were still in shock, Huang Xiaolong appeared before all of them, and he punched them with eight different energies emerging from his body.

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