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Chapter 3107: Nothing Left For Us

What was the concept of eight different absolute powers

The world trembled, and the Limitless Sacred Land nearly shattered under Huang Xiaolongs might.

The skies darkened, and time seemed to come to a standstill.

Everyone there felt as though the world was ending around them.

San Song wanted to move, but he felt as though he was trapped in a pool of quicksand.

Even his thoughts slowed down.

When he used eight different types of peak-level energies, Huang Xiaolong seemed to be able to affect ones will!

Of course, that wasnt possible.

Ones will was something intangible, and for someone like San Song, his will was rock solid.

With the fusion of all eight elements of absolute powers, the grand dao laws around the Mystical Pavilions branch changed.

Huang Xiaolong stripped away their command of the grand dao laws, and that was why San Song felt as though his mind was affected.

“Activate all the formations! Full power!” San Song roared.

Wangu Xu and the others snapped back to reality, and they used everything in them to push the thirty-six genesis level formations.

In an instant, light filled the branch.

San Song absorbed everything he could, and he pushed himself to the limit.

With three powers circulating in his fist, he sent a punch out to defend himself.

It was too bad Huang Xiaolong moved a lot faster than him.

Huang Xiaolongs punch arrived much sooner than he did, and a massive blast shattered whatever was left of the Mystical Pavilions Branch.

The entire branch shattered into several pieces, and no matter how many formations they had holding the place together, they couldnt defend the branch against Huang Xiaolongs might.

As for San Song, he was sent flying through countless structures.

He razed them to the ground, and even the thirty-six formations started to sway like a tiny wooden boat among thousand-meter tall waves.

When San Song finally smashed into the ground, his arms were completely shattered.

His armor was in tatters, and his body looked like he was run over by a truck.

Wangu Xu and the others sucked in a cold breath.

The Myriad Formation Devil had managed to force San Song back previously, but Huang Xiaolongs blow wasnt as merciful.

He completely crippled San Songs right arm!

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong seemed to have held back in his previous strike.

Otherwise, San Song wouldnt be able to get off so lightly.

“Do it!” Ignoring the wounds on his body, San Song growled, “Let the disciples pour their energies into the formation!”

Wangu Xu and the others didnt have time to acknowledge his order, and they hastily ordered the disciples outside to do as he said.

Once again, the dimming formations started to light up with resplendent light.

They strengthened by more than twice with the amount of energy injected by the disciples of the Mystical Pavilion.

Under the illumination of the thirty-six genesis level formations, San Song, Wangu Xu, and the others felt themselves recovering rapidly.

After all, there were life-attributed formations within the mix.

It could help them recover to their peak state quickly.

At the same time, all their strengths received a massive boost from the fully activated formation.

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Just as they were enjoying the benefits of the thirty-six genesis level formations, a terrifying sea of black light appeared to swallow the entire branch.

The radiance of the thirty-six grand formations around the branch was separated from San Song and the others.

When they felt the effects of their formations disappearing, Wangu Xu widened his eyes in shock.

“This!” San Song raised his head and stared at the sea of black around him.

He seemed to have thought of something, and he looked at He Zhen.

“Thats right.

When he left previously, he went out to arrange the Darkness Formation.

He used his body as the source of the formation, and the source of darkness is his perfection level power of darkness.

With the ability to separate you from your thirty-six formations, none of you can break out of it unless you defeat He Zhen himself!”

San Song and the others felt their expressions changing.

Defeating the Myriad Formation Devil, He Zhen!

His strength was clear for all to see.

Who in the world could defeat He Zhen if San Song was at the losing end of their exchange If He Zhen was there alone, they might be able to suppress him if they used all their life-saving artifacts and tricks.

However, Lei Yu, the Wind and Cloud Dao Venerable, and Huang Xiaolong were standing at the side!

“Do it.” Huang Xiaolong muttered softly, giving them no time to think of what to do.

In the blink of an eye, he appeared before San Song and Wangu Xu as his quasi-creation artifacts came smashing downwards.

With eight elements of absolute power, the two artifacts emitted a horrifying amount of power.

Previously, Huang Xiaolong had only used the power of nirvana to activate the Blood Dragon Stele, and Wangu Xu was unable to defend against it.

Now, with eight different types of energies, the power they held increased countless times.

Wangu Xu was sent flying as blood sprayed out from his lips.

San Song fared a little better, but blood leaked from every pore of his body.

Among the thirteen peak-level energies, the power of earth had the strongest defense.

Despite that, San Song couldnt save himself with his power of absolute earth at the grand completion stage.

After all, the power difference between the two was too large!

When Huang Xiaolong made his move, He Zhen didnt remain idle.

He charged towards the strongest individuals left, and Lei Yu took on those one tier weaker.

As for the Wind Cloud Dao Venerable and the others, they jumped into the fray like a wolf jumping into a pack of sheep.

It was a one-sided massacre.

No matter how much the thirty-six genesis level formations tried to assist those from the Mystical Pavilion, it was blocked off by Lei Yus Darkness Formation!

The Limitless Sacred Land shook and even super experts, who were stationed in the Limitless City, fled for their lives.

“This… This… This is too damn scary! They seem to be fighting each other to a stalemate!” a eminent elder from the Devil Shadow Creed gasped.

“Thats not possible! Huang Xiaolong only brought ten odd experts with him, and theres no way they can take on everyone in the Mystical Pavilions branch! After all, Wangu Xu, Pang Rui, Mu Guang, and other experts are there to hold the fort! The Everlasting Creed went over as well, and Ive heard that Lord San Song came down personally!” a hall master of the Nine Dragon Creed explained.

“What! Lord San Song came down personally to deal with Huang Xiaolong!”

“If thats the case, even the scraps wont remain.

We can stop dreaming about obtaining anything from Huang Xiaolong.”

Many experts felt their hearts dropping when they heard that San Song had arrived.

When they were still discussing with each other, an hour passed, and the shaking stopped.

Seeing as nothing else was about to go down, the hall master of the Nine Dragon Creed sighed, “Seems like Huang Xiaolong failed to escape… Who would have thought that the battle would end so quickly”

The experts, who had run away, swarmed into the city once again, and all of them rushed towards the branch of the Mystical Pavilion located at the heart of the city.

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