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Chapter 3113: Hand Over the Myriad Formation Devil!

There were experts who tried to use high-grade flying ships to break through the blockade, but they were sent flying god knows how many thousand miles when they bumped into the barrier surrounding the region.

Many experts felt their blood running cold.

If even high-grade flying ships couldnt break through the encirclement, no one would be able to!

Perhaps, one needed to use a peak-grade, cosmos-artifact flying ship if one wanted a chance to escape!

Whatever the case, the number of peak-grade, cosmos-artifact flying ships numbered less than five, and there wasnt a need to mention a quasi-creation artifact flying ship.

Even the World Masters Manor wouldnt be able to bring out a treasure of that level!

Everyone soon thought of Huang Xiaolongs purple mountain.

There were rumors going around that the mountain was a quasi-creation artifact, but the thought of stealing it soon shattered.

After all, anyone who tried would die a quicker death than if they faced the Death Beast Army.

As the Death Beast Army surrounded the Origin Heavenly Cave, they were in no rush to launch an attack.

They continually strengthened the formations around the region, and more and more death beasts slowly arrived.

The more the Death Beast Army stalled, the more uneasy the experts became.

Another half a year passed.

Finally, a voice rang through the region.

“Hand over the Myriad Formation Devil and our Death Beast Army will return to where we came from!”

The voice boomed through every single creed in the Origin Heavenly Cave, and experts felt their minds shaking from the soundwave.

“Its a Death Beast King!”

The hearts of the various experts trembled in fear.

The person who spoke was definitely one of the beast kings!

In an instant, the entire region broke out into chaos.


The Death Beast Army came for the Myriad Formation Devil! As long as we hand him over, well be safe!” The patriarchs finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel again.

“Ill give you a month to come to a decision.

If you fail to hand him over in a month, our Death Beast Army will exterminate the Origin Heavenly Cave!” The beast king said after some time.

One month!

The superpowers could no longer sit still when they heard the voice.

In the main hall of the Black and White Creed sat various eminent elders, hall masters, and vice hall masters.

They werent the only ones.

The upper echelons of the other super creeds were also gathered in the hall.

A young man sat in the main seat of the hall, and he boasted a handsome appearance.

The only thing strange about him was the fact that his hair was parted in the center with one side being ash grey and the other being jet black.

He was the Black and White Dao Venerable, and he was ranked seventh on the Extermination List! No one knew the extent of his strength.

He had reached the grand completion stage in both the power of radiance and darkness, and he was the only one who had reached the grand completion stage in both powers in the Origin Holy World.

“Master, we cant sit here and wait for death to arrive! If we fail to hand over the Myriad Formation Devil in a month, the Death Beast Army will come crashing down on us! The Origin Heavenly Cave will never be strong enough to hold them back!” Zhuge Piao of the Mysterious Sparrow Creed was the first to speak.

He was like half a student to the Black and White Dao Venerable, and he always addressed the man as such.

“Which one of us has the power to capture the Myriad Formation Devil” someone else asked.

“The Myriad Formation Devil has reached the grand completion stage in both the powers of darkness and wind! Hes unparalleled in the art of formations, and hes not working alone either!”

The hearts of everyone present in the hall sank.

A light eventually flashed in the eyes of the Black and White Dao Venerable, and he sighed, “We might not be able to capture the old devil, but one person can!”

“Do you mean…”

“Xiao Tianqi!”

“Lord World Master!” Everyone yelled in unison, and they revealed shocked expressions.

“However, Lord World Master might not make a move.” An eminent elder muttered.

“Even if he did, he might not be able to take down the Myriad Formation Devil…”

After all, He Zhen wasnt a lone wolf any longer.

“Xiao Tianqi will definitely make his move,” The Black and White Dao Venerable muttered as a mysterious light flashed through his eyes.

“Use my transmission symbol and contact all the patriarchs.

Well plead together for Xiao Tianqi to make his move!”

Everyone in the hall gasped in shock.

They finally realized what the Black and White Dao Venerable meant.

He planned to gather all the power in the Origin Heavenly Cave and pressure the World Masters Manor to take action!

“The World Masters Manor enjoyed endless luxuries and power.

Theyre obliged to protect us.

He has to deal with the Myriad Formation Devil whether he likes it or not!”

One of the eminent elders of the Black and White Creed muttered, “I wonder what the Myriad Formation Devil stole… Why would nine beast kings form an alliance against him”

Even though they had no idea what he stole, they were sure that it was an absolute treasure.

Very quickly, the experts of the various superpowers in the Origin Heavenly Cave received a message from the Black and White Dao Venerable.

They banded together and started to plead with the World Masters Manor.

While that went down, discussions flew about the Origin Heavenly Cave.

In the midst of the massive Death Beast Army…

A solid palace was erected, and there were nine massive figures sitting at the front of the hall.

They were none other than the nine beast kings who were leading the army to hunt down He Zhen!

“Tian Ming sent out a report to us.

He formed an alliance of more than a hundred creeds to head into the World Masters Manor!” One of the beast kings roared with laughter.

“Even so, Xiao Tianqi might not make his move!”

“Hehe, if Xiao Tianqi doesnt make his move, well exterminate a creed a day when the time limit of a month is up.

Lets see if that motivates him to deal with Huang Xiaolong!”

“As long as he attacks, both of them will suffer from serious injuries.

When that happens, well invade the Origin Heavenly Cave anyway!”

“We need to obtain the ring, but the Pure Soil in Huang Xiaolongs possession also has to fall into our hands!”

That was the main reason the nine beast kings had formed an alliance to launch a crusade against the Origin Heavenly Cave.

Huang Xiaolongs Pure Soil was too tempting for any of them to pass up!

Of course, handing over the Myriad Formation Devil was secondary.

They wanted the Origin Heavenly Cave to suffer from chaos, making it easier for their invasion to take place!

The outside world knew that there were ten beast kings in control of the Death Beasts Peril Lands, but there were a total of eleven beast kings! The Black and White Dao Venerable, Tian Ming, was the hidden eleventh beast king!

He had always been hiding among the humans in the Origin Holy World to act as a spy for the Death Beast Lands!

Of course, his true strength was far greater than what it seemed.

A month passed in the blink of an eye.

Even though the Black and White Dao Venerable brought over more than a hundred patriarchs to place pressure on the World Masters Manor, Xiao Tianqi managed to hold out against them.

In the inner palace of the Death Beast Army, one of the beast kings harrumphed coldly, “Pass down my order.

Destroy the closest creed you can find! Destroy one of them a day! I refuse to believe that Xiao Tianqi will be able to sit still!”

In an instant, the Death Beast Army marched into the nearest creed and smashed it into pieces.

Blood rained from the skies, and in half a day, they took over the first creed without the slightest bit of resistance.

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