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Chapter 3114: I Wish To Challenge Huang Xiaolong

The Death Beast Army was like an army of locusts that swallowed everything in their wake.

They destroyed everything they saw, and they plundered every resource they could find! They devoured every single human, spiritual animal, or living creature!

The entire area was turned into nothing more than a piece of barren land.

When the other creeds saw what had happened, they felt even more terrified.

“Lord World Master, are you really planning to leave all of us to die! There are so many creeds, clans, and races relying on your strength!” The Black and White Dao Venerable yelled at Xiao Tianqi in front of the others.

In the Origin Heavenly Cave, only Tian Ming, the Black and White Dao Venerable, had the guts to yell at Xiao Tianqi in front of everyone present.

As the ranked-seventh expert on the Extermination List, he had the qualifications to do so.

As soon as the words left his lips, the Soaring Sky Dao Venerable barked, “Lord World Master, in order to protect all the creeds in the Origin Heavenly Cave, you have to get the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce to hand over the Myriad Formation Devil!”

The Soaring Sky Dao Venerable was the patriarch of the second-ranked creed in the Origin Heavenly Cave.

Soon after, voices rang through the hall.

Everyone who dared to speak up were patriarchs ranked in the top twenty creeds in the Origin Heavenly Cave.

Xiao Tianqis expression sank.

He didnt think that their act would be so convincing that they would manage to bring all the creeds together.

This was also the first time he felt utterly helpless.

After all, they were challenging his authority as the World Master!

Whatever the case, he knew that they were forced into a corner by the Death Beast Army, but forcing him to make a move against He Zhen wasnt the best course of action anyway.

Glaring at the Black and White Dao Venerable, Xiao Tianqi nodded slowly.


I will challenge Huang Xiaolong to a battle tomorrow!”

Huang Xiaolong!

Everyone fell silent once they heard his name.

No one had seen Huang Xiaolongs true strength before, but rumors had been going around.

It was said that Huang Xiaolong wasnt any weaker than the Destiny Race Patriarch, and he was comparable to the Main Pavilion Master of the Mystical Pavilion!

When the patriarchs of the various creeds left, Xiao Yuncheng turned to his father with a face full of worry.

“Father, are you really planning to challenge Huang Xiaolong!”

“Of course.” Staring into the distance, Xiao Tianqi clasped his hands behind him.

Even without the threat of the Death Beast Army, and without the urging of the Black and White Dao Venerable, he would soon bump heads with Huang Xiaolong.

After all, experts of the same level were hard to find, and worthy opponents were even harder to come by.

The desire to challenge Huang Xiaolong came from the bottom of his heart!

“Ive sworn never to leak the events that happened in the Golden Flame Sandy Land.

As such, I cannot inform Lord World Master of Huang Xiaolongs strength.” Xuan Kong explained, “Lord World Master, all we can say is that you have to be careful!”

As he slowly, a serious expression appeared on Xiao Tianqis face.

“I will.”

He became even more curious about Huang Xiaolongs strength.

He wanted to know how the young man had managed to subdue the Myriad Formation Devil, and he was even more curious about how Huang Xiaolong had made the members of the Mystical Pavilion submit to him!

“What if the Death Beast Army fails to keep their promise” Yang Yuyuan asked all of a sudden.

A light flickered in Xiao Tianqis eyes.

That was also what he was worried about.

Right now, the Death Beast Army was clearly waiting for him to cross paths with Huang Xiaolong and the others.

Once they were injured, the Death Beast Army would most definitely…

“Relax,” Xiao Tianqi reassured them.

“They are most likely here for Huang Xiaolong anyway.

Whatever the case, our World Masters Manor will not be affected.”

Even though they only received support from several hundred armies, the foundations of the World Masters Manor werent something the Death Beast Army could shake as they pleased.

They would need to pay an extremely high price if they really wished to destroy the World Masters Manor.

The Death Beast Army couldnt be more clear on that point, and they wouldnt be getting anything out of it anyway.

In the palace of the Death Beast Army.

“Nice! Xiao Tianqi is planning to challenge Huang Xiaolong to a battle!”

“Hahaha! I am extremely interested in the battle.

When I came to blows with the Destiny Race Patriarch in the past, I wasnt fully satisfied.

Lets see how strong Huang Xiaolong really is!”

“Ive heard that Xiao Tianqis power of earth, wind, water, and blaze has already merged into one.

They reached the absolute pinnacle of power!”

The nine beast kings roared with laughter.

The news of Xiao Tianqi challenging Huang Xiaolong spread through the entire Origin heavenly cave like wildfire.

When Chen Ming and the others in the Lei Yu creed received the news, they were shocked.

“His Highness is finally going to challenge the World Master! I wonder how he will fare…” Zhou Hong sighed.

He might have guessed that Huang Xiaolongs strength was beyond his wildest imaginations, no one knew how strong the man really was.

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“As the World Master, he is able to use the grand dao energy and origin energy contained in the Origin Holy World!” Chen Ming gasped in shock.

“Based on this alone, there is no way for Xiao Tianqi to lose! Even the Main Pavilion Master of the Mystical Pavilion will find it hard to defeat Xiao Tianqi!”

Tan Hua and the others felt a chill running down their hearts.

Even though they had no idea how terrifying the World Master actually was, they knew that he would be supremely powerful with the assistance of the grand dao energy and origin spiritual energy contained in the entire Origin Holy World!

Xiao Tianqi might be ranked third on the Extermination List, but that was only when he used the power of the four elements! If he had to use everything in his arsenal, he might not lose to anyone!

In the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce…

The Myriad Formation Devil and the others received the challenge, and they quickly gathered in a hall to discuss the steps they were going to take.

One day passed in the blink of an eye, and the first rays of dawn soon fell on the lands.

Xiao Tianqi soared into the skies, and he charged towards the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce.

Without anyone around him, he went alone to take on the battle!

His speed was extremely quick, and by the time he took several steps, he had already arrived in another creed.

Time and space seemed absent in his presence, and every step he took fused him into the world.

He could go anywhere with a single thought!

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