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Chapter 3116: Using Sacred Lands as Weapons

“Well fight out there!” Huang Xiaolong left the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce once the World Master moved.

He appeared in the skies above an abandoned sacred land.

“Alright!” Turning around, Xiao Tianqi followed behind Huang Xiaolong.

As the two of them rose higher into the skies, the power of absolute earth, blaze, water, and wind around Xiao Tianqi grew stronger.

During the formation of the world, the four basic elements had formed before the creatures had come into being.

It was said that all creatures in the world were born from the four basic elements, but rumors were hard to believe.

As Xiao Tianqis power gave birth to a myriad of creatures around him, everyone stared at him in awe.

Even Huang Xiaolong was taken by surprise.

He might have three small worlds and the ability to create some creatures, but all of them were mere phantoms that would disappear after he retracted his power! However, he could feel that the creatures created by Xiao Tianqi were real!

Even if he retracted all his power, the creatures would still remain in the world of the living!

Xiao Tianqi didnt intend to stop, and he created an astonishing amount of creatures in the blink of an eye.

The creatures swallowed the two of them, standing high in the skies.

Everyone saw how Huang Xiaolong was swallowed by an endless wave of creatures created by the World Master, Xiao Tianqi!

“This!” One of the patriarchs of the creed gasped in shock.

“Its the power of assimilation!” the Black and White Dao Venerable explained.


Everyone stared at him in shock.

The Black and White Dao Venerable continued, “This isnt any ordinary ability.

The creatures were created from the four basic elements, and all of them would start to transform Huang Xiaolong from the inside.

He will turn into a creature no different from them!”

The patriarchs standing around sucked in a deep breath.

“Wouldnt that mean…” Murong Guang asked.

The Black and White Dao Venerable nodded slowly.

“Thats right.

Once he turns into one of them, he will cease to exist from the world!”

Gasps could be heard everywhere.

“Huang Xiaolong is too careless! If he had made his move earlier, the creatures wouldnt be able to get close to him! As long as they dont enter his body, they wont be able to do anything to him! From what we can see, the power of absolute flame has already begun spreading across his body.

He cant escape now!” The Black and White Dao Venerable snorted.

“Werent everyone saying how strong he is From what Im seeing, he cant even stand up to a single attack from the World Master.”

One of the senior commanders of the World Masters Manor sneered, “Huang Xiaolong went down too easily! Didnt he say that Lord World Master wasnt his opponent What a slap in the face! Hahaha! He couldnt even withstand a single attack from Lord World Master!”

Many senior commanders of the World Masters Manor roared with laughter.

Initially, all of them were afraid that Huang Xiaolong was going to be an unbeatable existence.

A suppressive atmosphere could be felt around those from the World Masters Manor before.

Now, laughter filled the air.

Even Xiao Yuncheng and Xuan Kong couldnt believe their eyes.

They stared at each other and wondered if Huang Xiaolong had gone down so easily.

Could they have overestimated Huang Xiaolongs strength

The nine beast kings were stuck in a state of disbelief.

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“Dont tell me Huang Xiaolong really lost…” someone muttered.

“The power of absolute earth, wind, blaze, and water is really terrifying when unleashed at the same time! No matter how strong Huang Xiaolong is, he wont be able to turn things around now!”

“Its not surprising that Xiao Tianqi has the qualifications to be the World Master! However, we need to prepare to make our move.

We cannot allow him to obtain the Pure Soil!”

Everyone was praising the strength of the World Master, and they watched as the creatures filled the air around them.

However, a dark green flame started to emerge from Huang Xiaolongs body all of a sudden.

The dark green flames incinerated every single creature that approached him, and no matter how strong the combined powers of the four basic elements were, they failed to withstand the power of the dark green flame.

In the blink of an eye, the dark green flames expanded and swallowed every single creature in its path.

Everyone stared at him in shock.

“This… This… Nirvana flame!” someone screamed in shock.

“Power of nirvana at perfection level!” Xiao Yuncheng was terrified.

The only way Huang Xiaolong could stop all the creatures created by the World Master was if he had reached perfection level in the power of nirvana.

However, Huang Xiaolongs ability to control the power of nirvana was only at the major completion stage when Xiao Yuncheng had last seen him! It hadnt even been three hundred years!

Xuan Kong couldnt believe his eyes either.

The Black and White Dao Venerables face sank.

He hadnt expected Huang Xiaolong to reach such a high level! The power of nirvana was only weaker than the power of space and time! Moreover, the power of nirvana at perfection level would allow Huang Xiaolong to remain indestructible! He could revive endlessly, and he could wield a shocking amount of power!

Xiao Tianqis pupils shrank.

Previously, Huang Xiaolong had comprehended the power of lightning at the perfection level.

Now, he revealed that his power of nirvana was also at perfection level! Wouldnt that mean that he had reached perfection level in two different types of absolute power!

“Dao Friend Huang Xiaolong is truly talented.” Xiao Tianqi sighed.

“Who would have thought that you would reach such a high level in the power of nirvana…”

“However, if thats all you have, youre not my opponent!” Xiao Tianqis palms shot out towards the sacred land below.

As the four basic energies swirled around his arms, they drilled deep into the depths of the sacred land to turn it into part of Xiao Tianqis power.

“Rise!” A yell escaped Xiao Tianqis lips, and his voice resounded through countless creeds.

The sacred land that was transformed started to rise into the air, and he hovered steadily above Xiao Tianqis head.

A sacred land was massive, and it weighed countless tons, and no one knew how terrifying it would be if a sacred land came crashing down on them.

However, they knew one thing.

It wouldnt be something they could laugh off as a casual attack.

No one had ever heard of anyone using an entire sacred land as a weapon!

Waving the sacred land in the air, Xiao Tianqi charged at Huang Xiaolong.

With the power of the four elements, the sacred land was like a massive club that came crashing down on Huang Xiaolongs head.

No one could believe what they were seeing.

That was really the first time they had seen anyone using a sacred land as a weapon!

Huang Xiaolong raised his arms into the air and slapped outwards.

As soon as his arms came into contact with the mass of land, the entire structure collapsed into a rain of dust and pebbles.

When it crumbled, Xiao Tianqis arms appeared from nowhere and slammed into Huang Xiaolongs chest.

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