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Chapter 3119: Fighting Nine Beast Kings

No matter how many death beasts they had in the army, the nine beast kings felt a sense of threat like never before when Huang Xiaolong looked at them.

They didnt expect Huang Xiaolong to defeat Xiao Tianqi so easily! Everything felt completely out of their expectations!

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong didnt even break a sweat!

It was as though he hadnt used his full strength.

Everyone in the Origin Heavenly Cave also turned to look in the direction of the Death Beast Army.

“Dao Friend Huang Xiaolong is really amazing! Im in awe at your strength!” One of the beast kings broke the silence.

“I wonder if Dao Friend Huang Xiaolong is aware of our intentions As long as you hand over the treasure the Myriad Formation Devil stole, well leave immediately.”

Everyone was shocked.

Since when did the Death Beast Kings back down so easily

One had to know that the Death Beasts Peril Land contained many ferocious beings, and they were known for being extremely domineering.

Now, they were willing to back down as long as Huang Xiaolong returned their treasure to them!

Wouldnt that mean that they were willing to let the Myriad Formation Devil off

“Treasure” Huang Xiaolong looked at them, and a ring appeared in his hand.

“Are you talking about this”

When everyone saw the item appear in Huang Xiaolongs hands, they were shocked.

It was hard to believe that all nine beast kings formed an alliance just to retrieve an ordinary-looking mysterious ring.

It was different for the nine beast kings.

As soon as the ring appeared in Huang Xiaolongs hand, their breathing sped up as flashes of light crossed their eyes.

“Thats right!” Suppressing the excitement in their hearts, the beast kings continued, “Thats something that belongs to us! We would be thankful if Dao Friend Huang Xiaolong hands it over to us!”


Ill return it if all of you can defeat me.” Huang Xiaolong scoffed.

“Im sure youre not just here for the ring.

Dont you want my Pure Soil too”

The patriarchs of the various creeds gasped in shock.

They didnt expect Huang Xiaolong to continue to provoke the beast kings after they took a step back.

Hearing the way he spoke, he was planning to fight all nine beast kings at once, was he not!

That… That was something none of them could comprehend! It was absurd!

A terrifying ray of light emerged from the eyes of the Black and White Dao Venerable when he heard Huang Xiaolongs rejection.

The nine beast kings were equally as shocked.

They didnt think that Huang Xiaolong would reject their request.

The beast king who suggested the idea initially roared with laughter, and his voice boomed through the entire Origin Heavenly Cave.

“Dao Friend Huang Xiaolong, you might be strong, and you might be able to defeat any one of us easily.

However, do you believe that we can kill you easily as long as we join hands Are you sure you wish to challenge us”

“Youre right.

We wanted the Pure Soil when we announced the invasion, but right now, were content with just getting our treasure back.”

Huang Xiaolong snorted coldly.

What king of bullsh*t were they sprouting Did they think they could get whatever they wanted just because they formed an alliance

“Hehe, the nine of you are wimps.” Huang Xiaolong mocked.

“You dont even dare to show your face before me, and you hide behind your army like a scared little tortoise.

The ring is right here.

If youre capable, come take it from me.

If youre too scared to come down, you can just bring your army and get out of my face.”

The faces of all nine beast kings sank.

Getting to their feet, a snort left their lips, and a loud blast resounded in the ears of those in the Origin Heavenly Cave.

The faces of the patriarchs and the rest changed instantly.

“Huang Xiaolong, since you dont know whats good for you, well kill you right here and now! Well bury the Origin Heavenly Cave along with your dead body!”

Waving his arm, the beast king laid down his order.


In an instant, an endless amount of death beasts poured into the Origin Heavenly Cave.

The skies changed as the Death Beast Army marched into the region.

They were like an endless tide, and they swallowed one sacred land after another.

From the outside world, the Death Beast Army was unstoppable!

The experts from the various creeds started to panic.

As for the Mysterious Sparrow Dao Venerable, he roared in anger, “Huang Xiaolong, you doomed our Origin Heavenly Cave! Youre a sinner, you motherf*cker!”

As soon as the words left his lips, a slap landed on his face.

Huang Xiaolong waved his arm, and his palm pierced directly through the defensive formations of the World Masters Manor and landed accurately on the Mysterious Sparrow Dao Venerables face.

When everyone looked over, the once respected patriarch had turned into a pile of flesh.

The faces of everyone changed once again.

That was when they finally realized how terrifying Huang Xiaolong was.

Even the grand formation around the World Masters Manor couldnt stop him!

Those who were like the Mysterious Sparrow Dao Venerable swallowed their words, and a look of fear formed on their faces.

Whatever the case, they knew that they couldnt offend the monster that was Huang Xiaolong!

After dealing with the Mysterious Sparrow Dao Venerable, Huang Xiaolong took a step out and appeared before the Death Beast Army.

The Blood Dragon Stele and the Purple Lightning Peak appeared beside him.

“Kill.” Huang Xiaolongs voice rang through the air.

Just the soundwave alone killed god knew how many death beasts, and as soon as the sound wave died down, a massive tear appeared in the space around the Death Beast Army.

The tear was several hundred millions of miles long, and an uncountable number of beasts died in an instant.

With the Blood Dragon Stele in his left hand and the Purple Lightning Peak in his right hand, Huang Xiaolong started his one-sided massacre.

The Myriad Formation Devil, San Song, Wangu Xu, Lei Yu, and the others didnt remain idle.

As soon as Huang Xiaolong started his assault, all of them shot into the skies, and they flew into the pack of death beasts like wolves into a flock of sheep.

Xiao Tianqi snapped back to attention when he saw Death Beast Army invading their lands, and he roared in rage, “Origin Army, arrange the formations and kill all the intruders!”

Formations started to light up along the World Masters Manor, and it slowly started to spread around the surrounding space.

The Origin Army that appeared from the World Masters Manor clashed with the Death Beast Army, and blood filled the skies in an instant.

The experts of the Origin Heavenly Cave had no time to play the blame game any longer as every single one of them launched themselves at the enemy.

“Huang Xiaolong, we are your opponent!” Nine figures appeared in the skies all of a sudden and nine giant palms came crashing down on Huang Xiaolong.

In a flash, the power of nirvana, poison, absolute lightning, and absolute frost surrounded Huang Xiaolong as he returned a punch.


The skies trembled and the earth shook.

Even with four powers at perfection level, Huang Xiaolong was sent flying by the combined strikes of the nine beast kings.

He shattered countless sacred lands in his wake.

Everyone stared at him in shock, including Xiao Tianqi.

Huang Xiaolongs power was something Xiao Tianqi looked up to, but that wasnt enough for him to block the combined might of nine beast kings!

As Huang Xiaolong smashed through a sacred land after another, the nine figures flashed as they appeared above him once again.

It was clear they didnt want to give Huang Xiaolong time to compose himself.

They wanted to cripple him as quickly as possible!

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