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Chapter 3124: Journey to the Origin Lands

When they were still reeling from shock, a figure appeared in the void above the World Masters Manor.

The figure wasnt extremely tall, but everyone who looked at him felt as though the figures presence was as large as the Huang Long World itself.

“We greet Your Highness, the Son of Creation!” Xiao Tianqi was the first to react as he bowed.

The various region masters hadnt seen Huang Xiaolong in their lives, but when they saw Xiao Tianqis actions, they hastily got to their knees.

”We greet Your Highness!” Their voices boomed through the entire Origin Heavenly Cave.

Huang Xiaolong stood in the air as he looked at those present.

After six hundred years of cultivation, the aura he exuded was completely different from before.

“Rise.” Huang Xiaolongs voice rang through the air.

Xiao Tianqi and the others expressed their thanks before getting to their geet.

As Huang Xiaolong clasped his hands behind his back, he looked towards the Origin Lands.

In the past six hundred years, he managed to push the power of absolute blaze to perfection level, and he also managed to comprehend the power of absolute wind and earth!

Now, he had control over ten different types of elements, which were the power of nirvana, radiance, darkness, poison, lightning, blaze, frost, wood, wind, and earth!

Out of the ten, the power of nirvana, poison, lightning, blaze, and frost were at perfection level!

As for the other elements he wielded, they experienced all sorts of improvement during his time in seclusion.

For example, the power of wood reached the minor completion stage, and the power of radiance reached the peak of the minor completion stage and it would enter the major completion stage at any moment!

However, the power of darkness was still a little bit off from the minor completion stage.

“Only the power of time, space, and metal is left.” Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

He still had a lot of Dazzling Gold Stone in his hands, and it wouldnt be hard for him to comprehend the power of metal.

The only problems were the power of time and space! Even after so many years, he failed to grasp either!

With a single step, Huang Xiaolong appeared before the grand hall of the World Masters Manor.

He stepped into the hall and took his seat.

He asked Xiao Tianqi about the events that happened in the past six hundred years.

While he was stuck in seclusion, there wasnt anything important that happened in the Origin Holy World.

With his identity as the Son of Creation, along with his battle accomplishments, no one dared to cause any trouble in the Origin Holy World.

As for the Mystical Pavilion, they didnt cause too much trouble.

The only thing they did was to merge the various branches in the Origin Holy World.

More than several dozen thousand branches merged into a mere thousand, and after they gathered, the power they possessed caused several region masters headaches.

And there still wasnt any news on Huang Shuai.

The only thing Huang Xiaolong managed to gain was that several experts saw the leader of the Death Beasts Peril Land in the Origin Lands.

Di Shuang was last seen in the Black Frost Abyss, a forbidden ground in the Origin Lands.

The other person whose whereabouts was unknown was the Main Pavilion Master of the Mystical Pavilion.

Even with his power, Xiao Tianqi failed to locate the mysterious powerhouse.

Several hours later, Xiao Tianqi and the various region masters left the hall and Huang Xiaolong contacted the Hailan Envoy of the Mystical Pavilion, the Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor, the Purple Giant, and Three Blades Yang.

Their replies shocked him.

“Oh The Son of Mystic went over to the Origin Lands” Huang Xiaolong looked at the reports and his heart shook.

That was indeed good news.

The Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor might not know where Huang Shuai was, but the Son of Mystic might!

As long as Huang Xiaolong took the prince down, he would be able to learn the true appearance of the Pavilion Master!

However, the only problem was that no one knew the true appearance of the person! One had to know that even if he stood before Huang Xiaolong, he wouldnt recognize the man! Moreover, it was nearly impossible to locate a single person in the boundless Origin Lands!

Light flashed through Huang Xiaolongs eyes and he decided to make a trip down to the Origin Lands the very next day.

In the past, he made Xiao Tianqi and the others look for the Black Shadow Devil, and they managed to do it.

They had credible sources telling them that the Black Shadow Devil was in the Purple Sun Heavenly Cave! When Huang Xiaolong went to the Origin Lands, he could conveniently stop by the Purple Sun Heavenly Cave to look for the Black Shadow Devil!

As soon as dawn broke the next day, Huang Xiaolong left the Origin Heavenly Cave.

When he left, Huang Xiaolong didnt bring too many people with him.

He only brought Lei Yu, He Zhen, and the nine beast kings.

Including Huang Xiaolong, there were twelve people heading towards the Origin Lands.

As for Xiao Tianqi, San Song, and the others, they remained in the Origin Heavenly Cave in case anything happened.

The Purple Lightning Peak disappeared into the horizon, and Huang Xiaolong didnt tell them that he was headed to the Origin Lands.

After all, he didnt want the information to leak.

Along the way, Huang Xiaolong exchanged pointers with all eleven of them while trying to comprehend the power of metal from the Dazzling Gold Stones.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong used the Myriad Formation Devils memories to increase his knowledge on the art of formations.

As someone who fought the Myriad Formation Devil in the past, Huang Xiaolong knew exactly how strong the art of formations was.

If he could reach the same level as He Zhen, or even better, reach a higher level than He Zhen in the art of formations, he would be able to wield a terrifying amount of power!

With He Zhens actual strength, he managed to enter the top ten ranks on the Extermination List.

However, he managed to reach the fourth rank with the assistance of his formations! One could see how useful the art of formations was.

Using He Zhens memories and Huang Xiaolongs talent, his knowledge in the art of formations took a huge leap forward.

“Your Highness, we have arrived in the Purple Sun Heavenly Cave.” A month later, Lei Yu reported to Huang Xiaolong.

He finally stopped whatever he was doing, and he spoke to He Zhen, “Lay down the formation.”

He wasnt going to let the Black Shadow Devil escape this time!

With his figure disappearing from sight, He Zhen started to lay down a formation that covered the entire region.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong released all three dao souls as he searched for the familiar aura! After one whole hour, he finally found who he was searching for!

The aura might be extremely mysterious, and it managed to fuse with the space around him, but Huang Xiaolong managed to sniff him out.

Even if Xiao Tianqi arrived, he might not be able to detect the presence of the Black Shadow Devil, but the Black Shadow Devil was unlucky.

Huang Xiaolong came over personally this time.

With the power of three dao souls, nothing could hide from him!

With Huang Xiaolongs current strength, the number of people who could hide from him could probably be counted on one hand!

After locking on to the Black Shadow Devil, Huang Xiaolong didnt dare to be careless as he retrieved the Purple Lightning Peak.

He made everyone else hide their auras before heading straight for the Black Shadow Devil.

The twelve of them were extremely quick, but they didnt cause so much as a ripple in the space around them as they charged towards the Black Shadow Devil.

As they flew closer and closer, the formation laid down by the Myriad Formations Devil started to shrink.

It went without saying that the smaller it became, the stronger the formation was.

However, Huang Xiaolong and the others eventually alerted the Black Shadow Devil, and he started to make his escape.

He drilled into the space around him as he tried to leave the area!

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