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Chapter 3135: Should I Cripple Hao Zhen

Lei Qianqian remained silent when she heard his request.

She wasnt sorry for Huang Xiaolong at all.

After all, it wasnt strange for a genius to fall in the Origin Lands.

The expert of the Nine Eyed Black Tiger Race reached the control room and spoke to the members of the Treasure Lake Chamber of Commerce.

“Start the ship Theres still half an hour till we depart! Moreover, there are several customers from the second-class cabin still not back yet!” One of the custodians couldnt help but hesitate.

The expert from the Nine Eyed Black Tiger Race sneered, “They wont be coming back anymore.

They have been killed by the members of the Silver Horn Barbarian Locust Race in the Black Frost City! Our Young Master Hao Zhen, personally requested for you guys to leave now! Are you planning to waste His Highness time!”

Nodding his head slowly, the custodian sighed.


“Who dares!” A voice boomed through the air as the grand custodian, the one Huang Xiaolong dealt with before, came charging into the room.

The expert from the Nine Eyed Black Tiger Race didnt expect for the grand custodian to interfere, and his expression turned cold instantly.

“Grand Custodian Chen, dont forget your place! How dare you go against His Highness order!”

The grand custodian from the Treasure Lake Chamber of Commerce sneered, “An order from the Nine Eyed Black Tiger Race Are you an eminent elder of our Treasure Lake Chamber of Commerce Or are you the vice director When did your Young Master gain the authority to order the members of the Treasure Lake Chamber of Commerce around”

Slightly taken aback, the expert from the Nine Eyed Black Tiger Race hesitated for a moment.

His expression sank, and he growled, “Fine! Grand Custodian Chen, since you have said so, I shall report everything you said to His Highness! I hope you can be responsible when His Highness asks for the person who made the decision! Dont come begging His Highness when the time comes…” As soon as the words left his lips, he turned around to leave.

As soon as he left the control room, he saw Huang Xiaolong and the others returning.

When he saw them, he couldnt help but widen his eyes in shock.

Didnt they say that Man Yihui dealt with the kid How could they return to the Heaven Piercer Did Man Yihui and the others recognize the wrong guy

Huang Xiaolong and the others ignored the man as they returned to their cabins.

The Nine Eyed Black Tiger Race failed to realize that there was one more person behind Huang Xiaolong when he returned!

By the time Huang Xiaolong entered his cabin, the expert from the Nine Eyed Black Tiger Race rushed back to make the report.

Hao Zhen nearly smashed the table before him when he heard the report.

His expression turned dark in an instant.

“That brat is too f*cking lucky! How can Man Yihui fail to find him! He even managed to run all the way back here with his filthy slaves…”

“Your Highness, I followed your orders and asked the members of the Treasure Lake Chamber of Commerce to start the ship, but Grand Custodian Chen stopped me.

He refused to listen to your order.” The expert from the Nine Eyed Black Tiger Race spoke all of a sudden.

With rage already burning in his heart, Hao Zhen couldnt help but lash out when he heard the news.

With a chilly light running through his eyes, he growled, “How dare a mere custodian of the Treasure Lake Chamber of Commerce ignore my order!”

Lei Qianqian glanced at him from the corner of his eye.

“Stop messing about.

Grand Custodian Chen is backed by Eminent Elder Chen Yi of the Treasure Lake Chamber of Commerce.” Chen Yi was no ordinary eminent elder.

He was extremely revered in the Treasure Lake Chamber of Commerce and his connections stretched far and wide.

Hao Zhen chuckled softly, “Qianqian, you can relax.

I spoke without thinking…”

Nothing happened along the way, and Huang Xiaolong continued his cultivation with the assistance of the various experts by his side.

The only difference was that he controlled eleven of the thirteen elements now, and there was another peak-level expert by his side!

As the fourteen of them released their power, streams of energy started to intertwine.

Within Huang Xiaolongs palace, bright lights filled the space around Huang Xiaolong.

No one could peer past the screen of light and several months passed in the blink of an eye.

When they arrived at the Boundless City, Huang Xiaolong and the fourteen of them disembarked the Heaven Piercer.

As soon as they left, they ran into Hao Zhen and Lei Qianqians party.

Looking at Huang Xiaolong, Hao Zhen sneered, “Youre pretty lucky to avoid Man Yihui…” After he spoke, he left without looking back.

Lei Qianqians gaze lingered on Huang Xiaolong for a short while before she left.

Man Yihui Avoided him Huang Xiaolong chuckled under his breath.

He was too lazy to speak to Hao Zhen.

When he defeated Di Shuang, he took care of Man Yihui and the rest too.

Man Yihui was already one of his subordinates, but he was hidden somewhere as there was no point in making Man Yihui and the members of the Silver Horn Barbarian Locust Race follow him around.

“Your Highness, should I cripple that guy” Di Shuang took a step forward and spoke to Huang Xiaolong.

“Theres no need.” Huang Xiaolong waved his hand.

“Hes just a bug.”

Killing Hao Zhen was something he could do with the snap of his fingers.

There wasnt a need for him to waste his time on a bug like that, and he knew that he would attract the attention of the ten overlords if he were to do so.

If that happened, his identity would be revealed and the Son of Mystic might be scared away.

Huang Xiaolong didnt enter the city as he headed straight towards the Origin Sea.

Several days later, they arrived at the edge of the Origin Sea.

Looking at the towering waves that raged about the Origin Seas surface, Huang Xiaolong and the others realized that the Origin Sea wasnt actually a sea made up of water! It was formed from dense heaven and earth spiritual energy, and the qi it contained held a mysterious power.

The power it contained was extremely chaotic such that no one could refine it.

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Several rays of light could be seen on the horizon, and several islands could be seen floating about.

The scene was mesmerizing.

However, Huang Xiaolong knew that it was all an illusion.

The Origin Sea could be said to be the most dangerous place in the entire Huang Long World.

Telling everyone to be careful, Huang Xiaolong urged Lei Yu forward.

The Myriad Formation Devil, Black Shadow Devil, and the ten beast kings followed behind him.

Even though the restrictions around the Origin Sea were heavy and there were many genesis level beasts roaming about, all of them there were peak-level experts.

None of them cared about the small dangers that they would run across.

Not too long after they entered the Origin Sea, Huang Xiaolongs group ran into a bunch of genesis level beasts.

There were over fifty of them, and they launched an assault on Huang Xiaolongs crew.

Spitting out a ray of purple lightning, Lei Yi sent them all back to meet their maker.

The reason Huang Xiaolong entered the Origin Sea wasnt solely for the Tree of Origin.

He had to look for the Son of Mystic too, and he wasnt in a rush to head deeper into the Origin Sea.

Instead, he flew about casually as he released his dao souls to look for signs of the prince.

Even though Huang Xiaolong hadnt seen him before, he had a strange feeling that he would be able to recognize the man as soon as he felt it!

Just as Huang Xiaolong and the others charged into the Origin Sea, Hao Zhen, Lei Qianqian, and the experts of their races arrived.

Not too long after they entered the Origin Sea, another group of experts arrived.

The newcomers emitted a mysterious aura as weird runes flashed through their eyes.

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