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Chapter 3141:Step Back!

Almost in the same moment the palm force hit, Lei Yu roared, and thick, dense streaks of lightning rampaged, accompanied by glaring radiance and billowing crimson blaze!

Before the three races shocked gazes, Lei Yu raised his front paw to meet with the attack head-on.


The Nine Eyed Black Tiger Races Eminent Elder Hao Duo, who had haughtily permitted Huang Xiaolong to leave safely after handing out the Flower of Time, seemed to be struck by a great force, and his body stiffened, then he staggered back uncontrollably into the group of Black Tiger Races experts.

Hao Duo suppressed his roiling blood flow as he stared fixedly at Lei Yu, “You wield perfection level absolute lightning power! Major completion radiance power and absolute blaze!”

The slave mount he had reprimanded earlier was actually a supreme expert that was many times stronger than him!

A heavy silence filled the atmosphere.

Even experts from the Destiny Race were too shocked to react.

Other than an expert that wielded the major completion power of space, there was another great expert by this youngsters side!

Moreover, it was the youngsters mount!

Experts all around could see that the three-headed beasts strength was comparable to an existence on the Extermination Lists top fifteen, yet such an expert was actually this young mans beast mount!

Lei Qianqians face turned several shades of white in just a few moments, and she recalled hearing the Silver Horned Barbarian Locust Races Patriarch Man Yihui leading a group of experts to hunt Huang Xiaolong.

All along, all of them had assumed that Huang Xiaolong had avoided Man Yihuis pursuit by a stroke of luck, but now, the truth didnt seem to be so!

Even Man Yihui who possessed strength comparable to an expert on the Extermination Lists top twenty wasnt a match against this youngsters beast mount.

It seems like the youngsters group collided with Man Yihuis group and forced Man Yihuis group back and safely left the Black Frost Abyss! Lei Qianqian guessed inwardly.

“I didnt expect there to be two great experts by your side,” the Destiny Races Eminent Elder Li Shuo said to Huang Xiaolong.

“These two experts by your side are strong indeed, however, even if the two of them join hands, I am confident that I can suppress them completely, so, its better you hand over the Flower of Time!” Li Shuo went on contemplatively, “We dont want much, just one stalk.”

They didnt care whetherHuang Xiaolong, the Lightning Phoenix Race, or Nine Eyed Black Tiger Race got the remaining stalk.

Huang Xiaolong sneered inwardly at those words, it seems Li Shuo and his group were treating his words as a fart, as he had already stated that none of them could leave.

Just as Lei Qianqian opened her mouth, wanting to say something, Huang Xiaolongs indifferent voice sounded, “Di Fan, the nine of you handle this!”

“Its fine as long as theyre not dead!” Huang Xiaolong supplemented.

“Yes, Your Highness!” Di Fan and the other eight beast kings nodded and complied.

Lei Qianqian, Li Shuo, and the others were dumbfounded by Huang Xiaolongs decision.

Li Shuo sneered sarcastically.

“As long as theyre not dead” He then shifted his gaze onto the nine beast kings.

“What a big tone you have, relying on these slave subordinates of yours”

“Today, Ill—!” Before Li Shuo could finish his sentence, Di Fan and the eight beast kings disappeared in a blur, and reappeared in the air right before him.

All nine struck out with their palms, eighteen strikes in all, and various elements of perfection-level absolute powers filled the sky.

It was as if the whole Sea of Origin was being flipped upside down.

Li Shuos initial nonchalant expression suddenly changed as he looked at Di Fans group in shock.

They are…!

“Step back!”

Li Shuo roared at the Destiny Races experts behind him, his voice trembling with fear, as he pushed his power of absolute time and space to the limit.

The space before him elongated as the river of time rippled.

Li Shuo was attempting to segregate the space between him and Di Fans group, and slow down their attacks at the same time.

But it was futile!

Li Shuos power of space shattered under the pressure of a dozen perfection level absolute powers from Di Fans group of nine, and the river of time cut off.

No power of space or time stood a chance against the nine peoples violent force.


Eighteen palms landed on Li Shuos body.


In the same instant, eighteen blasts thundered in the sky.

The armor protecting Li Shuo from head to toe exploded into dust, and Li Shuo himself was sent flying towards the distant island, dragging hundreds of meters tall waves, before crashing down hard.

The rumbling continued as the remnant force from the nine peoples attacks swirled around, jarring Lei Qianqian, Li Tianyao, Hao Duo, and the others minds.

Lei Qianqian, Li Tianyao, Hao Duo and the others stared stupidly in the direction Li Shuo was sent flying away.

They sensed the vast energy surging around Di Fan and the other eight experts, and blood drained from their faces from terror as they trembled.

Li Tianyao looked at Di Fans group in disbelief.

He had sensed his father, the Destiny Races patriarchs strongest momentum, and each one in Di Fans group exuded momentum comparable to his father!

No, these nine people, especially three among them, were stronger than his father!

The Nine Eyed Black Tiger Races young patriarch, Hao Zheng, was pale to his lips from fear.

This kind of momentum could only be found on ten overlords of Origin Lands!

These nine people were as strong as the Origin Lands ten overlords, but it was more frightening that these nine people were merely a young mans slaves.

Hao Zheng felt that he almost could not control his bladder as he remembering that he had sent people to warn Huang Xiaolong on the Heaven Piercer, claiming that Huang Xiaolong and his slaves would be thrown off the flying ship if they make a further ruckus.

He recalled how he had taunted Huang Xiaolong for merely being lucky to escape Man Yihuis pursuit.

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“Nine Honorable Lords,” Lei Qianqian cautiously approached Di Fans group and started speaking when Di Fan and the other eight once again launched another attack.

The nine of them appeared in front of the Nine Eyed Black Tiger Races Eminent Elder Hao Duo.

Hao Duo and other Nine Eyed Black Tiger Races eminent elders were frightened half to death when Di Fans group was suddenly right in front of them.

Even a great expert on the Extermination List like Li Shuo was hit until his life and death remained a question, then whats more to the little shrimps and fishes like them Would they be tortured to scums!

“Run!” Hao Duo roared.

Earlier, Li Shuo had shouted for them to step back, but Hao Duo directly roared for his group to run.

There was not a shred of hesitation.

At the same time, Hao Duo pushed his small worlds energy to the limit, and his absolute power surged violently.

Other Black Tiger Race experts did the same thing, circulating their cosmos energy to the limit in an attempt to block the attack from Di Fans group.

The several Black Tiger Race eminent elders absolute darkness power combined together, creating an environment of endless darkness with no hope of light.

It felt as if the whole world had fallen into never-ending darkness.

However, as darkness condensed, spread, and drowned the surrounding, suddenly, a thunderous blast shook the skies, as if the darkness was forcefully torn apart by an invisible beast.

In the next second, Hao Duo and all the eminent elders suffered a blow, and were sent flying; Hao Zheng included.

No Nine Eyed Black Tiger Race experts were spared.

When Hao Duo roared at the others to run, Lei Qianqian and other Black Tiger Races experts turned into streaks of light to flee the scene.

However, they barely turned around when their paths were blocked by Death Beast King Di Shuang.

Seeing their paths were blocked, Lei Qianqian blurted out in a hurry and anger, “Dog of a slave, get the f*ck out of the way!” Power of major completion absolute lightning and absolute wind gathered and blasted towards Di Shuang.

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