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Chapter 3150: Thirteen Elements Again!


When Cang Xun heard Huang Xiaolong say that they could join hands to attack him, he sneered inwardly after the feeling of surprise receded.

He believed that even though Huang Xiaolong was someone who had battled the nine beast kings at once, which was a statement of his overwhelming battle prowess, he still was delusional to think he alone could defeat the Origin Lands’ tens of thousands of experts at the same time! 

These tens of thousands of experts were patriarchs and eminent elders of races in the Origin Lands, and they were the strongest! On top of that, they were at the Origin Lands, and the ten overlords could use the Origin Land’s origin energy to increase their strengths! 

“Since Your Highness has spoken, we will respectfully adhere to it,” Cang Xun said with a sly grin, and then his momentum soared to the peak as his voice reached the present patriarchs and eminent elders, “Everyone heard what His Highness said.

Everyone, attack at full force, as we absolutely must not disappoint His Highness!” 

“Yes, Lord Cang Xun!” The various races’ patriarchs and eminent elders answered sonorously as cosmos energy surged from their bodies.

They were more than ready to let Huang Xiaolong have a taste of their most powerful attacks.

When Cang Xun’s brewing energy reached the peak, he did not attack immediately, but connected with the Origin Lands’ origin energy as did the other overlords.

In an instant, the rich origin in the Origin Lands frenziedly surged to the surface from underground, resembling a volcano that had been brewing for thousands of years, erupting violently.

The land swayed and mountains shook.

Every corner of the Origin Lands was trembling.

Cracks and fissures opened through the land. 

Countless mountain ranges burst into pieces, and flowing rivers got broken into sections.

Vigorous origin energy spewed out from underground and gathered around Cang Xun and other nine overlords.

Having their strengths bolstered by origin energy, Cang Xun and others’ momentum soared higher, exuding a momentum many times stronger than moments ago!

Cang Xun’s overwhelming momentum made Di Shuang wary.

Before, Cang Xun’s strength was probably at par with his, and at that level neither could triumph the other, but now, with Cang Xun’s strength bolstered by the land’s origin energy, his strength had clearly surpassed him! And Cang Xun’s momentum was still rising!

No wonder Cang Xun had the confidence to provoke Huang Xiaolong.

Yet Huang Xiaolong remained unperturbed by the rise in Cang Xun and the others’ momentums.

Had he merely had five elements of perfection, and mastered eleven elements of absolute powers, without the Huang Long Armor, and Huang Long Twin Blades, he would be hard pressed to fend off tens of thousands of Origin Lands’ experts. 

But his current strength was not the same as one thousand and two hundred years ago.


When Cang Xun’s momentum reached a new peak, he bellowed and lunged towards Huang Xiaolong in attack,

Other overlords also attacked simultaneously.

As for the overlord that was sent flying by Yuan Tianyi, his injuries healed rapidly with the help of origin energy, and he also joined the battle.

With the ten overlords of Origin Lands, as well as tens of thousands of experts consisting of various races’ patriarchs and eminent elders, the Origin Sea’s surroundings became tumultuous with high splashing waves.

Due to Huang Xiaolong’s order, Di Shuang and the rest of the group retreated far away, and they still ashen slightly from the overwhelming destructive power.

“Could His Highness withstand this attack” Di Fan whispered worriedly.

Before this magnitude of power, not to mention the nine of them, even all ten beast kings together would find it difficult to parry this attack. 

They knew that Huang Xiaolong was exceptionally strong, but they were not certain if he could withstand the ten overlords, and so many Origin Lands’ experts combined attack.

Di Shuang kept his silence as he, too, couldn’t say for certain if Huang Xiaolong could prevail in that attack.

The combined attacks from the overlords and tens of thousands of Origin Lands’ experts reached Huang Xiaolong almost in the blink of an eye.

Yet Huang Xiaolong watched unhurriedly while circulating thirteen elements of absolute power.

Thirteen different colors of light formed a formidable protective barrier around him, and within the barrier were various manifestations. 

The Huang Long Armor emerged to the surface and wrapped around Huang Xiaolong’s body, and the Huang Long Twin Blades in his hands.

Huang Xiaolong took a step forward, arriving almost instantaneously in front of Cang Xun as his foot landed.

Cosmos energy from his three small worlds surged to the limit and the Huang Long Twin Blades glistened in the light.

Although Di Shuang was the leader of the ten beast kings, never in his life had he seen anything glistened so bright.

These radiant rays pierced through the bright light formed by Cang Xun and the tens of thousands of Origin Lands’ experts, resembling the light of creation that was unstoppable.

After comprehending the power of time and space, Huang Xiaolong’s speed had grown too fast for people like Cang Xun and other overlords to capture.

They could only see blurry afterimages.

Whereas, the others couldn’t even capture Huang Xiaolong’s after images.

All they could see was two gleams of blade lights drawing arcs across space! Like an exploding fallen meteor, or ten thousand suns gathered in one place.

Two rays of blade rays flashed across space, and in the next second, the leader of the ten overlords, Cang Xun, was sent flying, followed by the other nine overlords, and finally the Origin Lands’ patriarchs and eminent elders joined them!

None of them managed to dodge the two blade rays, nor did anyone withstood it.

When the two blade rays disappeared, Huang Xiaolong remained standing in the air.

As for Cang Xun, the other overlords, and various races’ patriarchs and eminent elders, they either crashed into the Origin Sea or the islands.

Islands exploded into pieces from the impact, and waves rose high into the air.

Di Shuang, Di Fan, Myriad Formation Devil, Lei Yu, Black Shadow Devil, Li Shuo, and others were rendered agape.

“Thirteen elements absolute power!” Cang Xun struggled to break out from an island in the Origin Sea while he shrieked sharply, as he couldn’t be bothered with his injuries at this moment.

Although the Huang Long Armor and Huang Long Twin Blades were a surprise to Cang Xun, it was the fact that Huang Xiaolong had comprehended the thirteen elements that jarred him the most.

He had never heard of anyone in the Huang Long World who had successfully comprehended ten and above absolute powers, but now, Huang Xiaolong had shown the power of thirteen elements!

Thirteen elements, complete elements!

The other nine overlords, and various Origin Lands’ patriarchs and eminent elders were jarred to their souls. 

Huang Xiaolong fully activated the power of his Huang Long Bloodline, releasing overwhelming heavenly might that covered every corner of the Origin Lands.

Cang Xun, and the other nine overlords were suppressed until they could not raise their heads, much less the others.

Under the combined pressure from Huang Xiaolong’s thirteen elements of absolute powers and his Huang Long Bloodline, even Yuan Tianji had to circulate his own thirteen elements to reduce the coercive pressure from Huang Xiaolong.

Cang Xun and the others noticed the thirteen elements’ energies appearing around Yuan Tianji, with seven of them at perfection level, and all of them were beyond shocked, and they quivered in fear.

The overlord, who had repeatedly called Yuan Tianyi a slave earlier, nearly pissed himself.

“Another with thirteen elements! All of them have reached major completion, seven of them at perfection level!”

Di Shuang, Di Fan, and every present expert were beyond shocked that there was such a terrifying existence in the Origin Holy World

Suddenly, they remembered that Huang Xiaolong had found the Tree of Origin at the end of the Origin Sea.

Could His Highness have encountered this creature there Does this beast live at the end of the Origin Sea


Several hours later, Cang Xun and the other nine overlords were all branded with the creation mark by Huang Xiaolong.

Naturally, those races’ patriarchs and eminent elders were on their knees crying submission.

After going through Cang Xun’s memories, Huang Xiaolong surprisingly discovered that the Son of Mystic was still within the Origin Sea.



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