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Chapter 3151: Blood Moon


“Blood Moon Sea,” Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself.

The Blood Moon Sea and Origin Sea were known as the Origin Holy World’s two seas.

There was a rumor that the Tree of Origin was at the end of the Origin Sea, and in the depths of the Blood Moon Sea was a blood moon!

The blood moon was also an innate treasure that was born at the same time as Huang Long World, and it was one of the supreme treasures of Huang Long World.

It was said that the blood moon exuded a kind of bloody-red moonlight.

If one cultivated by absorbing this blood-red moonlight, one could continuously purify their bloodline and improve their bloodline’s power!

And this blood red moonlight could strengthen one’s physical body and help one to cultivate their grand dao physique to the limit of perfection level!

Could the thing the Son of Mystic wants to find is the blood moon Huang Xiaolong pondered inwardly.

Without dallying any longer, Huang Xiaolong led a group of experts towards the Blood Moon Sea.

The group consisted of Lei Yu, Myriad Formation Devil, Li Shuo, the ten beast kings, Cang Xun, and the rest of the ten overlords.

Naturally, the behemoth beast Yuan Tianji was part of the group. 

Along the way, when Lei Yu and the others noticed that Huang Xiaolong and Yuan Tianyi’s relationship was not that harmonious, their gazes on Yuan Tianyi turned slightly hostile.

Yuan Tianyi ignored these people and entered the Sun Moon Furnace with Huang Xiaolong to cultivate under the Tree of Origin. 

Lei Yu, Black Shadow Devil, and the others drove the Purple Lightning Peak deeper into the Blood Moon Sea.

Roughly two weeks later…

The Blood Moon Sea appeared on the horizon.

Huang Xioalong and Yuan Tianyi came out from the Sun Moon Furnace.

Yuan Tianyi didn’t look too happy after coming out from the Sun Moon Furnace.

Although he was able to continue cultivating under the Tree of Origin, the result was much worse compared to the past.

Huang Xiaolong was overly domineering in absorbing origin qi when cultivating, and he had no way to snatch more origin qi from Huang Xiaolong’s hands.

But when he and Huang Xiaolong had made the vow, it was agreed between them that when Huang Xiaolong was not cultivating under the Tree of Origin, he too couldn’t cultivate under the Tree of Origin! 

Therefore, if he wanted to cultivate, he had to wait for Huang Xiaolong!

But when Huang Xiaolong was cultivating, he failed to snatch more origin qi from Huang Xiaolong, which depressed Yuan Tianyi. 

Huang Xiaolong didn’t pay attention to Yuan Tianyi’s sullen expression that looked like someone owed him a lot of money.

Instead, he looked towards the Blood Moon Sea up ahead.

The Blood Moon Sea was completely contrary to the Origin Sea.

The Blood Moon Sea was entirely blood-red in color, including the rolling waves, the rocks, the reefs, water plants, and everything.

Even the islands on this sea were red in color!

This unique scenery was unforgettable in a lifetime. 

Nine out of ten people were certain the reason why the Blood Moon Sea was like this was due to the blood moon.

There were also others that believed that the redness of the sea was related to a kind of lava overspilling from the seabed!

No one knew how the red lava spewed out from under the seabed nor where the source was.

It was a brief stop before Huang Xiaolong dove into the blood-red waters.

The rest quickly followed after him.

Huang Xiaolong’s three dao souls’ senses spread out, surveying the blood-red lava on the seabed in detail.

The Blood Moon Sea’s blood moon was a very old legend.

However, no one had ever found the said blood moon.

Huang Xiaolong had a feeling that the red lava flow was related to the blood moon.

After entering the Blood Moon Sea, Huang Xiaolong noticed that everyone was cloaked in a layer of redness, and this redness seemed like an innate-born layer of red skin.

“This Blood Moon Sea is really magical,” Lei Yu stated in admiration.

“In the past, all living beings that entered the Blood Moon Sea would turn blood-red in color! Does the blood moon really possess such magical powers”

“The blood moon is merely a legend, and it remains to be verified,” the Myriad Formation Devil said, shaking his head.

Cang Xun nodded in agreement, “The ten of us have entered the Blood Moon Sea numerous times, but we have never found any clues of the blood moon.

Whether the blood moon exists or not is really hard to say.”

Di Shuang and others also chimed in, and their words more or less suspected whether the blood moon really existed.

Huang Xiaolong suddenly stated, “The blood moon exists.” 

The certainty in Huang Xiaolong’s voice surprised everyone.

They couldn’t understand why Huang Xiaolong was so certain.

Yuan Tianyi said, “The Tree of Origin was also supposed to be a legend, and had any of you seen it before None of you had ever seen the Tree of Origin in the past, right Similarly, just because one has never seen the blood moon, it does not mean it does not exist.

The Blood Moon Sea’s peculiarity can only have one explanation that the blood moon exists!”

Everyone looked at Huang Xiaolong. 

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head in agreement.

“There is a unique energy within the Blood Moon Sea, and the source of this strange energy is most likely the blood moon.

Don’t you guys sense this energy”

Everyone shook their heads.

Huang Xiaolong was surprised. Does that mean only I and Yuan Tianyi are able to sense it Or only people who have mastered the thirteen elements of absolute power like me and Yuan Tianyi can sense this strange energy

However, after mastering the thirteen elements of absolute power, Huang Xiaolong did discover something different with the heaven and earth from the past, just like how a Dao Venerable Realm expert saw more than an Emperor Realm cultivator.

In the past, there was a part of the grand dao that Huang Xiaolong couldn’t figure out, but now it was clear as day to him.

Despite his Huang Long Bloodline, Huang Xiaolong had always felt that the heaven and earth of Huang Long World was far out of his grasp.

Whereas now, it felt so close, as if he could touch them if he extended his palm!

Yuan Tianyi’s voice interrupted Huang Xioalong’s thoughts.

“Huang Xiaolong, I’ll say it here, the blood moon belongs to whoever finds it first!”

He was worried that he would have to share the blood moon with Huang Xiaolong. 

Huang Xiaolong flashed Yuan Tianyi a smile full of meaning.

“I have the Huang Long Bloodline, but do you still think you would be able to find the blood moon before me”

Yuan Tianyi was stupefied, and his face turned gloomy in an instant.

“Don’t worry.

Even if I find the blood moon before you, I’ll share it with you.” Huang Xiaolong chuckled, looking very generous.

A nerve on Yuan Tianyi’s face twitched.

Share with me It was going to be the same situation as the Tree of Origin, where Huang Xiaolong would take the cake, whereas he carefully gathered the sparse crumbs.


Several days passed as Huang Xiaolong’s group continued to fly onward.

Although the Blood Moon Sea was not endless like the Origin Sea, it was as vast as several heavenly caves put together. 

They still did not find the said blood moon, but Huang Xiaolong was a hundred percent certain that the lava flowing out from under the seabed was related to the blood moon.

As long as they found the source of the lava flow, they would find the blood moon!

During this time, Yuan Tianyi, too, made an effort as he tried to sense the source of the strange energy, harboring the hope of finding the blood moon ahead of Huang Xiaolong.

Another ten days went by.

On this day, Huang Xiaolong suddenly accelerated toward one of the islands up ahead.

Almost at the same time, Yuan Tianyi also accelerated. 

Di Shuang, Cang Xun, and the rest reacted a beat later before hurrying after them. 

Huang Xiaolong and Yuan Tianyi reached the island almost at the same time, and both made their moves simultaneously.

Under the force of their palms, the island below them was reduced to dust. 


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