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Chapter 3157: If We Refuse

How many experts were there in the Golden Spider Black Region And what was the number when one added the large number of experts from the neighboring regions The total number of experts from the entire Origin Holy World, Death Beasts Peril Land, and the Origin Lands was not even close to the number of experts participating in the wedding celebration!

Huang Xiaolong was astonished as well as he had not expected there to be so many demon experts, but he wasnt affected at all.

He grinned and made an obvious comment, “Looks like our rescue operation wont be a walk in the park.”

But the Destiny Race Patriarch Li Tianyi couldnt find it in him to muster a smile as he too had not expected such a turnout of demon experts.

Even though his power of space had reached perfection level, he felt unprecedented pressure.

Yuan Tianyi stood without any expression, and only he knew what was going through his head.

“Lets go in!”

Huang Xiaolong said with a wave of his hand, stepping into the Golden Spider Race Headquarters with everyone.

At this time, experts from the Golden Spider Black Regions and other regions were gathered inside the great hall of Golden Spider Race Headquarters.

Naturally, the Golden Spider Race Patriarch and Mou Bull Race Patriarch were among them.

Those qualified to be seated in the great hall at this time were all top-tier races patriarchs.

Needless to say, all of them were renowned experts.

At the very least, they had the strength for a place on the Extermination List.

The Golden Spider Race Patriarch sat on the throne in the hall.

He looked old with a face full of wrinkles.

If it werent for the two glistening golden runes on his forehead, he looked no different than the regular old men.

No aura could be detected from him, and he looked like merely a feeble and weak old man.

The Mou Bull Race Patriarch, Mou Cheng, was listening attentively to Jin Xin speak, and he nodded his head occasionally.

In the end, he promised, “Rest assured, Lord Jin Xin, I definitely would treat Princess Jin Zhu well!”

Jin Xin nodded his head, and a faint satisfied smile raised the corners of his mouth, “Im assured because its you.”

The Mou Bull Race Patriarch Mou Zheng was known as the most outstanding junior of the Golden Spider Black Region during his younger days.

He had never disappointed him.

Mou Cheng had grown through the years, strong enough to become the top three experts in the Golden Spider Black Region.

Although there was still some gap between his strength and Jin Xins, Jin Xin believed that it wouldn\'t be long for Mou Cheng to reach his level.

He had been in many long seclusions in recent years, and was rarely handling the affairs of their race.

Therefore, he had been intending to look for a successor.

Mou Cheng was the person to inherit his position, and he was the most ideal candidate to take over the Golden Spider Black Region.

“However, Li Tianyi has always been a concern of mine.” Jin Xin added, “Unfortunately, he managed to escape from my hands several times!”

Mou Bull Race Patriarch Mou Cheng was quick to reassure him, “Rest assured, Lord Jin Xin.

There will be a day when I lead the army into the Origin Holy World, and deal with Lo Yi once and for all.

Even if he runs to the end of the world, I will hunt him down!”

The affair between Li Tianyi and the Golden Spider Race Princess Jin Zhu was no secret, and Mou Cheng had deep resentment towards Princess Jin Zhus old flame.

Jin Xin nodded his head in appreciation, but just as he opened his mouth, his expression suddenly turned solemn as he looked coldly outwards.

Noticing the sudden change in Jin Xins expression, everyone was baffled, and in this brief moment, screams sounded outside the hall.

“Mou Cheng, a bull like you wants to kill me” A harsh voice sounded.

“What a big tone youve got!”

In the next moment, the people inside the hall saw a group of people walking in.

Huang Xiaolong Li Tianyi, and the others removed the illusion veiling their true faces, and they no longer conceal their auras.

“Its you, Li Tianyi!” In the great hall, more than a few demon experts expressions turned unsightly as they jumped to their feet.

Li Tianyi had sneaked into the Golden Spider Race Headquarters several times, and he had fought quite a few of the present experts in the great hall more than once.

Hence, many of the demon experts recognized Li Tianyi.

When the Mou Bull Race Patriarch Mou Cheng saw Li Tianyi, he stood up.

Cold glints of light flashed across his eyes despite his throaty laugh, “Li Tianyi, youve got some guts to show your face here days before my wedding! But, since youre here, dont think of leaving anymore!” He was on the verge of attacking with that said.

“Not so fast!” The Golden Spider Race Patriarch Jin Xin suddenly said, bewildering Mou Cheng and other demon experts.

Jin Xins attention was on Cang Xun and Di Shuang.

Although he had not seen them before, he sensed the tyrannical force they possessed.

Any one of the two was not weaker than him!

There are such experts among the human race! Jin Xin was surprised, but what astonished him was, Cang Xun, Di Shuang, Li Tianyi, and everyone else were walking behind a young man, just like followers.

Even though he could tell that Cang Xun and Di Shuang were not weaker than him, he couldnt see through Huang Xiaolongh and Yuan Tianyis strengths.

“Who are all of you” Jin Xin asked Huang Xiaolong, Cang Xun, Di Shuang, and the others.

“Cang Xun.”

“Di Shuang.”

Cang Xun and Di Shuang stated, respectively.

Most of the demon experts in the great hall had never heard of Cang Xun or Di Shuang, but their names rumbled like thunder in Jin Xins ears.

Jin Xins expression turned dignified as he cupped his fists in greeting.

“The leader of the Origin Lands ten overlords, Daoist Friend Cang Xun, and the leader of the Death Beasts Peril Lands Daoist Friend Di Shuang, welcome!”


The leader of Origin Lands ten overlords!

The death beasts leader of the ten beast kings!

The patriarchs of demon races in the great hall seemed to pale upon hearing the two names, and even Mou Cheng, who was raging to attack moments ago, was clearly taken aback.

Although the Origin Lands ten overlords and Death Beasts Peril Lands ten beast kings were not listed on the Extermination List, the top-tier races patriarchs understood what the Origin Lands ten overlords, and Death Beast Peril Lands ten beast kings meant!

“Then, the others are” Jin Xin asked as his gaze swept over Di Fan and the others.

“Merely the remaining nine of the ten beast kings!” Di Fan introduced.

Each one of the nine Origin Lands ten overlords also stated their identities.

The introductions frightened the demon experts to gather closer, as if that made them feel more secure.

The atmosphere in the great hall became heavy.

Jin Xin forced himself to calm down and said, “May I know whats the purpose of you all coming here”

“Were here for two matters.” The person who spoke was Huang Xiaolong.

As Jin Xin, Mou Cheng, and the others listened, Huang Xiaolong continued, “One, its about Li Tianyi and Princess Jin Zhu, and we hope you can give Princess Jin Zhu and Li Tianyi your blessing.

Two, the Main Mystical Pavilion Master has entered the Golden Spider Black Region, so we hope Patriarch Jin Xin can get his whereabouts for us.”

“What! Impossible!” Before Jin Xin spoke, Mou Cheng blurted out in objection.

Jin Xins eyes narrowed in scrutiny.

“And who might you be”

“Huang Xiaolong.” Huang Xiaolong stated.

Huang Xiaolong

Jin Xin and Mou Cheng looked baffled, it was obvious neither of them had heard of Huang Xiaolongs name as Huang Xiaolongs rise in the Origin Holy World was a matter in the recent one thousand plus years.

Not to mention, the distance between Origin Holy World and Golden Spider Black Region.

It wasnt strange that Jin Xin and the others had never heard of Huang Xiaolong.

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