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Chapter 3168: Huang Familys Ascension

“Weve finally ascended!”

“This is the holy world! Weve finally arrived in the holy world!” someone cheered loudly.

If Huang Xiaolong was here, he would know that the person cheering loudly was none other than his younger brother in the lower realm, Huang Xiaohai!

Next to Huang Xiaohai was Huang Xiaolongs younger sister, Huang Min, and her family.

There were also his father, Huang Peng, and his mother, Su Yan.

Next to his mother was a group of ladies consisting of Shi Xiaofei, Li Lu, Yao Chi, the Silver Fox Commerces Bei Xiaomei, the Fortune Palaces Fang Xuanxuan, and Peng Xiao.

Even his master, Old Man Grandmist, his Senior Brother, Grandmist Emperor Jiang Hong, the Fortune Emperor Fang Qian, the pillar of the lower realms Demon World, the little cow, the Silver Fox Commerce President, Bei Lengyang, and many other top characters had ascended together!

Though it didnt seem like a lot of people, it was still quite a large group of fifty to sixty people.

After crossing the lightning storm space, everyone looked quite miserable, but the joy and excitement of successful ascension eclipsed all else.

“The spiritual energy here is so rich! Her grannys cow! This holy worlds spiritual energy is really good.

There are various elements, so this cow would be able to break through to the Venerable Sovereign Realm soon!” While everyone was looking around excitedly, the little cow laughed sonorously, looking like she was one step from standing at the top of the world.

Seeing her, the other ladies all laughed.

But all of them were familiar with the little cows temperament, it was nothing new to them.

“This holy world is so big, where could Xiaolong be” Grandmist Old Man lamented.

The holy worlds heaven and the earth was a higher realm and bigger than they could imagine!

“Lets go to the nearest city and settle down first, then inquire about Xiaolongs whereabouts,” Huang Peng suggested.

Huang Peng was Huang Xiaolongs father, since he had said so, others had no objection.

Thus they chose a direction and sped away towards the closest city.

The group flew forward for almost ten days before seeing a city on the horizon.

“What a big city!” Looking at the city walls that resembled mountains before them, the little cow wowed in amazement.

Even cities in the holy world were bigger than those in Hell, Radiance World, Divine World, and one of the cities in the Thirty-three Heavens.

Others grinned and chuckled watching the little cows reaction.

The group soon entered the city.

Standing on the citys street, the group looked around in curiosity and awe.

The techniques of forging cities in the holy world were many times higher than those in the lower realm.

Not to mention, the materials used were more expensive.

They could see some precious materials, which they were reluctant to use in the lower realm, were used to build residence walls here!

After going around the city for several hours, the group passed by a restaurant and decided to go in for a rest, but their path was blocked by a staff, “Sorry, our restaurant does not entertain beggars!”


There was anger on everyones face.

During the ascension, they had to cross the lightning storm space, which had caused severe damage to their armors but it had not reached the point of being treated as beggars by a restaurant staff.

Clearly, the staff was deliberately humiliating them by calling them beggars!

“Out of my way!” Bei Lengyangs authoritative aura shocked the restaurant staff.

He, as the lower realms Silver Fox Commerces president, who possessed insurmountable wealth, was actually labeled as beggar by a mere waiter

Bei Lengyangs momentum shocked the staff for a moment, but his gaze swept over the group, and he said, “To enter our restaurant, the lowest consumption fee is one hundred holy bills.

Can you take out a hundred holy bills”

That somewhat caught everyone off guard.

Holy bills They had just arrived, so there was no way they could have any holy bills on them.

Their expressions did not escape the restaurant staff, and he sneered, “Here I was thinking youre a group of rich customers, but who knew you cant even take out a hundred holy bills.”

The group was angered once more.

Originally, they had prepared a lot of pills, herbs, and other treasures for their ascension.

A few days ago, they had discovered that everything that they had brought was destroyed when they had passed through the lightning storm space.

Their initial plan in entering the restaurant was to inquire for some news, and look for a way to earn some money, who wouldve known that they would be insulted by a restaurant staff that had his eyes on top of his head

“Whats going on” At this time, a group of expensively dressed disciples was entering the restaurant, and one of them asked the restaurant staff.

When the restaurant staff saw the disciple asking the question, he hurriedly answered, “Young Master Chen, its just a trivial matter about a group of beggars that doesnt even have one hundred holy bills.

I will usher them away so as not to affect Young Master Chens mood!”

It seemed like the Young Master Chen was a regular patron of this restaurant that the restaurant staff recognized him immediately.

“Quickly leave.

Dont block our entrance and hinder our honorable customers, or it wont be enough even if you die a hundred times!” The restaurant staff snapped as he glared at Bei Lengyangs group fiercely.

Bei Lengyangs group stared at the restaurant staff, but Huang Peng still forced down the anger in his chest and said to the group, “Lets go!”

They were new here, it was better to keep a low profile for now.

Moreover, one could tell there was a big backing behind this restaurant.

However, when Huang Pengs group was about to leave, Young Master Chen stopped them, “Wait!”

Huang Peng and the others stopped.

Chen Xus gaze kept going around Shi Xiaofei, Li Lu, Yao Chi, Bei Xiaomei, Fang Xuanxuan, and Peng Xiao with amazement in his eyes.

Shi Xiaofei and other ladies were all great beauties, and each possessed their own different charms, and as they stood together, they were truly a sight to behold.

“Sovereign Realm.” Chen Xu chuckled as he looked at the ladies, “Not bad! I lack some pretty maidservants by my side, and you all are suitable!”

Faces turned solemn, and Shi Xiaofei and the other ladies were infuriated.

Huang Peng stared coldly at Young Master Chen, then repeated, “Lets go!”

When the group took a step, a shadow flickered and their path was blocked.

A guard by Young Master Chens side was standing in their way.

“Grannys cow, what do you want to do!” The little cows momentum rose and purple-colored streaks of lightning crackled between her golden horns.

Everyone also circulated their energy to the limit.

Yet Chen Xue merely chuckled, “Just a group of Sovereign Realm worms.

I advise you better not attack recklessly because if you do, I have ten thousand ways to make you die miserably!”

The two guards behind Chen Xu also released their auras, overwhelming Huang Pengs group.

“Venerable Sovereign expert!” Huang Peng, Old Man Grandmist, and the others faces tightened with a bad feeling.

No one had expected there to be Venerable Sovereign guards by this Young Master Chens side.

The Venerable Sovereign Realm was something they could only dream about for a long time.

The restaurant staff stepped forward and said to Huang Pengs group, “You all must have come from some backward place, so why dont you go ask around about the Chen Family Let me tell you that the Chen Family is our Prosperous Peace Citys number one family.

Not just that but in the whole of Deer Spring Sacred Land, they are considered as one of the hegemons.

The Chen Familys old ancestor is a peak half-True Saint expert that even the Deer Spring Sacred Lands patriarch had to show some respect.

Young Master Chen Xu is one of the most talented disciples amongst the Chen Familys core disciples, so if you offend Young Master Chen Xu, no one can save you all!”

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