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Chapter 3173: Departing to the Blazing Dragon World

The journey to the Blazing Dragon World was unlike any other journeys he had made in the past, so it was naturally better if they could prepare more resources.

In truth, as early as several hundred years ago, when Huang Xiaolong had brought his family around Cangqiong Holy World, and Demon World, he had begun collecting as many genesis-level pills, herbs, and spiritual veins!

Huang Xiaolong had even collected many high-grade cosmos artifacts! High-grade cosmos flying artifacts and pill furnaces took up a large number.

No matter which world one was in, high-grade flying cosmos artifacts and pill furnaces were rare treasures.

From the Son of Mystic and Huang Shuais memories, the Blazing Dragon World also used holy coins and dao coins as currency.

Still, they were different from the holy coins and dao coins used in the Huang Long World, therefore, Huang Long Worlds holy coins and dao coins were useless in the Blazing Dragon World.

However, precious resources such as genesis-level pills, herbs, and spiritual veins held their value no matter which world they were in.

This was why Huang Xiaolong did not bring any holy coins or dao coins with him.

On the other hand, the space inside the Sun Moon Furnace was filled with various genesis-level spiritual pills, herbs, spiritual veins, and cosmos artifacts!

One month later, the group set off!

Apart from the Huang Family, Shi Xiaofei, and other ladies, there were Old Man Grandmist, little cow, Grandmist Emperor, Bei Lengyang, Fortune Emperor Fang Qian, and those who ascended from the lower realm following Huang Xiaolong.

Cangqiong Old Man, Heavenly Master, Tyrant Chu, Lord Long, and Elder Crow also chose to go to the Blazing Dragon World with Huang Xiaolong.

Of course, there were also Yuan Tianyi, the Origin Lands ten overlords, Death Beasts Peril Lands ten beast kings, Lei Yu, Black Shadow Devil, Myriad Formation Devil, Li Shuo, and a few others.

However, before heading to the Blazing Dragon World, Huang Xiaolong made a trip to the Divine Tuo Holy World and Origin Holy World.

They went to the Divine Tuo Holy World so that Feng Yue and Yin Yue could bid farewell to their masters, and if their masters wanted to go to the Blazing Dragon World, Huang Xiaolong would welcome them as well.

However, their masters decided to stay in the Divine Tuo Holy World, to protect the creed.

In the Origin Holy World, Huang Xiaolong met with the Origin Holy World Master, Xiao Tianqi.

After exhorting certain matters to Xiao Tianqi, Huang Xiaolong left the Origin Holy World.

The Huang Long World was a big independent space in the universe.

The holy worlds, and Demon World existed within the Huang Long Worlds space.

To leave the Huang Long World, Huang Xiaolong needed to traverse numerous holy worlds and Demon Worlds regions.

When Huang Xiaolongs group reached the boundary of Huang Long World, several hundred years had already passed.

They finally entered the vast universe after crossing the Huang Long Worlds Boundary.

“So beautiful!” The little cow exclaimed in awe.

Others turned to look at the little cows exclamation.

The vast universe space before them was midnight blue, and boundless, with scattered specks of light, exuding a unique, unfathomable charm.

The moment they crossed over the boundary and entered the vast universe, everyone felt their bodies lighten as if the Huang Long Worlds shackles on them had been taken off.

No one had experienced this feeling at all when they were still in the Huang Long World, but now, the feeling was so obvious.

Everyone felt that, even more so, Huang Xiaolong.

Frankly, when Huang Xiaolongs eleven elements of absolute powers reached perfection level, he had vaguely sensed the limit of Huang Long Worlds sky.

Now, upon entering the universe space, even with his thirteen elements energies and three dao souls power circulated to the limit, he was unable to sense the limit of the universe.

The universe was bigger than he could imagine, and up until now, no one knew how big the universe was.

Not even the pinnacle of God of Creation.

The Huang Familys old ancestor, the family to which Huang Rong once belonged to, flew around the Blazing Dragon Worlds circumference.

It was said that the old ancestor flew for a million years, yet he still did not find where the end of the universe was.

Huang Rongs old ancestor was the universes most powerful expert.

Despite that, he didnt find the universes boundary after one million years, thus many people claimed that the universe was boundless! In other words, there was no end! This was something many experts believed.

Huang Xiaolong turned to take another look at the Huang Long World behind him with a complicated gaze.

The various experiences ever since he was reborn in the Huang Long World from the Pangu Worlds Earth felt like yesterday.

“Earth,” Huang Xiaolong spoke the word like a prayer.

The Pangu World was located on the other side of the Blazing Dragon World, and if he wanted to return to Earth, he would need to cross the Blazing Dragon World.

It was a brief stop after crossing the boundary, and then the Purple Lightning Mountain turned into a streak of light and disappeared into the vast starry space.

In the last twenty to thirty thousand years, Huang Xiaolong had reforged the Purple Lightning Peak and Sun Moon Furnace with the thirteen elements energies and various genesis-level materials.

Therefore, the Purple Lightning Peaks speed had more than doubled compared to the past.

And the Sun Moon Furnace was successfully upgraded to creation artifact.

In order for the Sun Moon Furnace to upgrade to creation artifact, Huang Xiaolong had spent a lot of genesis-level treasures and effort.

Still, everything was worth it because after the Sun Moon Furnace was upgraded to creation artifact, it could support the refinement of higher grade pills with a higher chance of pill condensation.

Of course, when facing an enemy, the Sun Moon Furnace could be used as a weapon for both defense and attack.

The days ahead would be a long space travel.

Even though the Purple Lightning Peaks speed had doubled, Huang Xiaolong estimated it would take fifty thousand years to reach Blazing Dragon World.

The distance between Huang Long World and Blazing Dragon World was considered short, as some other big worlds would take millions of years of travel to reach the Blazing Dragon World.

Based on the Purple Lightning Peaks speed, it would take at least three to four million years to reach the furthest big world.

Then again, the Purple Lightning Peaks speed would reach another level when it got upgraded to creation artifact.

Traveling in the vast universe space was extremely dangerous.

A peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable would be shredded to pieces if he encountered a cosmic storm, but luckily, Huang Xiaolongs group didnt need to worry about cosmic storms with the quasi-creation artifact, such as the Purple Lightning Peak.

Apart from cosmic storms, there were many unknown dangers in the vast space, thus Huang Xiaolong didnt dare to be careless even for a moment, and reduced the fluctuations caused by the Purple Lightning Peak to the minimum when flying.

There were terrifying giant beasts in the universe space that could swallow ten sacred lands in one go.

Some of these beasts were so powerful that the current Huang Xiaolong was no match against them at all.

Still, this level of beasts were few in number, and unless the person was really unlucky to encounter one.

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