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Chapter 3184: Blazing Dragon Legacy

“Your Highness is right.

We cannot offend the Palace Master of the Nether Spirit Palace for some random young man!” someone piped up from the side.

“Caretaker Pang, whats the situation like over at my oldest brothers side” Third Heaven changed the topic all of a sudden.

He no longer bothered with Huang Xiaolong.

Caretaker Pang replied in haste, “His Highness went over to the Dao Emperor World! From what I can guess, His Highness should be looking for the Dao Emperor Sword!”

The Dao Emperor Sword was naturally a creation artifact, and it was the creation artifact that the Dao Emperor cared for the most.

Third Heaven sneered in contempt.

“My oldest brother is getting delusional.

Hes crazy if he thinks that he can obtain the Dao Emperor Sword.

The Dao Emperor Sword holds the inheritance of a God of Creation, the Dao Emperor.

Every expert in the universe is looking for it, but to no avail.

Even if he heads over to the Dao Emperor World, hes wasting his time!”

“What about my second brother”

Caretaker Pang continued, “His Highness discovered a massive dragon corpse in the Soul Burying Silver River.

From what Ive heard, the flood dragon corpse is something at the creation level!”

“What! Creation level flood dragon corpse!” Third Heavens expression changed.

When he left seclusion, he managed to bring his strength up to a whole new level.

He was in a pretty good mood initially, but when he heard the news, his heart sank.

There were more than twenty princes in the Blazing Heaven Celestial Empire.

As the spot for the Son of Creation was never actually set, the battle between the princes was getting more and more intense.

Out of them all, the only people who posed a threat to Third Heaven were the brothers older than him.

“Yes, Your Highness, the Second Prince entered seclusion after obtaining the corpse of the flood dragon.

He should be taking the chance to reach perfection level in twelve elements!” caretaker Pang muttered.

Third Heavens expression sank, but he roared with laughter in the next moment.

“Its not that easy to reach perfection level in twelve elements.

Even if the second brother managed to obtain the corpse of a flood dragon at the creation level, he wont be able to do so without several billion years of hard work!”

One of the experts standing behind Third Heaven brought up a piece of news that shook everyone present all of a sudden.

“From what Ive heard, His Majesty, the Blazing Dragon Celestial Emperor, is planning to accept a disciple.

He wishes to pass down his inheritance!”

“What! How is that possible!” Third Heaven and the others jumped in fright.

All of them were upper echelons of the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire, and all of them knew what it meant for the Blazing Dragon Celestial Emperor to pass down his inheritance!

After recovering from his shock, Third Heavens expression turned extremely unsightly.

“Does the old ancestor really think that none of us are capable of accepting the mantle Is that why hes planning to pass down his inheritance!”

The God of Creation, the Blazing Dragon, was also known as the old ancestor of the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire.

He was also the creator of the Blazing Dragon World, and since the start of time, he hasn\'t accepted a single disciple! No one thought that he would accept one anyway and the news caught everyone by surprise.

When the expert who spoke saw the ugly expression on Third Heavens face, he nodded his head solemnly, “Im afraid so…”

Since the start of time, the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire reigned supreme.

However, the Extreme Heaven Celestial Empire formed and started to fight against the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire and solidified its place in the universe.

Even so, the Extreme Heaven Celestial Empire never managed to surpass the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire.

When they thought that the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire would rule supreme forever, the True Dragon Celestial Empire made an appearance.

With the entry of the True Dragon Celestial Empire, the three celestial empires ruled over the universe.

The True Dragon Celestial Empire had produced geniuses after geniuses, and in the recent millions of years, they had nearly caught up to the power of the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire.

It was the wish of the Blazing Dragon for one of his disciples to possess enough talent to take over his inheritance, but as the river of time ebbed on, he lost all hope.

He didnt see the possibility that any of the current princes would be able to enter the God of Creation Realm!

As such, none of them would ever be able to accept his inheritance!

If things were to keep up, the True Dragon Celestial Empire would soon overtake them and when they did, the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire so painstakingly built up by the Blazing Dragon would be reduced to dust!

He had no choice but to look for a suitable successor among the younger generation.

“Elder Fang, the old ancestor has the Blazing Dragon Physique.

With the dragon force powering the Blazing Dragon World, it should be extremely difficult for the old ancestor to look for a successor without our bloodline, right” Third Heaven asked.


However, its not impossible.” Elder Fang nodded.

“What do you mean by that”

Guesses filled Third Heavens heart.

“Your Highness, you have already thought of the answer.

As long as one has the bloodline of a dragon no weaker than the Blazing Dragon himself, it will be possible for him to inherit the old ancestors inheritance!”

Caretaker Pang shook his head slowly.

“The Blazing Dragon Bloodline is the strongest bloodline in the universe.

There is no bloodline comparable to it.”

“Thats where youre wrong.

The Huang Long Bloodline possessed by members of the Huang Long Clan isnt weaker than our Blazing Dragon Bloodline!”

From the terrifying talent displayed by the old ancestor of the Huang Long Clan, it was clear that their bloodline was comparable, if not stronger to the Blazing Dragon Bloodline.

Caretaker Pangs expression started to fall.

“Even so, the old ancestor will never be able to accept a disciple of the Huang Long Clan as his disciple! Other than them, there will be no one who is talented enough to accept the inheritance!”

When Third Heaven and the others were quarreling about the bloodline matters, the four disciples of the Nether Spirit Palace returned to make their report.

When Chen Yingxue saw their sorry appearance, she was shocked beyond belief.

“Whats going on!”

In front of Chen Yingxue, the four female disciples revealed terrified appearances and they made their report.

“Senior Sister Chen, the young man… The young man not only refused our invitation, he even made a move against us! He inflicted us with absolute poison, and well be dead if Senior Sister Chen doesnt help us!”

The four of them knew that Chen Yingxue had reached a perfection level in the power of radiance.

It was a great counter to the power of absolute poison possessed by Huang Xiaolong.

With a wave of her hand, the power of radiance turned into a rain of light that eventually enveloped the four ladies.

However, black qi started to emerge from their bodies to devour the rain of light.

As the black qi congealed to form a terrifying ray of light, it shot towards Chen Yingxue.

With her expression changing, she hastily dodged the incoming attack.

When she was busy dodging, the power of poison devoured the four ladies, and not even their bones were spared.

By the time Chen Yingxue used every single evasive ability she had to dodge, the four of them were as dead as could be.

Killing intent filled her heart, and she roared in anger, “How dare you disrespect our Nether Spirit Palace! You even dared to kill the core disciples of the palace! Brat, youre dead!”

She quickly reported everything to the prince of the Nether Spirit Palace.

Perhaps it was because of Yuan Tianyis terrifying power, but the Exiled Dragon City remained quiet for an entire month after his outburst.

One fine day, Li Shuo returned happily to make a report.

“Your Highness, I have good news! The Radiance of Spring Chamber of Commerce will be holding an auction soon, and they will be bringing out a batch of Flower of Time and Void Reincarnation Thistle!”

“Oh!” A light lit up in Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

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