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Chapter 3185: Creation Level Dragon Corpse

“A batch!” Huang Xiaolong stared at Li Shuo in shock.

Chuckling softly, Li Shuo continued, “Yes, Your Highness, you heard right! However, no one of us knows how many they will actually be bringing out! Rumors have it that they will be bringing out a hundred or so!”

“!” Huang Xiaolong gasped in shock.

That was indeed extremely good news for him!

“However, the starting bid would be raised to more than ten trillion dao coins!” Li Shuo continued.

Ten trillion!

The price itself made it such that even the world masters of the Blazing Dragon World would be left out of the bidding phase.

After all, world masters like the Heavenly Sword Holy World Master wouldnt be able to bring out the starting bid!

Not to mention the fact that the bids would only go up!

Many world masters might be able to do what Huang Xiaolong did and bring out three hundred billion for a manor in the Exiled Dragon City, but ten trillion was a whole other concept.

Of course, ten trillion was nothing to Huang Xiaolong.

The higher the price, the more it would benefit Huang Xiaolong.

“However, the number of people who would fight for treasures at that level would be astounding! The princes of the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire might even appear personally to fight for it!” Li Shuo continued, “Moreover, there are some people who said that the Young Palace Master of the Nether Spirit Palace, the Mysterious Pool Black Devil, and the Golden Bamboo Old Ancestor will be present!”

The Mysterious Pool Black Devil and the Golden Bamboo Old Ancestor were supreme experts in the Blazing Dragon World.

Even world masters had to lower their heads before experts of their level.

“Oh The Young Palace Master of the Nether Spirit Palace” Huang Xiaolong perked his ears up when he heard the title.

As for the other experts, Huang Xiaolong forgot their names as soon as he heard them.

“Yes, Your Highness, the Young Palace Master of the Nether Spirit Palace might appear.” Li Shuo grinned.

Lu Shuo couldnt help but pray for the Young Palace Master of the Nether Spirit Palace in his heart.

He even considered observing a moment of silence for the man.

He hoped that the man would be able to know his place during the auction and keep himself in check.

If he were to anger Huang Xiaolong, the consequences would be dire.

“Oh right, Your Highness, the princes of the Extreme Heaven Celestial Empire might also be present for the auction!” Li Shuo explained.

“Several people said that there was a mysterious being, who handed over the corpse of a dragon at the creation level to be auctioned off!”

“What!” Even someone like Huang Xiaolong was shocked by the news.

“A creation-level dragon corpse!”

Creation level!

An expert of that level was only born during the creation of the universe! They were born before the creation of the various worlds! The Blazing Dragon World was a monstrous presence that held its place as the oldest world in the universe, but an existence at the creation-level was something born long before it was formed!

When the creation level dragon was born, it absorbed the energy used during the creation of the universe.

It wasnt hard to imagine that the body of the dragon was a priceless treasure!

For someone with a dragon bloodline like Huang Xiaolong, the corpse of a dragon at the creation level was sort of a heaven-sent gift.

As long as he managed to refine it, he would be able to obtain endless benefits!

“Yes, Your Highness!” Li Shuo chuckled.

“Do you know who is auctioning off the corpse” Huang Xiaolong asked all of a sudden.

Shaking his head, Lu Shuo sighed, “Not at the moment.

Even the experts of the Radiance of Spring Chamber of Commerce have no idea.

The only person who knows is the director of the Radiance of Spring Chamber of Commerce.

No matter how hard they try, the director refuses to reveal the identity of the seller.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head slowly.

There was only a single doubt that remained in Huang Xiaolongs mind.

No one in the right mind would put the corpse of a creation-level beast out for auction.

One had to know that treasures at that level couldnt be bought with money alone.

Regardless of whichever faction obtained a treasure of that level, they would never sell it off.

Eventually, Huang Xiaolong obtained reports on everything that had happened in the past month.

It was nearly impossible to obtain any news on Gods of Creations, as they were god-like existences.

Unless something happened to threaten the safety of the world, a God of Creation would never show their face.

As such, it would be extremely difficult for Huang Xiaolong to obtain any news about his father, Huang Long.

Even so, he didnt give up.

He sent Li Shuo out to continue looking for news.

After another half a year of snooping around, Li Shuo returned with some pretty good news.

The auction was set twenty years later.

Huang Xiaolong wasnt surprised by the long wait.

After all, the auction house wanted to draw all sorts of experts over.

The longer they chose to delay the auction, the more resources those attending would be able to gather.

Twenty years were also more than enough for the various princes and the powerhouses of the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire to rush over.

“Are the members of the True Dragon Huang Clan planning to bid” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“I have no idea.

The relationship between the Huang Clan and the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire isnt the best.

The prince of the True Dragon Huang Clan might not come…”

Huang Xiaolong nodded slowly.

Soon after, he sent Li Shuo out to continue observing the True Dragon Huang Clan.

After Li Shuo left, Huang Xiaolong turned around to stare in the direction of the True Dragon Huang Clan and he fell deep into his thoughts.

Twenty years passed in the blink of an eye.

During the time that passed, many experts went over to pay their respects to Huang Xiaolong.

There were several experts who served princes of the celestial empire who came knocking, and there were also several world leaders of members of ancient races.

All of them came with their own intentions, and Huang Xiaolong was too lazy to deal with any one of them.

He refused every single person, and he offended many powers in the process.

As such, there were several factions spreading rumors about him in the dark.

In the twenty years that passed, Huang Xiaolong barely left the manor.

He cultivated diligently under the Tree of Origin along with Yuan Tianyi.

He would release the hundred fierce souls when he was at it to temper his dao souls, and with the constant refinement, his dao souls improved quickly.

Like his physical body, his dao souls soon reached their limits.

It was extremely difficult to improve, but with the help of the fierce souls, he managed to painstakingly push it up a level.

After so many years of hard work, Huang Xiaolong could hardly find any flaws in his dao body after his constant refinement.

His dao physique had reached the absolute limit and no one under the God of Creation Realm would be able to surpass him.

He was basically indestructible with his fleshy body alone, and only experts, who had reached the perfection level in all thirteen elements, would possess the chance to try to hurt him.

That was also the reason why the Ghost Dragonflies were unable to do a thing to him despite being captured by him.

“Your Highness, the auction will begin in two hours.” Li Shuo and He Zhen reported.

Finally, Huang Xiaolong emerged from the Sun Moon Furnace with Yuan Tianyi.

“Lets go.” Without making any preparations, he brought the three of them towards the auction venue.

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