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Chapter 3191: Extreme East Old Man

No one present knew the person who yelled the bid, but when Gu Chunguang and the golden robed man turned to look at the source of the voice, their expressions changed drastically when they noticed the gray robed expert standing in the hall.

“When did this old freak appear!” Gu Chunguang frowned.

The gray robed elder was an existence who was said to be at the creation level.

He was born along with the universe, and it had been a long time since he last appeared.

Despite his disappearance, no one could look down on his strength.

“Werent there rumors that said that this old freak left the Blazing Dragon World! Why is he here!” Di Yu frowned.

“If this old freak grabs the dragon corpse, wouldnt that mean…”

Gu Chunguang remained silent as light flashed through his eyes.

No one knew what he was thinking of.

When the auctioneer heard the bid of one hundred trillion the moment the bidding phase started, he couldnt help but balk in surprise.

None of those present were any better, and even the third prince, Di Xiaolong, stared at him in shock.

On hundred trillion dao coins was something Di Xiaolong would never be able to obtain, even if he gathered all the money his subordinates had on them!

“This old b*stard… Is he here to cause a scene!” Chen Yingxues voice rang out from behind You Wuyi.

How could a random old man they never met before call out such a surprising amount! It was no wonder she was stumped by his bid.

However, Zeng Ying turned to greet the man all of a sudden.

“I greet Senior Extreme East! I have long since heard of Senior Extreme Easts reputation, and its my honor to meet you here today!”

When they heard how the Sixth Princess of the Extreme Heaven Celestial Empire addressed the old man, those present in the plaza felt question marks popping up in their heads.

The only difference was You Wuyi and several others who were more well informed.

Their expressions changed in an instant.

Extreme East Old Man… Could it be!

It was especially so for You Wuyi whose blood drained from his face.

The number of people who could threaten his father in the Blazing Dragon World could probably be counted on one hand.

The Extreme East Old Man was definitely one of them.

When he recalled how Chen Yingxue insulted the old man previously…

When You Wuyi was still stuck in a state of shock, the old man replied to Zeng Ying.

“This old man has long since heard of the Sixth Princess.

Little lass, youre pretty good.”

There were only a handful of people the Extreme East Old Man would praise in the later generation, and she was undoubtedly one of them.

Zeng Ying giggled lightly in response, “Many thanks to Senior Extreme East.

However, this dragon corpse…”

“It doesnt matter.

If anyone dares to compete with me, Ill fear his head off.

The only exception is you.

If you bid against this old man, I wont take any offense.”

His tone was overbearing, but he had the qualifications to do so.

“Then Ill have to thank Senior Extreme East.”

Even though those in the plaza might not know who the Extreme East Old Man was, they were confident that he was someone they couldnt offend just from what Zeng Ying said.

“One hundred and one trillion.” Zeng Yings voice rang through the air.

“One hundred and two trillion.” The Extreme East Old Man continued.

“One hundred and three trillion…”

Soon after, the two of them started an intense bidding war and the price soon reached one hundred and twenty trillion dao coins.

No one else dared to interrupt, and they wisely chose to observe from the side.

Of course, it wasnt because they didnt wish to bid.

Even Third Heaven wouldnt be able to bring out one hundred trillion dao coins! After all, he wasnt in sole control over the treasury of the celestial empire.

The only person who had the capital to compete with the Extreme East Old Man was Zeng Ying, who managed to obtain the treasury of a supreme expert somewhere in the depths of the universe.

When the Extreme East Old Man yelled out a bid of one hundred and twenty trillion, Zeng Ying started to hesitate.

She might have obtained the treasure of the supreme expert, but she would be hard pressed to bring out any more money.

When the old man saw that Zeng Ying was slowing down, he couldnt help but reveal a self satisfied smile.

“One hundred and thirty trillion.” Of course, Zeng Ying might have run out of money, but Huang Xiaolongs wealth wasnt something the Extreme East Old Man could match up to.

“What the f*ck!” Someone in the crowd screamed.

The Extreme East Old Mans smile froze on his face, and he narrowed his eyes to stare at Huang Xiaolong.

“Brat, didnt you hear me Ill kill whoever dares to bid against me! Seems like youre not planning to take my words seriously!”

“You overestimate yourself.” Huang Xiaolong sneered.

Everyone stared at him as their jaws dropped in disbelief.

When Caretaker Pang heard what Huang Xiaolong said, he chuckled in Di Xiaolongs ear, “Hehe, seems like that kid has no idea who the Extreme East Old Man is.”

“If he learns of the old mans identity, he will probably be pissing his pants.

Hes crazy if he thinks he can get away after insulting the old man.”

Even someone like him didnt dare to disrespect the Extreme East Old Man, much less some nameless b*stard who popped out of nowhere!

Zeng Ying turned to look at Huang Xiaolong in disbelief.

She didnt know if Huang Xiaolong had no idea who the old man was, or if he was really fearless of the consequences.

Whatever the case, the Extreme East Old Mans laughter roared through the skies.

“Interesting! As someone born during the creation of the universe, Ive experienced life in more than thirty worlds! This is the first time someone in the later generation dares to speak up against me!” The Extreme East Old Man snorted in contempt, “Brat, I have no idea who you are, and I have no intention of finding out.

If you stop right now, Ill spare your life and pretend nothing happened.

Ill even give you the chance to follow me as my attendant!”

“Heh!” Yuan Tianyi couldnt control his laughter and a chuckle left his lips.

That one sound resounded loud and clear through the hall, and everyone who was present turned to stare at Yuan Tianyi like they were looking at some sort of maniac.

The Extreme East Old Man was no exception, and a snort escaped from his lips.

As the sound wave tore through the void, several weaker experts spat out mouthfuls of blood.

A horrifying pressure struck down on Yuan Tianyi.

However, the pressure disappeared right before it could strike Yuan Tianyi.

When everyone standing around saw what happened, they couldnt help but stare at Huang Xiaolongs group in disbelief.

Even though that was a casual probe by the Extreme East Old Man, no one was confident of taking it head on.

Not even world masters present could shatter the attack as easily as Yuan Tianyi.

They could see that Yuan Tianyi sent the old mans attack into another layer in the void, and that itself meant that Yuan Tianyis ability to control space was at the major completion level or higher!

In the Origin Sea, Yuan Tianyi already attained perfection level in seven different elements.

Moreover, three of the other elements he comprehended were at the peak of the major completion stage.

After several years of following Huang Xiaolong, he managed to push himself further with the assistance of the Tree of Origin.

He reached perfection level in eight elements, and the other two were one step away from reaching perfection level.

With Yuan Tianyis strength, even experts who reached perfection level in ten elements wouldnt be able to stand against him!

The Extreme East Old Man might be strong, but defeating Yuan Tianyi wasnt something he could do in a short amount of time.


Your slave is pretty good.” The old man sneered.

“If you can take on an attack from me without dying, Ill spare your life.”

Right before the old man could make his move, a lofty voice descended from the void.

“Old b*stard, this is my auction!”

The person who spoke was none other than Gu Chunguang, the president of the Radiance of Spring Chamber of Commerce.

“Arent you going too far by making a move on someones subordinate”

The Extreme East Old Man chuckled lightly in response, “Gu Chunguang, others might be afraid of you, but Im not!” After he spoke, his palm came crashing down on Yuan Tianyi.

That was his personality anyway.

As long as he made up his mind to do something, no one would be able to stop him unless they were leagues ahead of him in strength!

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