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Chapter 3215: Who Did The Old Ancestor Choose

In the Purple Lightning Manor where Huang Xiaolong once lived, Di Xiaolong screamed in shock, “What! How… This… Are you sure you heard right”

He asked the expert standing beside him and Caretaker Pang.

Three thousand years ago, Huang Xiaolong was surrounded by Fu Luosen and Huang Shengdao.

However, he disappeared before they could kill him once and for all.

After that happened, Di Xiaolong casually brought everything he had to the Purple Lightning Manor and took ownership of the place.

Naturally, everything there turned into his possessions.

Since Fu Luosen and Huang Shengdao passed down the order to hunt and kill Huang Xiaolong, he felt that there was no way for the man to reappear in the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire.

Of course, that was assuming Huang Xiaolong was afraid of them.

“Yes, Your Highness, the news is definitely true!” Elder Fang nodded his head.

“His Majesty assembled all of us to tell us the news.”

A dispirited expression formed on Di Xiaolongs face as he returned to the throne in the main hall.

In the past, there had been rumors of their old ancestor looking for the successor to be the Son of Creation of the Blazing Dragon World.

However, he was still holding onto a trace of hope that it was a rumor! If the old ancestor chose a successor between one of them princes, he would definitely be one of the princes with the highest chance of getting chosen! Now…

“Why!” Di Xiaolong roared in anger, “Why would the old ancestor choose someone else to receive his inheritance!”

Everyone knew that the individual who received the Blazing Dragons inheritance would turn into the Son of Creation of the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire.

In the future, he would be the one and only pillar to prop up the entire celestial empire.

Elder Fang frowned when he heard Di Xiaolongs displeasure about the old ancestor.

“Your Highness, you need to know that Lord Creation definitely has the best interest of the celestial empire in mind.

His thinking is not something we can try to understand.”

With his heart shivering in fear, Di Xiaolong realized what he just said.

He quickly regained his calm as he looked at Elder Fang.

Regardless, a trace of anger remained in his heart when he realized that someone else outside the royal family would be in control of the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire.

“Do you know who the old ancestor chose” Di Xiaolong muttered softly.

Elder Fang shook his head slowly.

“Not at the moment.

Even His Majesty doesnt know the identity of the old ancestors disciple.

According to His Majesty, he tried to ask, but the old ancestor said that we will learn of his identity at the appointment ceremony.

Di Xiaolong stared into the void with a blank gaze.

In the Extreme Heaven Celestial Empire…

Zeng Yings Palace…

“Lord Creation, the Blazing Dragon, is about to take in his disciple!” Zeng Ying was shocked when she received the news.

Of course, everyone who received the news would react the same way.

Regardless of which God of Creation it was, the news of them taking in a disciple would shake the entire universe.

It was even more so when the Blazing Dragon was the second strongest existence in the universe!

Ordinarily, a God of Creation would only accept a single disciple.

That was because one was enough to inherit everything he had to take care of the world they created!

“I wonder who he is…” Zeng Ying asked the subordinate who brought her the news.

That was the question everyone wanted an answer to, but it was too bad the old dragon wasnt planning on telling them.

“We have no idea.

Even the celestial emperor of the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire has no idea.” Someone replied.

When the Blazing Dragon World trembled at the news, any faction of notable power started to make their way towards the celestial capital of the Blazing Dragon World.

Since there were only five years to the appointment ceremony, no one could sit still as they swarmed towards the Blazing Dragon Sacred Land.

It didnt take too long for the news of the departure of the Extreme Heaven Old Ancestor to send another wave through the Blazing Dragon World.

“Ive heard that Princess Zeng Ying will also be coming along!”

“Shes not the only one! All the princes and princesses of the Extreme Heaven Celestial Empire will be present!”

It didnt take long before the True Dragon Celestial Empire to announce the departure of all their princes and princesses.

“The old ancestor of the True Dragon Celestial Empire, Huang Sheng, doesnt plan on making his way over!”

“Ive heard that Lord Creation, Huang Sheng, has been in seclusion for an endless amount of time.

Its no wonder he isnt planning to come.”

“Shouldnt he have reached the grand perfection level in the God of Creation Realm Why is he still cultivating”

“Lord Creation is definitely trying to break through to a whole new level.

When that happens, the entire universe will fall under his control!”

Discussions flew about, and the rumors became even more exaggerated.

The universe was large, and a God of Creation was strong, but they would be dreaming if any God of Creation Realm expert wanted to control the entire universe.

However, if one could surpass the God of Creation Realm, things might be different.

Huang Xiaolong had no idea what went on in the outside world as he cultivated peacefully in the space the old dragon left him in.

He devoured the energy contained within, as he tried to comprehend the power of time to the next level.

After saving him three thousand years ago, the old dragon used his grand cosmos energy to temper Huang Xiaolongs dao souls, dao physique, and three small worlds.

That was also why Huang Xiaolong passed out from the pain in his dream.

Whatever the case, he could be said to have experienced a transformation from his old self.

The current Huang Xiaolong could be said to be on a whole new level compared to the Huang Xiaolong who fought Huang Shengdao and Fu Luosen!

After all, the assistance of the second strongest existence in the universe was no joke! Huang Xiaolong also realized that after receiving the old dragons help, he was able to feel the energy coming from the origin of the Blazing Dragon World more clearly.

Comprehending the elements became much easier compared to before!

Understanding the power of time was even faster now, compared to the time when he devoured the Flowers of Time in the past!

If he was able to devour a Flower of Time at that very instant, the effects would be shocking!

As for Yuan Tianyi, he didnt receive the old dragons help after he was saved.

However, the old dragon gave him several previous fruits at the creation level and his bloodline and dao soul received a ton of benefits.

His ability to cultivate was also boosted several times.

In the blink of an eye, four years passed.

When Huang Xiaolong and Yuan Tianyi were cultivating in the weird space, the old dragon appeared before them.

Looking at Huang Xiaolong who had his eyes closed in deep cultivation, the old dragon nodded in satisfaction.

After the little brat received his help, his cultivation speed far exceeded the old mans expectations.

A smile formed on his face as he realized that his efforts had paid off.

After all, helping to refine someone elses body, soul, and worlds required a lot of effort.

“Senior Blazing Dragon.” Huang Xiaolong got to his feet when he realized that the old dragon had arrived.

“Not bad! Youre pretty good!” No one knew if he was praising Huang Xiaolongs talent, or his gains in the past four years.

“In a few days, you wont be able to address me like before.

Im going to be your master! Hehe!” The old dragon chuckled in amusement.

“Lets go! Well head out now.

The appointment ceremony will take place in several days, and you shall go meet the little brats of the celestial empire right now.”

Following behind the old dragon, Huang Xiaolong and Yuan Tianyi emerged from the space and headed straight for the Blazing Dragon Sacred Land.

It didnt take long for them to arrive.

In the past, Huang Xiaolong would be barred from entering the Blazing Dragon Sacred Land, but there was no way for any formation to stop him now.

After all, the person who laid down the strongest formations around the sacred land was personally leading them in.

Five men stood at attention in the main palace of the Blazing Dragon Celestial Palace, and that included the current Celestial Emperor.

There was also Di Yu who was present during the auction previously.

Naturally, all five of them were summoned by the old dragon himself.

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