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Chapter 3237: The Current State of Earth


Since it had only been a hundred years, his family might still be there!

Ever since Earth transitioned into the Cultivation Era eighty years ago, any Foundation Building Realm expert would be able to live past a hundred years.

Moreover, from what he heard, Earth underwent a weird transformation eighty years ago.

No one knew where it came from, but spiritual energy started to emerge from the already polluted earth.

The spiritual energy in the air transformed the physique of all humans, enhancing their basic abilities.

Not too long after the incident, various cultivation sects and factions from outer space entered earth and laid their foundations there.

Since that time, more than four hundred sects entered earth and set up their branches.

They started to spread at an incredible speed.

Before long, cultivation took over the entire world.

In the past, Earth had one hundred ninety-five countries, but now, there were less than ten left! Many smaller countries were swallowed by these cultivation sects, and they turned into the strongholds of the various factions! Several others quickly submitted to the larger countries around them and formed an alliance against the foreign factions.

Huaxia of the past was still present, but it had already changed its name to the Huaxia Alliance.

The city he was currently in also belonged to the Huaxia Alliance.

Strolling along the streets, Huang Xiaolong released his divine sense and surrounded the entire city in his senses.

Even though Huang Xiaoong’s strength was locked at the peak of the late-Ninth Level Void Immortal Realm, covering the city with his senses was nothing difficult.

“In several days, the Six Sword Gate will be accepting disciples! Many families have already rushed over to the Six Sword Mountain!”

“It won’t be easy for anyone to be accepted! One has to be a genius in the way of the sword! Otherwise, the Six Sword Gate wouldn’t even look at you!”

“I’ve heard that the Six Sword Gate accepted a monster in the previous recruitment! He has an innate sword physique, and he has a tenth grade spiritual vein! His name is Chen Dongping!”

Out of the various factions on earth, the Six Sword Gate was one of the six strongest sects!

It was an honor as long as anyone could enter any one of the six strongest sects, and it would be an honorable achievement if one managed to enter any one of the six, and it was something that gave one even more bragging rights than if one managed to get into one of the top universities in the world of the past!

Of course, the six sects had stringent requirements when it came to accepting disciples.

However, a smile formed on Huang Xiaolong’s face when he heard their definition of talent.

To Huang Xiaolong, they were like children playing house.

There wasn’t even a need to speak of the matters in the mortal world.

Even in the immortal world, everyone was ordinary in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

There was no difference between a cultivator and a mortal if they weren’t at the peak level of cultivation.

After walking around for more than an hour and listening to the conversations going on, Huang Xiaolong gained a better picture of the current state of the Earth.

Of course, those who he overheard were speaking of ordinary things.

If Huang Xiaolong wanted to know more, he had to start focusing on the more important topics.

Since he wanted to learn about the real situation on Earth, it would only make sense to grab the person with the highest authority.

They would definitely know about many matters the public had no idea about!

As such, Huang Xiaolong locked on to the two strongest individuals in the city instantly!

Both of them were Golden Core Realm experts, and they were the city lord and vice city lord respectively.

When Huang Xiaolong set his sights onto them, they were currently talking about the matter of the Six Sword Gate’s recruitment! Even existences at their level had to pay attention to superpowers at the level of the Six Sword Gate.

“I’ve heard that the Six Sword Gate is planning to accept the three most talented students of the Eastern University as inner disciples of the sect!” The city lord, Liu Duan, mentioned.

There were countless universities in the Earth Huang Xiaolong was familiar with, and there were many now.

The Eastern University was the best university the Huaxia Alliance had to offer.

“Chen Dongping’s cultivation when he entered the sect can be said to be astounding.

It’s been several years and he already entered the Foundation Building Realm! I’ve heard that he’s already at the Second Level Foundation Building Realm!” The vice city lord, Xu Shijie, frowned.

A look of envy and jealousy could be seen on his face.

Liu Duan continued, “Yeah… Innate Sword Physique and Grade Ten Spiritual Veins! The Six Sword Gate really picked up a treasure this time! Chen Dongping’s talent will definitely allow him to enter the Ninth Level Foundation Building Realm in the next twenty years! Once he condenses his golden core, he will become a Golden Core Realm expert like us.

It’s even possible for him to enter the Nascent Soul Realm in sixty years!”

Xu Shijie shook his head slowly.

“It will be extremely difficult for people like us to enter the Nascent Soul Realm! It’s nearly impossible!”

They might be talented, but they were far from good enough.

“Actually, we’re pretty good.

Even though we will probably never enter the Nascent Soul Realm, we can enjoy our time here as the city lord and vice city lord…”

Indeed, one could be considered pretty well off if they were a city lord in the current day and age.

Their position was comparable to the head commissioner of a city in ancient times.

To many commoners, their statuses were close to an emperor!

When the two of them were talking about matters of the Six Sword Gate, a terrifying pressure descended from the skies and locked the both of them down.

Reacting instantly, the two of them tried to summon everything they had to struggle free, but they failed to move a single muscle.

It was as though a mountain of several million tonnes were pressing down on them.

The space around them started to twist as they were bought onto the streets of the city.

A youngster in his mid twenties stood before them and he looked pretty damn handsome.

“Who… Who are you!” Liu Duan stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

“There’s no need to worry.

I just wish to ask you several questions.”


The two of them were stunned by Huang Xiaolong’s statement.

They could see everyone walking around them, but weirdly enough, no one seemed to notice them standing on the streets.

It was as though they were invisible.

Was that the art of formations!

That was the only possibility that came to mind.

The young man who was standing before them probably laid down a formation to hide them from the eyes of those walking around, and terror slowly gripped their hearts.

“What do you wish to know” Liu Duan stuttered.

Since the other party could pull them out of the city lord’s manor without any resistance, his strength should…

“There’s no need to panic.” Huang Xiaolong continued, “I have left the earth for nearly a hundred years.

I only wish to know what happened during the time I was gone.” 


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